Important Information

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Start Times:

  • Marathon: 07:30 from Aphrodite’s Rock (Free Bus Service to the start from “Kato Paphos Main Bus Station” at 06:20 – 06:30)
  • Half-Marathon: 08:25 from Paphos Castle
  • 10km Road Race: 08:40 from Paphos Castle
  • 5km Fun Run: 08:30 from Paphos Castle


Collection of race numbers can be made from the Organisers Office (‘En Plo’ Exhibition Hall, 200 meters from the Paphos Castle) at the following dates/times:
· Friday 2nd March: 10:00 – 18:00 hrs
· Saturday 3rd March: 10:00 – 18:00 hrs

Please remember that you must present a valid Passport or Identity Card when collecting your race number and goody bag.

Runners registered after 19th February 2018 are not shown on the list and can find their race numbers at the Marathon Expo.

Last Name First Name Race Number Race Country of Residence
Aarsland Solvor 1373 Half-Marathon NOR
Abdellatif Nasser 3113 5km Fun Run CYP
Abdu Neveen 1678 Half-Marathon JOR
Abdulbaqi Mohammad 3872 5km Fun Run JOR
Abdulhadi Emad 3821 5km Fun Run JOR
Abrahams James 292 Marathon GBR
Ackerley Carol 3149 5km Fun Run CYP
Adamson Leigh 1192 Half-Marathon GBR
Adamson Derek 1193 Half-Marathon GBR
Addison Rosalyn 2073 10km Road Race GBR
Afonso Fran 2304 10km Road Race GBR
Afxentiou Rafaella 2572 10km Road Race CYP
Agathangelou Stephanie 3913 5km Fun Run CYP
Agathokleous Anreas 3221 5km Fun Run CYP
Agathokleous Zenon 3222 5km Fun Run CYP
Agisilaou Andreas 2438 10km Road Race CYP
Agnew Harry 2053 10km Road Race CYP
Ágoston Péter 2267 10km Road Race HUN
Agrotis Maria 3816 5km Fun Run CYP
Agrotou Christina 3581 5km Fun Run CYP
Aistrop Lee 1107 Half-Marathon GBR
Akerstrom Peter 240 Marathon SWE
Akiki Micheline 3882 5km Fun Run LEB
Aklados Giorgos 2501 10km Road Race CYP
Al Orabi Naif 3849 5km Fun Run KSA
Al Ouk Farris 3211 5km Fun Run CYP
Al-Atal Jamal 3819 5km Fun Run JOR
Alan Dave 3275 5km Fun Run CYP
Alan Daniel 3276 5km Fun Run CYP
Aldred Ken 3519 5km Fun Run CYP
Alexiev Plamen 3006 5km Fun Run BGR
Ali Mariam 3544 5km Fun Run CYP
Alisia Vasiliki 3626 5km Fun Run CYP
Allen Ann 3324 5km Fun Run CYP
Allen Peter 3325 5km Fun Run CYP
Allen Neil 2171 10km Road Race GBR
Allis Joshua 157 Marathon GBR
Altan İlhan 3860 5km Fun Run TUR
Alway Kim 2219 10km Road Race GBR
Alway Peter 1132 Half-Marathon GBR
Alypov Andrey 2375 10km Road Race RUS
Amiri Sahar 3339 5km Fun Run CYP
Amos Ewen 2071 10km Road Race CYP
Anagnostopoulos Nikos 3146 5km Fun Run GRC
Anastasiades Michael 2637 10km Road Race CYP
Anastasiou Kyriakos 3704 5km Fun Run CYP
Anastasiou Styliani 3143 5km Fun Run CYP
Anastassiou Demos 2553 10km Road Race CYP
Anastassiou Chariclia 3835 5km Fun Run CYP
Anastassiou Christos 3836 5km Fun Run CYP
Anastassiou Theodora 3837 5km Fun Run CYP
Anastassiou Lucas 1528 Half-Marathon CYP
Anastassiou Agni 1531 Half-Marathon CYP
Anatolitis Andreas 2499 10km Road Race CYP
Anatolitis Michael 2638 10km Road Race CYP
Anaxagorou Adamos 3547 5km Fun Run CYP
Anderson Louise 1295 Half-Marathon CYP
Andersson Saga 2105 10km Road Race CYP
Andrei Catalin 2561 10km Road Race ROM
Andrejeva Olga 2376 10km Road Race EST
Andreou Christiana 1733 Half-Marathon CYP
Andreou Marina 3231 5km Fun Run CYP
Andreou Pambos 3536 5km Fun Run CYP
Andreou Evriklia 3617 5km Fun Run CYP
Andreou Artemios 3735 5km Fun Run CYP
Andreou Andri 3772 5km Fun Run CYP
Andreou Chrysovalantis 3784 5km Fun Run CYP
Andreou Katerina 3904 5km Fun Run CYP
andreou eutuxia 3954 5km Fun Run CYP
Andrews Fiona 3365 5km Fun Run CYP
Andrews Jo 2083 10km Road Race GBR
Andriy mIKUNOV 2362 10km Road Race UKR
Angeli Andria 3688 5km Fun Run CYP
Anglou Michelle 1485 Half-Marathon CYP
Angus James 3497 5km Fun Run CYP
Angus Lorna 3498 5km Fun Run CYP
Anning Nicola 2422 10km Road Race GBR
Anstey Rosie 3510 5km Fun Run CYP
Anstey Brad 3511 5km Fun Run CYP
Antonaki Loukia 3841 5km Fun Run CYP
Antonara Marialena 2287 10km Road Race CYP
Antoniades Sotiris 3191 5km Fun Run CYP
Antoniadis Manos 3683 5km Fun Run CYP
Antoniadis Kostis 3792 5km Fun Run CYP
Antoniadou Nayia 3684 5km Fun Run CYP
Antoniou Stelios 2568 10km Road Race CYP
Antoniou Adonis 3248 5km Fun Run CYP
Antoniou Nikoletta 3460 5km Fun Run CYP
Antoniou Charis 3974 5km Fun Run CYP
Antoniou Nikos 3009 5km Fun Run CYP
Antoniou Marios 3007 5km Fun Run CYP
Antons Maili 314 Marathon EST
Apeslidis Theodoros 1101 Half-Marathon CYP
Archbold Kenneth 1296 Half-Marathon USA
Archontides Athanasios 1687 Half-Marathon CYP
Argos Thomas 351 Marathon BEL
Argyrou Adonis 395 Marathon CYP
Argyrou Mary 2440 10km Road Race CYP
Aristidou Angela 3695 5km Fun Run CYP
Aristodemou Stelios 1660 Half-Marathon CYP
Aristodemou Natasa 3922 5km Fun Run CYP
Aristotelous Rafaela 3534 5km Fun Run CYP
Arnold Clive 1350 Half-Marathon CYP
Arnold Jacqueline 1351 Half-Marathon CYP
Arnott Joyce 3320 5km Fun Run CYP
ARODITIS STAVROS 2607 10km Road Race CYP
Artemiou Artemis 3694 5km Fun Run CYP
Artyuhina Olesya 170 Marathon RUS
Arundell John 2618 10km Road Race GBR
Arutyunyan Tigran 2341 10km Road Race CYP
Arutyunyan Martin 2342 10km Road Race CYP
Asar Hossam 3848 5km Fun Run KSA
Ash Frances 2299 10km Road Race GBR
ASHFORD SIMON 1181 Half-Marathon GBR
ASHFORD FRED 2245 10km Road Race GBR
Ashiotis Anthony 2457 10km Road Race CYP
Aspros Kostadinos 3920 5km Fun Run CYP
Assi Farid 3825 5km Fun Run LEB
Assodri Sammy 166 Marathon ISR
Astafyeva Darya 1462 Half-Marathon CYP
Asvesta Maria 3209 5km Fun Run CYP
Asvestas Vangelis 3802 5km Fun Run GRC
Atakan Osman 16 Marathon CYP
Athanasiadou Anastasia 3989 5km Fun Run CYP
Athanasiou Muller Maria 2482 10km Road Race CYP
Athanasopoulos Kostas 3856 5km Fun Run KSA
Atkins Nicola 1120 Half-Marathon GBR
Atkinson Mike 3321 5km Fun Run CYP
Atkinson Lynda Margaret 3574 5km Fun Run CYP
Attipas Tryphonas 2522 10km Road Race CYP
Augasmägi Aho 366 Marathon EST
Austin Nathan 1603 Half-Marathon GBR
Austin Lauren 1606 Half-Marathon GBR
Austin Paul 218 Marathon GBR
Avgousti Gianna 3258 5km Fun Run CYP
Awad Minas 3532 5km Fun Run CYP
AYOUB ALI 3869 5km Fun Run CYP
Azar Romy 3214 5km Fun Run CYP
Azar Maryanne 3215 5km Fun Run CYP
Azar Elsy 3216 5km Fun Run CYP
Babb-Joseph Danielle 1335 Half-Marathon GBR
Bacon Martin 38 Marathon GBR
Bacta Kavitha 1005 Half-Marathon GBR
Bailey Ian 321 Marathon GBR
Baillie Andrew 1095 Half-Marathon GBR
Bajoras Vytas 1040 Half-Marathon GBR
Baker Elizabeth 1380 Half-Marathon CYP
Bakova Irena 1333 Half-Marathon RUS
Ballard Emma Stacey 1426 Half-Marathon CYP
Balter Vladimir 1060 Half-Marathon RUS
Balter Ekaterina 1061 Half-Marathon RUS
Banbrook Stuart 66 Marathon GBR
Bánhegyi Zsolt 58 Marathon HUN
BANKA JAN 1636 Half-Marathon POL
Bara Roger 2005 10km Road Race CYP
Bara Roger 2116 10km Road Race CYP
Barak Miri 2128 10km Road Race ISR
Barak Ronen 2129 10km Road Race ISR
Baranowska Anna 3049 5km Fun Run POL
Baranowski Pawel 2028 10km Road Race POL
Barber Gail 1159 Half-Marathon GBR
Barbosa Iran 275 Marathon BRA
Barel Moshe 2327 10km Road Race ISR
Barič Patrik 1305 Half-Marathon SVK
Barker Ernie 2427 10km Road Race GBR
Barnes Amy 3035 5km Fun Run USA
Barr John 1210 Half-Marathon GBR
Basharimov Vyacheslav 427 Marathon CYP
Bashford Andy 1383 Half-Marathon GBR
Bates Phillip 1153 Half-Marathon GBR
Bates Jeanette 3093 5km Fun Run GBR
Baugh Susan 2350 10km Road Race CYP
Baxter Suzanne 2217 10km Road Race CYP
Baxter Harrison 3015 5km Fun Run CYP
Baxter Brett 3016 5km Fun Run CYP
Bazanov Denys 2610 10km Road Race UKR
Beal Lesley 160 Marathon GBR
Beattie Richard 1160 Half-Marathon GBR
Beck Christine 128 Marathon DEU
Beckett Thomas 3291 5km Fun Run CYP
Belcher Paul 110 Marathon CYP
Beliavtsidou Natalia 3552 5km Fun Run CYP
Bell Georgia 3467 5km Fun Run CYP
Bell Christine 339 Marathon CYP
Bell Victoria 1288 Half-Marathon GBR
Bella Gábor 1255 Half-Marathon HUN
Ben Ari Ran 95 Marathon ISR
Ben Haim Orly 2112 10km Road Race ISR
Benakis Pavlos 2396 10km Road Race CYP
Bendig Uwe-Heinz 249 Marathon DEU
Bendig Sigrid 3075 5km Fun Run DEU
Benham Kevin 3253 5km Fun Run GBR
Benham Amanda 3254 5km Fun Run GBR
Bennett James 52 Marathon GBR
Bennett Victor 1016 Half-Marathon GBR
Bennett Andy 1053 Half-Marathon GBR
BENYAAKOV DAVID 2270 10km Road Race ISR
BERESFORD LUKE 1009 Half-Marathon GBR
Berezhnaia Marina 2094 10km Road Race RUS
Berezhnoy Alexander 1036 Half-Marathon RUS
Berry Lyndsey 2242 10km Road Race GBR
Berthelsen Annette 356 Marathon DNK
Best Laura 2204 10km Road Race CYP
Beveridge Ruth 254 Marathon CYP
Beys Michael 1661 Half-Marathon CYP
bica silvio 3193 5km Fun Run CYP
Bickmore Devin 3036 5km Fun Run JOR
Biggs Roger 287 Marathon GBR
Bignell Daniel 162 Marathon GBR
Bikmetov Radmir 2386 10km Road Race RUS
Bikmetova Daria 3158 5km Fun Run RUS
BILSKI LUKASZ 1634 Half-Marathon POL
Binnington Sarah 2425 10km Road Race GBR
Biolatto Silvio 3936 5km Fun Run Italy
Bird Emma 216 Marathon GBR
Bird Nick 49 Marathon GBR
Bird Jay 1370 Half-Marathon GBR
Bishawi Zain 3820 5km Fun Run JOR
Bismal Vineet 2046 10km Road Race CYP
Black Sheila 2290 10km Road Race NZL
Blackwell Barry 1067 Half-Marathon GBR
Blackwell William 1139 Half-Marathon CYP
Blake Steven 1730 Half-Marathon CYP
Blake Trish 3307 5km Fun Run CYP
Blazejewska Iwona 271 Marathon CYP
Bloom Jo 3118 5km Fun Run GBR
Boat Steven 2356 10km Road Race GBR
Bobinac Jay 1445 Half-Marathon HRV
Bogya Robert 1129 Half-Marathon USA
Bollan Clare 2042 10km Road Race GBR
Bolton Darren 1230 Half-Marathon CYP
Boneva Nevenka 3765 5km Fun Run CYP
Booker Chris 1527 Half-Marathon GBR
Boorman Tim 161 Marathon GBR
Borini Khaloun 1677 Half-Marathon JOR
Borlase Matthew 3442 5km Fun Run CYP
Borysova Lina 44 Marathon UKR
Borza Giovanni 29 Marathon IRL
Bouhlarski Plamen 3202 5km Fun Run CYP
Boulton Julie 1219 Half-Marathon GBR
Boulton Nick 1185 Half-Marathon GBR
Bouwman Marianne 311 Marathon EGY
Bowen Robert 1191 Half-Marathon GBR
Bowler Vicky 3159 5km Fun Run CYP
Bowling Davina 1368 Half-Marathon GBR
Boxheku Altin 383 Marathon ALB
Boyce Nicholas 328 Marathon CYP
Boyle Jay 2231 10km Road Race CYP
Boyle Sharon 2163 10km Road Race CYP
Bozsik Viktor 2321 10km Road Race HUN
Brace Andy 3310 5km Fun Run CYP
Brace David 1281 Half-Marathon GBR
Bradbury Phil 158 Marathon GBR
Bradford Charles 45 Marathon GBR
Bradley Amanda 2258 10km Road Race GBR
Braithwaite Stephen 107 Marathon GBR
Brasenell Tink 1233 Half-Marathon GBR
Bravaya Galina 2284 10km Road Race RUS
Breakspear-Coyle Dorian 3881 5km Fun Run UAE
Breidenbach Hugh 325 Marathon GBR
Brennan Michael 74 Marathon IRL
Breslin Adrian 2161 10km Road Race CYP
Brett Craig 1602 Half-Marathon GBR
Brett Chris 151 Marathon CYP
Brewer Anthony 1345 Half-Marathon GBR
Bridge Andy 168 Marathon GBR
Briggs Gareth 1008 Half-Marathon GBR
Brimacombe David 3493 5km Fun Run CYP
Brimacombe Patricia 3494 5km Fun Run CYP
Brock Beth 3212 5km Fun Run CYP
Broeders Alain 2184 10km Road Race BEL
Bromley Louise 1243 Half-Marathon GBR
Brooker Linda 2250 10km Road Race GBR
Brooks Mick 2387 10km Road Race GBR
Brooks Arthur 187 Marathon GBR
Brown Caroline 3485 5km Fun Run CYP
Brown Colin 247 Marathon GBR
Brown Matthew 1105 Half-Marathon GBR
Brown Steven 109 Marathon GBR
Brown Andrew 1039 Half-Marathon NZL
Brown Gary 2296 10km Road Race USA
Brown Kathryn 1140 Half-Marathon CYP
Brown Rebecca 1407 Half-Marathon GBR
Browne Trish 1486 Half-Marathon CYP
Brücker Uwe 2384 10km Road Race DEU
Brůžová Monika 1379 Half-Marathon CZE
Bryans Joshua 3438 5km Fun Run CYP
Bryans Elicia 3439 5km Fun Run CYP
Bryukhankov Alexander 1497 Half-Marathon RUS
BUCHET VINCENT 2015 10km Road Race BEL
Budaca Vitalie 1414 Half-Marathon MDA
Bullock Lisa 3334 5km Fun Run CYP
Bullock Andrew 3342 5km Fun Run CYP
Burkard Michael 1504 Half-Marathon DEU
Burke Mike 1394 Half-Marathon GBR
Burnore Anne Devon 1401 Half-Marathon DEU
Burnore Nathanael 1269 Half-Marathon CYP
BURSTOW Rona 2187 10km Road Race GBR
Burton Rebecca 354 Marathon CYP
Burton Mark 1472 Half-Marathon CYP
Butler Alexandra 2100 10km Road Race GBR
Butlin Alison 1184 Half-Marathon GBR
Buzic Goran 1415 Half-Marathon SRB
BYER STEVEN 1320 Half-Marathon GBR
Byrne Michelle 1204 Half-Marathon IRL
Cable Clive 2108 10km Road Race GBR
Cadice Joshua 1484 Half-Marathon CYP
Cadice Paige 2357 10km Road Race CYP
Cadman Darcy 309 Marathon USA
Cain Luke 204 Marathon GBR
Cairns Isabella 3170 5km Fun Run CYP
Cairns Kerry 3171 5km Fun Run CYP
Cairns Michael 3172 5km Fun Run CYP
Cairns Nick 3173 5km Fun Run CYP
Calmeyn Donald 1165 Half-Marathon NLD
Cameron Christine 1145 Half-Marathon FRA
Campbell Alexander 1330 Half-Marathon GBR
Cann Philippa 3424 5km Fun Run CYP
Cape Sally 294 Marathon GBR
Capell Garry 1397 Half-Marathon GBR
Carey Colin 1279 Half-Marathon CYP
Carr Paul 367 Marathon GBR
Carter Nick 372 Marathon GBR
Carter Kim 379 Marathon GBR
Carter Jan 3330 5km Fun Run CYP
Carter Tracie 3508 5km Fun Run CYP
Carter Terry 1106 Half-Marathon GBR
Carter Ellie 3138 5km Fun Run CYP
Cartwright Elizabeth 1377 Half-Marathon GBR
Carulli Vincenzo 224 Marathon ITA
Casal Pablo 10 Marathon ESP
Cassidy Angela 1418 Half-Marathon GBR
Cave Daniel 3160 5km Fun Run CYP
Centroptical Andreas 3486 5km Fun Run CYP
Chajipanagiotou Petros 3979 5km Fun Run CYP
Chakimova Indra 2055 10km Road Race LTU
Chalmers Alexander 1240 Half-Marathon GBR
Chalmers Alexander 2249 10km Road Race GBR
Chambers Michael 41 Marathon CYP
Chantrey Tina 1138 Half-Marathon GBR
Chapple Robert 2435 10km Road Race GBR
Chapple Mathew 1093 Half-Marathon GBR
Charalabous Stephanie 3908 5km Fun Run CYP
Charalambides Andros 3973 5km Fun Run CYP
Charalambides Afroditi 3987 5km Fun Run CYP
CHARALAMBIDES Spyros 1501 Half-Marathon CYP
charalambidou maria 3606 5km Fun Run CYP
Charalambous Katie 1651 Half-Marathon CYP
charalambous Andreas 1652 Half-Marathon CYP
Charalambous Neophytos 2526 10km Road Race CYP
Charalambous George 2534 10km Road Race CYP
Charalambous Neophytos 2546 10km Road Race CYP
Charalambous Pampos 3353 5km Fun Run CYP
Charalambous Despina 3435 5km Fun Run CYP
Charalambous Charis 3495 5km Fun Run CYP
Charalambous Anna 3496 5km Fun Run CYP
Charalambous Pambos 3607 5km Fun Run CYP
Charalambous Panayiotis 3609 5km Fun Run CYP
Charalambous Elia 3610 5km Fun Run CYP
Charalambous Pambos 3898 5km Fun Run CYP
Charalambous Euripides 3978 5km Fun Run CYP
Charalambous Charalambos 2145 10km Road Race CYP
Charalambous Xenia 1402 Half-Marathon CYP
Charalambous Christakis 3004 5km Fun Run CYP
Charalambous Elena 2601 10km Road Race CYP
Charalambous Savva Antigoni 2512 10km Road Race CYP
CHARI SAVVAS 1712 Half-Marathon CYP
Charitou Yiorgos 3773 5km Fun Run CYP
Charitou Despina 3775 5km Fun Run CYP
Charitou Alexandros 3776 5km Fun Run CYP
Chartouni Richard 3824 5km Fun Run LEB
Cheban Tetiana 2623 10km Road Race CYP
Cheetham Claire 2315 10km Road Race GBR
Cheetham Jayne 1382 Half-Marathon GBR
Chehlaoui Maher 3935 5km Fun Run LEB
Chideya Yvonne 1471 Half-Marathon GBR
Chikhacheva Irina 1152 Half-Marathon RUS
Chiras Panayiotis 3638 5km Fun Run CYP
Chiras Angela 3639 5km Fun Run CYP
Chiras Nikolas 3640 5km Fun Run CYP
Chiras Kyriakos 3641 5km Fun Run CYP
Chiribuca Dan 1679 Half-Marathon ROM
Chitifa Tawanda 1115 Half-Marathon GBR
Christaki Eleni 3630 5km Fun Run CYP
Christensen Kim 111 Marathon GBR
Christensen Claus 229 Marathon DNK
Christodoulides Yiannis 1682 Half-Marathon CYP
Christodoulidou Andria 3463 5km Fun Run CYP
Christodoulidou Charis 3464 5km Fun Run CYP
Christodoulidou Elpida 3866 5km Fun Run CYP
Christodoulidou Anna 3963 5km Fun Run CYP
Christodoulidou Panayiota 3161 5km Fun Run CYP
Christodoulou Chris 1676 Half-Marathon CYP
Christodoulou Adamos 2478 10km Road Race CYP
Christodoulou Maria 3420 5km Fun Run CYP
Christodoulou Valentina 3430 5km Fun Run CYP
Christodoulou Elena 3433 5km Fun Run CYP
Christodoulou Nafsika 3618 5km Fun Run CYP
Christodoulou Helen 3625 5km Fun Run CYP
Christodoulou Vera 3696 5km Fun Run CYP
Christodoulou Michalis 3794 5km Fun Run CYP
Christofi Timotheos 2571 10km Road Race CYP
Christofi Charalambos 3452 5km Fun Run CYP
Christofi Alexandros 3453 5km Fun Run CYP
christofi Chrysostomos 3698 5km Fun Run CYP
Christofi Marios 3744 5km Fun Run CYP
Christoforou Nicos 2260 10km Road Race CYP
Christoforou Christos 1348 Half-Marathon CYP
Christophides Natalie 3805 5km Fun Run CYP
Christou Aphrodite 2477 10km Road Race CYP
Christou Solon-Iakovos 2493 10km Road Race CYP
Christou Andriani-Evropi 3807 5km Fun Run CYP
Christou Sofia-Stella 3808 5km Fun Run CYP
Christou Christiana 3809 5km Fun Run CYP
Christou Akis 3810 5km Fun Run CYP
Christou Alex 152 Marathon GBR
CHRS STEFANOS 1715 Half-Marathon CYP
Chrysanthou Andreas 2514 10km Road Race CYP
Chrysanthou Panikos 3564 5km Fun Run CYP
Chrysanthou Ellie 3566 5km Fun Run CYP
Chrysanthou Angelina 3567 5km Fun Run CYP
Chrysanthou Chrysanthos 1521 Half-Marathon CYP
Chrysostom Rachel 3689 5km Fun Run CYP
Chrysostomou Theofilos 3013 5km Fun Run CYP
Chudinov Vitaly 1489 Half-Marathon CYP
Chudova Ekaterina 3114 5km Fun Run RUS
Chulok Alexander 2372 10km Road Race CYP
Chulok Nadezda 3150 5km Fun Run CYP
Churcher Matthew 93 Marathon GBR
Ciapas Vytautas 42 Marathon LTU
Claridge Angela 1620 Half-Marathon GBR
Clark Angela 2139 10km Road Race GBR
Clarke Michael 1195 Half-Marathon CYP
Clarke Hazel 312 Marathon GBR
Clarke Rachael 2317 10km Road Race CYP
Clatworthy Patricia 2272 10km Road Race GBR
Cleanthous Akis 3045 5km Fun Run CYP
Cleaves Gary 1079 Half-Marathon GBR
Cliffe Shane 138 Marathon GBR
Coates Roma 1289 Half-Marathon GBR
Cockayne Jane 374 Marathon GBR
Coey Steve 318 Marathon GBR
Cohen Assaf 1237 Half-Marathon ISR
Cohen Sigal 1363 Half-Marathon ISR
Coint Philippe 141 Marathon FRA
Coleman Patricia 3481 5km Fun Run CYP
Coleman Chris 97 Marathon CYP
Collier Abbie 420 Marathon GBR
Collignon Alain 2220 10km Road Race CYP
Collins Richard 2505 10km Road Race GBR
Collins James 3393 5km Fun Run CYP
Collins Marlene 3394 5km Fun Run CYP
Collins Christ 3929 5km Fun Run GBR
Collins Kirsty 2080 10km Road Race CYP
Collins Daniel 1170 Half-Marathon GBR
Colvin Liz 3317 5km Fun Run CYP
Combe Michael 7 Marathon GBR
Congreve David 2107 10km Road Race CYP
Connolly Paul 1088 Half-Marathon IRL
Constantinescu Razvan 2143 10km Road Race ROU
Constantinides Aristotelis 1684 Half-Marathon CYP
Constantinides Spyros 3687 5km Fun Run CYP
Constantinides Caroline 3714 5km Fun Run CYP
Constantinidou Loulla 2437 10km Road Race CYP
Constantinidou Irene 3428 5km Fun Run CYP
Constantinidou Nana 3932 5km Fun Run CYP
Constantinou Costas 392 Marathon CYP
Constantinou Socratis 412 Marathon CYP
Constantinou Constantinos 2472 10km Road Race CYP
Constantinou Antonis A 2484 10km Road Race CYP
Constantinou Antonis 3587 5km Fun Run CYP
Constantinou Olivia 3589 5km Fun Run CYP
Constantinou Costas 3895 5km Fun Run CYP
Constantinou Michael 3165 5km Fun Run CYP
Cook John 1299 Half-Marathon GBR
Cooke Anthony 2576 10km Road Race CYP
Cooper Lisa 1263 Half-Marathon GBR
Cooper Denise 2234 10km Road Race CYP
Cooperman Sylvia 1316 Half-Marathon USA
Corkill Helen 1389 Half-Marathon GBR
Corkrey Larry 333 Marathon GBR
Cornea Mihaela 1116 Half-Marathon ROU
Correia Susana 368 Marathon ARE
Couldrey Vivienne 1476 Half-Marathon CYP
Coulson Arron 1352 Half-Marathon GBR
Coulson Katie 1326 Half-Marathon GBR
Court Stephen 178 Marathon GBR
Coussée Bernard 2101 10km Road Race BEL
Couvert-Castera Anne 305 Marathon GBR
Cowan Mary 3333 5km Fun Run CYP
Cowling Graham 243 Marathon CYP
COX ALAN 2078 10km Road Race GBR
Cox Mark 1090 Half-Marathon CYP
Craveiro Carla Sofia 2157 10km Road Race PRT
Cretu Alin 3747 5km Fun Run CYP
Croft Simon 2006 10km Road Race GBR
Cronquist Bengt 293 Marathon SWE
Crookell Trevor 3131 5km Fun Run GBR
Cuddy David 1440 Half-Marathon IRL
Cumpsty Gareth 207 Marathon GBR
Currie Kathy 2625 10km Road Race GBR
Currie Willie 2609 10km Road Race GBR
Curry Stevie 2135 10km Road Race GBR
Curtis Andrian 1690 Half-Marathon CYP
Cusack David 37 Marathon GBR
Cvetkovic Dejan 1064 Half-Marathon SRB
da Silva Miguel 73 Marathon DEU
DAGAN IRIS 2201 10km Road Race ISR
Dake Nikki 3362 5km Fun Run CYP
Daly Richard 3162 5km Fun Run CYP
Damianou Despina 3269 5km Fun Run GRC
Daniels Katie 3344 5km Fun Run CYP
Daniil Daniil 3976 5km Fun Run CYP
Daniilidi Eleftheria 3535 5km Fun Run CYP
Darbayshire David 3292 5km Fun Run CYP
Darling Ali 1225 Half-Marathon CYP
Davies Tyler 3448 5km Fun Run CYP
Davies William 102 Marathon GBR
Davies Eleri 1250 Half-Marathon GBR
Davies Nia 2281 10km Road Race GBR
Davies Lucy 2300 10km Road Race CYP
Davies David 2180 10km Road Race GBR
DAVIES ANNE 3122 5km Fun Run GBR
Davies David 2195 10km Road Race GBR
Davies Gareth 1416 Half-Marathon GBR
DAVIES STEVE 3123 5km Fun Run GBR
Davis Alex 2405 10km Road Race GBR
Davis Steve 2406 10km Road Race GBR
Dawson Stephen 1306 Half-Marathon GBR
Dawud Anas 3855 5km Fun Run KSA
Day Graeme 3398 5km Fun Run CYP
Day Maria 3399 5km Fun Run CYP
Day Katie 3400 5km Fun Run CYP
Day Melissa 1425 Half-Marathon GBR
De Baere Céline 222 Marathon BEL
De Clercq Tom 348 Marathon BEL
de Courcy Geoffrey 12 Marathon IRL
de Courcy Elaine 2322 10km Road Race IRL
De Haas Kim 263 Marathon BEL
De Metselaer Katia 1325 Half-Marathon CYP
De Sutter Mathieu 1058 Half-Marathon GBR
Dean Katie 1433 Half-Marathon GBR
Debreczeni Dóra 1516 Half-Marathon HUN
Dee Kevin 2174 10km Road Race GBR
Deeves Adam 1441 Half-Marathon GBR
Delafontaine Yves 3377 5km Fun Run CYP
Dellwo Andreas 2313 10km Road Race CYP
Demachkovych Roman 1460 Half-Marathon UKR
Demades Lygia 2021 10km Road Race CYP
Demades Demetris 2022 10km Road Race CYP
Demetriades Katerina 3451 5km Fun Run CYP
Demetriades Demetris 3801 5km Fun Run CYP
Demetriou Stelios 399 Marathon CYP
Demetriou KONSTANTINOS 3176 5km Fun Run CYP
Demetriou Niki 3184 5km Fun Run CYP
Demetriou Stavroulla 3575 5km Fun Run CYP
Demetriou Theofilos 3576 5km Fun Run CYP
Demetriou Demetris 3612 5km Fun Run CYP
Demetriou Aristotelis 3678 5km Fun Run CYP
Demetriou Kyriaki 3679 5km Fun Run CYP
Demetriou Pavlos 3731 5km Fun Run CYP
Demetriou Theodoros 3733 5km Fun Run CYP
Demetriou Lefki 3812 5km Fun Run CYP
demetriou andreas 3953 5km Fun Run CYP
demetriou stilianos 3955 5km Fun Run CYP
Demetriou Demetra 3105 5km Fun Run CYP
Demetriou Rustelle 3091 5km Fun Run CYP
Demosthenous Stratos 2468 10km Road Race CYP
Demosthenous Maria 3622 5km Fun Run CYP
Demosthenous Makride Lefki 3700 5km Fun Run CYP
Dempster Barry 1117 Half-Marathon GBR
Deniz Kemal 101 Marathon GBR
Denizkan Harun 2117 10km Road Race CYP
Denniss Stephen 1150 Half-Marathon GBR
Denniss Tara 2120 10km Road Race GBR
DERHAM MALCOLM 2334 10km Road Race CYP
Dermosoniades Andreas 3691 5km Fun Run CYP
Derrick Michael 65 Marathon CYP
Deutsch Andreas 200 Marathon DEU
Devereux Allan 2197 10km Road Race CYP
Devreal Glenda 3298 5km Fun Run CYP
Dewhurst Alison 3277 5km Fun Run CYP
Diab Zouheir 3850 5km Fun Run KSA
Diamandi Iulian 2142 10km Road Race ROU
Diamandi Medina 3021 5km Fun Run ROU
Dicá Vladimír 163 Marathon CZE
Dickenson Gwynedd 3299 5km Fun Run CYP
Dickson Kate 3133 5km Fun Run CYP
Digenis Litsa 3637 5km Fun Run CYP
Dilloo Hilmi 3854 5km Fun Run KSA
Dimaki Nteniz Marina 2507 10km Road Race GRC
Dimery David 3072 5km Fun Run GBR
Dimitriou Demetris 403 Marathon CYP
Dimitriou Marinos 2570 10km Road Race CYP
Dimova Lyubka 3764 5km Fun Run CYP
Dinkov Yavor 3522 5km Fun Run CYP
Dinkov Gabiella 3523 5km Fun Run CYP
Dinkov An Marie 3524 5km Fun Run CYP
Dinkov Eva 3525 5km Fun Run CYP
Dionysiou Christiana 3759 5km Fun Run CYP
Diver William 1371 Half-Marathon GBR
Dixon Rachel 2325 10km Road Race CYP
DIXON ROBIN 2278 10km Road Race GBR
Dixon Geoff 1272 Half-Marathon CYP
Dixon Josh 1438 Half-Marathon CYP
DMITRIEV ILIA 2612 10km Road Race RUS
Dmitrii Pasha-Ogly 357 Marathon RUS
Dobrogaeva Polina 3116 5km Fun Run RUS
Dolan David 1131 Half-Marathon GBR
DOLGOVA NATALYA 2175 10km Road Race UKR
Dolman Glyn 1611 Half-Marathon GBR
Dolman Nicola 2404 10km Road Race GBR
Doran Victoria 1078 Half-Marathon GBR
Dowd David 2326 10km Road Race CYP
Dowd David 2364 10km Road Race CYP
Down James 1010 Half-Marathon GBR
Downs Jobe 1179 Half-Marathon GBR
Doyle Johnny 2417 10km Road Race GBR
Doyle Kathy 2418 10km Road Race GBR
Drakopoulou Eleni 3901 5km Fun Run CYP
Drakos Antonis 2527 10km Road Race CYP
Drakou Xenia 2564 10km Road Race CYP
Drinkwater Adam 2043 10km Road Race GBR
Dror Adi 167 Marathon ISR
Dror Yael 1308 Half-Marathon ISR
Drousiotou Ioanna 3745 5km Fun Run CYP
Drummond Ian 3487 5km Fun Run CYP
Dudic Zivan 423 Marathon SRB
Dudov Vitaly 2007 10km Road Race RUS
Duncan Ashleigh 411 Marathon CYP
Dusa Marko 2602 10km Road Race CYP
Dymioti Eva 3582 5km Fun Run CYP
Dymiotis Savvas 3580 5km Fun Run CYP
Eames Michael 1278 Half-Marathon CYP
Early Gemma 378 Marathon GBR
Economidou Stephanie 3259 5km Fun Run CYP
Edgar Stewart 2308 10km Road Race CYP
Edgar Michelle 2247 10km Road Race GBR
Edmonds Sonia 277 Marathon GBR
Edmonds Jon 1444 Half-Marathon GBR
Edmondson Kathy 3301 5km Fun Run CYP
Edmundson Joseph 258 Marathon GBR
Edwards Katherine 155 Marathon GBR
Efstathiou Costas 1647 Half-Marathon CYP
Efstathiou Despo 1648 Half-Marathon CYP
Efstathiou Andreas 87 Marathon CYP
Efstratiadis Michail 2004 10km Road Race CYP
Efthivoulou Michalis 3031 5km Fun Run CYP
Egehan Gokhan 3863 5km Fun Run TUR
Egleston Stephanie 1228 Half-Marathon GBR
Egleston Aidan 1355 Half-Marathon GBR
Einasto Mart 25 Marathon EST
Eker Erdem 3927 5km Fun Run TUR
Elbanna Sherif 355 Marathon GBR
Eldred John 3363 5km Fun Run CYP
Eldred Abbie 1513 Half-Marathon GBR
Eleftheriou Takis 2483 10km Road Race CYP
Elephtheriou Christos 3500 5km Fun Run CYP
Elia Elena 3256 5km Fun Run CYP
Elia Ioanna 3551 5km Fun Run CYP
Elia Tasos 3947 5km Fun Run CYP
Elia Kyriakos 3949 5km Fun Run CYP
Eliade Antreana 3657 5km Fun Run CYP
Eliades Michael 2558 10km Road Race CYP
Eliades Louis 3654 5km Fun Run CYP
Eliades Ioannis 3656 5km Fun Run CYP
Eliades Marinos 3845 5km Fun Run CYP
Elliott Danny 1037 Half-Marathon GBR
Ellis John 410 Marathon CYP
Ellis Ann 2565 10km Road Race CYP
Ellis Tina 3289 5km Fun Run CYP
Ellis Graham 3290 5km Fun Run CYP
Ellis Peter 202 Marathon GBR
Elsaid Mohamed 1479 Half-Marathon EGY
Elsdon Lianne 2113 10km Road Race GBR
Elshami Hesham 3851 5km Fun Run KSA
Emery Simon 3347 5km Fun Run CYP
Emery Charlie 3348 5km Fun Run CYP
England Emma 1256 Half-Marathon GBR
Epiphaniou Phanos 3762 5km Fun Run CYP
Eracleous Tonia 3368 5km Fun Run CYP
Eracleous Eraclis 3778 5km Fun Run CYP
Eracleous Chryso 3779 5km Fun Run CYP
Eracleous Yianna 3136 5km Fun Run CYP
Eremia Radu 340 Marathon CHE
Erlandson Gustav 1231 Half-Marathon GBR
Erodotou Elena 3246 5km Fun Run CYP
Erotokritou Michalis 3586 5km Fun Run CYP
Erotokritou Vassilis 3877 5km Fun Run CYP
Erotokritou Irene 3879 5km Fun Run CYP
Eskandar Peter 3262 5km Fun Run CYP
Estall Gary 3351 5km Fun Run CYP
Evagorou Zinonas 3142 5km Fun Run CYP
Evangelou Christina 3419 5km Fun Run CYP
Evangelou Evangelos 3715 5km Fun Run CYP
Evangelou Maria 3716 5km Fun Run CYP
Evangelou Marina 3717 5km Fun Run CYP
Evangelou Antonia 3718 5km Fun Run CYP
Evangelou Evi 3788 5km Fun Run CYP
Evangelou Ellada 2363 10km Road Race CYP
Evangelou Eleni 3141 5km Fun Run CYP
Evans Barbara 3336 5km Fun Run CYP
Evans Ceinwen 1328 Half-Marathon GBR
Evans Andrew 1111 Half-Marathon CYP
Evans Christy 1424 Half-Marathon USA
Evgin Erhan 3861 5km Fun Run TUR
Evmenov Anton 23 Marathon RUS
Evripidou Tzoulios 2569 10km Road Race CYP
Evripidou Stavria 3781 5km Fun Run CYP
Eynon Darren 380 Marathon GBR
Eystathiou Litsa 3921 5km Fun Run CYP
Fairbairn James 1481 Half-Marathon CYP
Fairhurst Sue 1395 Half-Marathon GBR
Farzullayeva Nigar 1483 Half-Marathon GBR
Fazekas Gabriella 2367 10km Road Race CYP
Fear Steve 1082 Half-Marathon GBR
Fear Wendy 1244 Half-Marathon GBR
Fearn Stephen 2261 10km Road Race CYP
Federmann Holger 1018 Half-Marathon DEU
Fedorenko Michael 3469 5km Fun Run CYP
Feizullova Alisa 3478 5km Fun Run CYP
Fella Evangelia 3578 5km Fun Run CYP
Fellerman Alex 3345 5km Fun Run CYP
Felton Annabella 3332 5km Fun Run CYP
Fenech Steven 2012 10km Road Race CYP
Fenech Janet 3064 5km Fun Run CYP
Fernyhough Lynn 3051 5km Fun Run GBR
Ferrie Lorna 3960 5km Fun Run CYP
Fetta Aristi 3540 5km Fun Run CYP
Fieber Lukas 13 Marathon GBR
Fields Simon 1646 Half-Marathon CYP
Filippou Orthodoxia 3541 5km Fun Run CYP
Finlayson Elaine 2130 10km Road Race GBR
Fish Jade 377 Marathon GBR
Fitzgerald Holly 1331 Half-Marathon GBR
Fliege Gabriele 119 Marathon DEU
Flude Melissa 3461 5km Fun Run CYP
Foord Susan 3121 5km Fun Run CYP
Ford Teresa 2212 10km Road Race GBR
Ford Eunice 3163 5km Fun Run CYP
Foreman Karen 1227 Half-Marathon GBR
Forte Angela 2332 10km Road Race GBR
Fowler Jacqueline 1203 Half-Marathon GBR
Fowler Haydn 1319 Half-Marathon GBR
Francis Robin 148 Marathon GBR
Frangeskou Eftychia 3844 5km Fun Run CYP
Frederickx Sven 143 Marathon BEL
Freear Teresa 2148 10km Road Race CYP
Freeman Adam 267 Marathon CYP
Freestone David 2336 10km Road Race CYP
Friedman Eloise 156 Marathon ISR
Friedman Tamara 3014 5km Fun Run ISR
Friel Robert 2624 10km Road Race GBR
Frissen Paul 194 Marathon GBR
Frissen Karen 195 Marathon GBR
Frodsham Stacey 428 Marathon CYP
Frolenkov Dmitrii 2285 10km Road Race RUS
Fudge Ali 3956 5km Fun Run CYP
Fulcher Andrew 3062 5km Fun Run CYP
Fulcher Jacqueline 3086 5km Fun Run CYP
Fulcher Elizabeth 3087 5km Fun Run GBR
Fulcher Oliver 3063 5km Fun Run GBR
Fysentzou Yianna 1675 Half-Marathon CYP
Gal Ziv 6 Marathon ISR
Gale Leigh 2164 10km Road Race GBR
Gallagher Daniel 2008 10km Road Race GBR
Galli Lucio 2578 10km Road Race ITA
Gallou Elizabeth 349 Marathon CYP
Gallou Rebekah 1406 Half-Marathon GBR
Galloway Allan 234 Marathon GBR
Galloway Jacqueline 235 Marathon GBR
Galyas Anett 232 Marathon HUN
Gambrill Jill 1605 Half-Marathon GBR
Gankin Grigory 212 Marathon RUS
Gannon Debbie 2636 10km Road Race GBR
Garden Michael 1128 Half-Marathon CYP
Gardner Lyndsey 2279 10km Road Race CYP
Gardner Mark 2280 10km Road Race CYP
Garey Christopher 1089 Half-Marathon GBR
Garshina Svetlana 3117 5km Fun Run CYP
Gat Amir 142 Marathon ISR
Gavrila Cristian 3884 5km Fun Run ROM
Gazit Amitai 61 Marathon ISR
Gebe Krisztián 1096 Half-Marathon HUN
Gee Paul 1607 Half-Marathon GBR
Genovese Franco 1290 Half-Marathon GBR
Georgakis Minos 2194 10km Road Race CYP
Georgiades Evelina 2451 10km Road Race CYP
Georgiades Panicos 2538 10km Road Race CYP
Georgiadis Andreas 1680 Half-Marathon CYP
Georgiadis Christos 1453 Half-Marathon CYP
Georgiou Demetris 393 Marathon CYP
Georgiou Alexander 1656 Half-Marathon CYP
Georgiou Xristos 2521 10km Road Race CYP
Georgiou Chrysovalantis 2536 10km Road Race CYP
Georgiou Nikos 3178 5km Fun Run CYP
Georgiou Antreas 3190 5km Fun Run CYP
Georgiou Elena 3261 5km Fun Run CYP
Georgiou George 3355 5km Fun Run CYP
Georgiou Evripides 3539 5km Fun Run CYP
Georgiou George 3619 5km Fun Run CYP
Georgiou Maria 3692 5km Fun Run CYP
Georgiou Chrysostomos 3693 5km Fun Run CYP
Georgiou Elena 3743 5km Fun Run CYP
Georgiou Sylvia 3774 5km Fun Run CYP
Georgiou Anna 3789 5km Fun Run CYP
Georgiou George 3790 5km Fun Run CYP
Georgiou Elena 3905 5km Fun Run CYP
Georgiou Antreas 1365 Half-Marathon CYP
Georgiou Maria 3140 5km Fun Run CYP
Georgiou Dionne 2374 10km Road Race CYP
Georgiou Nikos 2639 10km Road Race CYP
Gerasimov Mikhail 1046 Half-Marathon RUS
Gerasimova Olga 3017 5km Fun Run RUS
Gerasimova Ekaterina 206 Marathon RUS
Gerimos Loucas 1691 Half-Marathon CYP
German Veronika 1357 Half-Marathon HUN
GERVAIS DAFNE 1074 Half-Marathon BEL
Ghazi Nashat 3857 5km Fun Run KSA
Giannias Nikos 2563 10km Road Race CYP
Giannopoulou Zoe 3907 5km Fun Run CYP
Giavashi Olga 3985 5km Fun Run CYP
Gie Paul 175 Marathon CYP
Gilbert Yvonne 2298 10km Road Race GBR
Gilbey Simon 106 Marathon GBR
Giles Matt 1247 Half-Marathon GBR
Gilhart Michelle 1384 Half-Marathon CYP
Gilhart Wayne 1186 Half-Marathon CYP
Gillies Frances 1467 Half-Marathon CYP
Gilmartin James 1080 Half-Marathon GBR
Girtzis Alex 3874 5km Fun Run GRC
Gkika Dimitra 1632 Half-Marathon GRC
Gkiousas Stelios 3919 5km Fun Run CYP
Glaser Dave 144 Marathon GBR
Glukhova Olga 2047 10km Road Race CYP
Gogna Emma 1212 Half-Marathon CYP
Goldman Anat 2166 10km Road Race ISR
Golobokova Svetlana 237 Marathon CYP
Golovin Pavel 1182 Half-Marathon RUS
Goncharova Anna 1461 Half-Marathon UKR
Gooderham Chrissie 2265 10km Road Race GBR
Goodwin Mervyn 1428 Half-Marathon GBR
Goodwin Carol 1429 Half-Marathon GBR
Gorbacheva Maria 3220 5km Fun Run CYP
Gorczynski Pawel 193 Marathon POL
GOREN ADRIANA 2271 10km Road Race ISR
Goro Nicolas 2016 10km Road Race CYP
Gorst Mark 1017 Half-Marathon GBR
Gougousakis George 2448 10km Road Race CYP
Gourlay Norman 298 Marathon GBR
Gourlay Dawn 261 Marathon GBR
GRABAN PAWEL 1322 Half-Marathon CYP
Grabowski Michał 3098 5km Fun Run POL
Grabska-Grzegorczyk Milena 34 Marathon POL
Grace Paul 2026 10km Road Race GBR
Gradinaru Ionut 1721 Half-Marathon ROM
Granato Michael 1408 Half-Marathon GBR
Grant Michael 81 Marathon GBR
Granville Rebecca 1273 Half-Marathon CYP
Granville Shaun 1274 Half-Marathon CYP
Grass Björn 127 Marathon DEU
Gratland Mark 1112 Half-Marathon GBR
Gray Anthony 1292 Half-Marathon GBR
Gray David 1134 Half-Marathon GBR
Green Andrew 136 Marathon GBR
Green Susan 1364 Half-Marathon GBR
Green Sharon 3046 5km Fun Run CYP
Green Steven 2031 10km Road Race GBR
Greenberger Zohar 1155 Half-Marathon ISR
Greenwood John 2054 10km Road Race GBR
Greenwood Elizabeth Clare 2158 10km Road Race GBR
gregoriou gregoris 3605 5km Fun Run CYP
Grell Barbara 295 Marathon DEU
Grell Mathias 296 Marathon DEU
Gren Susanne 290 Marathon SWE
Gren Tony 231 Marathon SWE
Griffin Alan 3312 5km Fun Run CYP
Griffiths Andrew 2420 10km Road Race GBR
Grigg Michael 2069 10km Road Race GBR
Grigoriades Christis 3200 5km Fun Run CYP
Grigoriades Elias 3201 5km Fun Run CYP
Grigorovičius Darius 72 Marathon LTU
Gritskova Oya 2074 10km Road Race RUS
Gröscho Franzi 1285 Half-Marathon DEU
Grosjean Yves 209 Marathon CYP
Grzegorczyk Bartosz 2009 10km Road Race POL
GRZELAK DANUTA 1638 Half-Marathon POL
Gumbrell Malcolm 281 Marathon GBR
Gunner Peter 3491 5km Fun Run CYP
Gunput Florence 1421 Half-Marathon NLD
Gustafsson Kenneth 186 Marathon SWE
Guttridge Karen 3169 5km Fun Run GBR
GUY DAVID 2301 10km Road Race GBR
Guy Sally 3023 5km Fun Run GBR
Habib Susan Margaret 2345 10km Road Race CYP
Hack David 1022 Half-Marathon GBR
Hackett Joanne 2033 10km Road Race GBR
Hadfield Jack 3223 5km Fun Run CYP
Hadjiantoniou Anna 3217 5km Fun Run CYP
Hadjicharalambous Myria 3556 5km Fun Run CYP
Hadjicharalambous Katia 3946 5km Fun Run CYP
Hadjidemosthenous Ntia 3175 5km Fun Run CYP
Hadjiionas Stelios 3591 5km Fun Run CYP
Hadjikyriacou Maria 3553 5km Fun Run CYP
Hadjilambri Paola 3198 5km Fun Run CYP
Hadjilambrou Zacharias 3668 5km Fun Run CYP
Hadjilouca Maria 3939 5km Fun Run CYP
Hadjimichael ANGELOS 2399 10km Road Race CYP
Hadjimitsi Eftychia 2358 10km Road Race CYP
Hadjimitsi Anda 3152 5km Fun Run CYP
Hadjimitsis Marinos 2510 10km Road Race CYP
Hadjinicoli Mairi 3628 5km Fun Run CYP
Hadjioannou Betty 3957 5km Fun Run CYP
Hadjipanayiotou Georgia 1665 Half-Marathon CYP
HADJIPANTELI Anna 3188 5km Fun Run CYP
HADJIPANTELI Elena 3189 5km Fun Run CYP
Hadjipapa Ioanna 3616 5km Fun Run CYP
Hadjipapas Andreas 3615 5km Fun Run CYP
Hadjipaschalis Nikolas 3227 5km Fun Run CYP
Hadjipaschalis Kyriacos 3228 5km Fun Run CYP
Hadjipaschalis Voula 3229 5km Fun Run CYP
Hadjipaschalis Maria 3230 5km Fun Run CYP
Hadjiphylaktou Anna 3366 5km Fun Run CYP
Hadjiphylaktou Monica 3367 5km Fun Run CYP
Hadjipolycarpou Sofianos 397 Marathon CYP
Hadjisophocleous Melina 3756 5km Fun Run CYP
Hadjisoteriou Marina 3372 5km Fun Run CYP
Hadjispyrou Michalis 2442 10km Road Race CYP
Hadjiyianni Nicoletta 3611 5km Fun Run CYP
Hadsbjerg Capser 1261 Half-Marathon DNK
Hafer Kirstie 3079 5km Fun Run USA
Haigh Heidi 174 Marathon CYP
Hałas Marcin 358 Marathon POL
Hall Heather 3060 5km Fun Run USA
Häll-Irinarchos Carina 3830 5km Fun Run SWE
Hallas Wendy 3327 5km Fun Run CYP
Hallas Jan 3380 5km Fun Run CYP
Halls Kyle 64 Marathon CYP
Halls Kyle 208 Marathon GBR
Hamadah Rafat 3847 5km Fun Run KSA
Hamilton Maria 1625 Half-Marathon GBR
Hamilton Jim 2268 10km Road Race GBR
Hamlyn Alyssa 1439 Half-Marathon CYP
Hampartsumyan Madlen 3766 5km Fun Run CYP
Hampton Matt 2072 10km Road Race CYP
Hampton Hannah 2244 10km Road Race CYP
Hanley Eve 3081 5km Fun Run GBR
Hanley Anne 3070 5km Fun Run CYP
Hanley Godfrey 3071 5km Fun Run CYP
Hanmore Robert 1110 Half-Marathon GBR
Hanna Rana 3796 5km Fun Run CYP
Hanrahan Rachael 2403 10km Road Race GBR
Harabagiu Laura 2275 10km Road Race ROU
Harabagiu Razvan 2276 10km Road Race ROU
Harakis George 1505 Half-Marathon CYP
Hardiment Tilney 3048 5km Fun Run GBR
Harding Barbara 1488 Half-Marathon GBR
Harel Boaz 1158 Half-Marathon ISR
Harel Vardit 2141 10km Road Race ISR
Hargreaves Steve 56 Marathon GBR
Harnett Paul 3042 5km Fun Run CYP
Harnett Michelle 3043 5km Fun Run CYP
Harnett Samuel 3044 5km Fun Run CYP
Harris Miah 3465 5km Fun Run CYP
Harvey Carol 3509 5km Fun Run CYP
Harvey Graham 2086 10km Road Race GBR
Harvey Beulah 2214 10km Road Race GBR
Harvey Alison 1259 Half-Marathon GBR
Hastings Christine 3376 5km Fun Run CYP
Haugen Peder 131 Marathon AUS
Haviv Tal 210 Marathon ISR
Hawer Stefan 2388 10km Road Race DEU
Haynes Stuart 426 Marathon GBR
Hazell Daniel 1156 Half-Marathon CYP
Heap Richard 1015 Half-Marathon GBR
Heaviside Tiffany 1175 Half-Marathon GBR
Helderlé Paul 310 Marathon FRA
Henderson Craeg 117 Marathon CYP
Herke Steffen 24 Marathon DEU
Herke Petra 1125 Half-Marathon DEU
Hernandez Lisa 422 Marathon CYP
Herron Leanne 2019 10km Road Race GBR
Hesketh Linda 1422 Half-Marathon CYP
Heydon Dianne 1360 Half-Marathon GBR
Heydon-Wells Julia 2240 10km Road Race GBR
Hill Scott 1109 Half-Marathon GBR
Hill Jayne 1381 Half-Marathon GBR
Hills Adam 85 Marathon GBR
Hilohe Vlad 3887 5km Fun Run ROM
Hina Ola 3951 5km Fun Run JOR
Hinton Carl 2292 10km Road Race GBR
Hitchin Andrew 1221 Half-Marathon GBR
Hitchin Julia 3083 5km Fun Run GBR
Hobbs Melissa 3243 5km Fun Run CYP
Hobeika Aline 3832 5km Fun Run CYP
Hodges Emma 1235 Half-Marathon GBR
Hodgson Craig 1644 Half-Marathon CYP
Hodgson Heidi 3402 5km Fun Run CYP
HOFMAN MOTI 1310 Half-Marathon ISR
Hogben William 3459 5km Fun Run CYP
Holcroft Glyn 1347 Half-Marathon GBR
Holden Sarah 35 Marathon GBR
Holden Richard 36 Marathon GBR
Holgate Bryce 1091 Half-Marathon GBR
Holland Adam 1 Marathon GBR
Hollo Ervin 359 Marathon CYP
Holm-Larsen Trine 191 Marathon DNK
Holmes Claire 2323 10km Road Race CYP
Holmes Gill 1400 Half-Marathon GBR
Holmes James 2324 10km Road Race CYP
Holsner Malin 2104 10km Road Race SWE
Holway Ruth 3283 5km Fun Run CYP
Hood Joseph 1436 Half-Marathon GBR
Hopkins Sandra 2307 10km Road Race GBR
Hopkins Tim 2168 10km Road Race CYP
Hopkinson Carl 1051 Half-Marathon GBR
HOPKINSON PETER 1267 Half-Marathon CYP
Horberg Stig 320 Marathon SWE
Horner Chris 19 Marathon GBR
Horner Phil 1307 Half-Marathon GBR
Horner Claire 1390 Half-Marathon GBR
Horton Todd 2608 10km Road Race CYP
Horváth-Varga Györgyi 3145 5km Fun Run CYP
Hossain Jahura 2209 10km Road Race GBR
Hough Grace 2227 10km Road Race GBR
Houghton Robert 2048 10km Road Race GBR
Houtby Jessica 259 Marathon CYP
Hoy Elias 3210 5km Fun Run CYP
Hris Igor 2352 10km Road Race SVK
Huckle Julian 253 Marathon GBR
HUFFORD DIANE 2092 10km Road Race GBR
HUFFORD TREVOR 2024 10km Road Race GBR
Hughes George 3441 5km Fun Run CYP
Hughes MBE Evan Richard 1323 Half-Marathon GBR
Hume Mark 2134 10km Road Race GBR
Humphreys Debbie 1618 Half-Marathon GBR
Humphreys Paul 1619 Half-Marathon GBR
Humphreys Ben 15 Marathon CYP
Hunt Brian 2061 10km Road Race USA
Hunt Angie 3065 5km Fun Run CYP
Hurn Oliver 3446 5km Fun Run CYP
Hurn Joshua 3447 5km Fun Run CYP
Hüttner Miklós 139 Marathon HUN
Iacovou Theodosis 2511 10km Road Race CYP
Iliadis Takis 3579 5km Fun Run CYP
Ilinca Gelu 1732 Half-Marathon CYP
INCE CEMAL 1144 Half-Marathon CYP
Ioannides Demetris 190 Marathon GBR
Ioannou Christos 1667 Half-Marathon CYP
Ioannou Marios 1731 Half-Marathon CYP
Ioannou Antonis 2543 10km Road Race CYP
Ioannou Giorgos 2562 10km Road Race CYP
Ioannou John 3371 5km Fun Run CYP
IOANNOU EVA 3676 5km Fun Run CYP
Ioannou Elena 3878 5km Fun Run CYP
Ioannou Lefteris 3030 5km Fun Run CYP
IOANNOU IOANNIS 1716 Half-Marathon CYP
IOANNOU NEOKLIS 2550 10km Road Race CYP
Irinarchos Peter 2495 10km Road Race UAE
Irinarchos Alexander 2496 10km Road Race SWE
Irinarchos Nearchos 3829 5km Fun Run SWE
Irinarchos Varnavas 3833 5km Fun Run CYP
Irinarchos Demetra 3834 5km Fun Run CYP
Ironmonger Andrew 1218 Half-Marathon GBR
Irvine Gary 1437 Half-Marathon GBR
Irwin Jamie 108 Marathon GBR
Isherwood Emma 3436 5km Fun Run CYP
Isherwood Linda 1522 Half-Marathon GBR
Istók Viktória 342 Marathon HUN
Ivanov Ivan 268 Marathon RUS
Ivanov ILIA 2631 10km Road Race RUS
Ivanova Aleksandra 3585 5km Fun Run CYP
Ivanova Anastasia 2634 10km Road Race RUS
Ivask Varmo 2150 10km Road Race EST
Jaarsma Nathalie 2206 10km Road Race CYP
Jabbar Nazma 2333 10km Road Race CYP
Jackson Anna 1004 Half-Marathon GBR
Jackson Tommy 239 Marathon CYP
James Sue 2395 10km Road Race GBR
Jammoul Faysal 2487 10km Road Race CYP
JANIK ROMAN 388 Marathon POL
Janiszewska Ewelina 1454 Half-Marathon POL
Jarvis Ian 228 Marathon GBR
Jeavons Debbie 3111 5km Fun Run CYP
Jeavons Darren 3112 5km Fun Run CYP
Jedrzejewski Konrad 77 Marathon POL
Jefferies Emily 1248 Half-Marathon GBR
Jeffrey Darren 2034 10km Road Race GBR
Jeffrey Louise 2297 10km Road Race GBR
Jenkins Nick 238 Marathon GGY
Jenkins Glyn 2382 10km Road Race GBR
Jezewska Sylwia 1334 Half-Marathon POL
Jezewski Slawomir 60 Marathon POL
JIANG Huawen 266 Marathon CHN
Jide-Banwo Samuel 1021 Half-Marathon GBR
Jidobin Oleg 205 Marathon MDA
Joannou Jane 3514 5km Fun Run CYP
Joannou Andrew 3515 5km Fun Run CYP
Joels Erez 2253 10km Road Race ISR
Joels Michal 2254 10km Road Race ISR
Johann Christof 3024 5km Fun Run DEU
Johannson Dianne 1200 Half-Marathon USA
Johns Justin 113 Marathon UMI
Johnson Miranda 1374 Half-Marathon GBR
Johnston Paula 1435 Half-Marathon GBR
Jones Simon 1615 Half-Marathon GBR
Jones Sally 1693 Half-Marathon GBR
Jones Beverley 2407 10km Road Race GBR
Jones Mark 2413 10km Road Race GBR
Jones Neil 9 Marathon GBR
Jones Stephen 1456 Half-Marathon GBR
Jones Ian 1114 Half-Marathon GBR
Jones Jennifer 1118 Half-Marathon CYP
Jones Jaonn 2291 10km Road Race GBR
Jones Pauline 1432 Half-Marathon CYP
Jones Christopher 2155 10km Road Race GBR
Jose Pedro 1154 Half-Marathon GBR
Joseph George 1157 Half-Marathon GBR
Judd Simon 2123 10km Road Race GBR
Junk Klaus 225 Marathon DEU
KADRİ Tarık 1510 Half-Marathon CYP
Kafkaridou Anna 2630 10km Road Race CYP
Kakkoupitis Andreas 3660 5km Fun Run CYP
Kakoullis Antonis 1657 Half-Marathon CYP
Kakoullis JOSEPH 3797 5km Fun Run CYP
Kakoullis THEODOROS 3799 5km Fun Run CYP
Kakoullis CHRISTOS 3800 5km Fun Run CYP
kalathas KONSTANTINOS 3192 5km Fun Run CYP
Kalda Ruth 132 Marathon EST
Kalinski Sapphire 256 Marathon GBR
Kallenou Marilena 3708 5km Fun Run CYP
Kallis Marinos 1056 Half-Marathon CYP
Kalogeris Themis 1686 Half-Marathon CYP
Kalogeris Michalis 3966 5km Fun Run CYP
Kalogeropoulos NIKOS 2615 10km Road Race GRC
Kalogeropoulou MARIA 2614 10km Road Race GRC
Kalogirou Michalis 2485 10km Road Race CYP
Kalopsidiotou Korina 3681 5km Fun Run CYP
Kalotheou Lily 3456 5km Fun Run CYP
Kalotheou Maya 3457 5km Fun Run CYP
Kalotheou Yasmina 3458 5km Fun Run CYP
Kameris Ioannis 2263 10km Road Race CYP
Kampanellas George 3719 5km Fun Run CYP
Kanafo Orly 1457 Half-Marathon CYP
Kanelli Evi 3109 5km Fun Run CYP
Kantas Charalampos 1707 Half-Marathon CYP
Kao Tzu-Chiung 1451 Half-Marathon GBR
Kaouros Achilleas 3527 5km Fun Run CYP
Kapodistrias Apollon 1666 Half-Marathon CYP
kapona marina 3197 5km Fun Run CYP
Kapona Polina 3239 5km Fun Run CYP
Kaponas Ioannis 3240 5km Fun Run CYP
Karagiorgi Afroditi 2368 10km Road Race CYP
Karakaya Ramazan 3862 5km Fun Run GBR
Karaoghlanian Nathalie 1404 Half-Marathon CYP
Karasavvas Christos 3925 5km Fun Run CYP
Karavasili Aggeliki 2431 10km Road Race GRC
Karavasilis Vlasis 1630 Half-Marathon GRC
Karchevskiy Andrey 183 Marathon RUS
Karekla Katerina 3643 5km Fun Run CYP
Kargina Irina 299 Marathon RUS
Karim Aniela 3147 5km Fun Run POL
KARLOWICZ ANNA 2433 10km Road Race POL
Karn Gerlinde 1321 Half-Marathon DEU
Karpinska Anastasiia 1519 Half-Marathon UKR
Kashouli Maria 3431 5km Fun Run CYP
Kasner Hilla 1362 Half-Marathon ISR
KASSOTAKIS FOTIS 2616 10km Road Race GRC
Kasyanchuck Taras 1724 Half-Marathon CYP
Katelari Anna 3724 5km Fun Run CYP
Katelaris Marios 3723 5km Fun Run CYP
Katelaris Andreas 3725 5km Fun Run CYP
Katelaris Aristos 3726 5km Fun Run CYP
Kathitziotis Charalambos 2524 10km Road Race CYP
Katrin Olsen Ann 3471 5km Fun Run CYP
Katsafadou Mina 2454 10km Road Race CYP
Katsapaos Kerry 3962 5km Fun Run CYP
Katsaris Michalis 2467 10km Road Race CYP
Katsavra IOANNA MARIA 3761 5km Fun Run CYP
Katsinioridou ANNA 2641 10km Road Race CYP
Katsourides Nicos 1073 Half-Marathon CYP
Kavanagh Neil 1026 Half-Marathon GBR
Kayral Ali 1509 Half-Marathon CYP
Kazzouh Samer 2383 10km Road Race PSE
Kedem Yoram 1063 Half-Marathon ISR
Kedvessy Erika 2329 10km Road Race GBR
Keenan Michael 2439 10km Road Race CYP
Kehler Marcel 1533 Half-Marathon TUR
Kelesidou Rania 3554 5km Fun Run CYP
Keli Iliana 3909 5km Fun Run CYP
Kemelek Matthew 330 Marathon DEU
Kendall Alyse 2192 10km Road Race GBR
Kertesz Eniko 1492 Half-Marathon HUN
Kestas Costas 3769 5km Fun Run CYP
Keuning Kees 2309 10km Road Race NLD
Keuning Kim 2310 10km Road Race NLD
Khabibullina Svetlana 1249 Half-Marathon RUS
Khadka Sumegh Raj 1466 Half-Marathon CYP
Khaidarov Marsel 126 Marathon RUS
Khalil Hussein 198 Marathon LBN
Khandaqji Amal 3871 5km Fun Run JOR
Khidesheli Georgy 1059 Half-Marathon RUS
Kibble Christine 1062 Half-Marathon GBR
Kierył-Grabowska Debora 3099 5km Fun Run POL
Kiiver Anti 3110 5km Fun Run EST
Kikas Michalis 1507 Half-Marathon CYP
Kilgour David 5 Marathon GBR
Kilili Nicoletta 3621 5km Fun Run CYP
Kim Yuha 3880 5km Fun Run NED
Kinas Stylianos 2462 10km Road Race CYP
Kindlam Jaanika 185 Marathon EST
King Carrie 2314 10km Road Race CYP
Kiriushin Aleksandr 2328 10km Road Race CYP
Kirstein Kamila 1171 Half-Marathon POL
Kirwan Emma 346 Marathon CYP
Kirwan Cathal 1025 Half-Marathon IRL
Kirwan Aaran 347 Marathon CYP
Kis Eszter 1342 Half-Marathon HUN
KISSAS ANDREAS 1094 Half-Marathon CYP
Kitchen Zoe 1399 Half-Marathon GBR
Kitson Nigel 1071 Half-Marathon GBR
Kiwak Roy 1122 Half-Marathon ISR
Kizilari Cumhur 3928 5km Fun Run TUR
Kleiff Kelly 2410 10km Road Race GBR
Kleiff Nicholas 2411 10km Road Race GBR
Klepikov Aleksandr 1298 Half-Marathon RUS
Klepikov Iurii 3069 5km Fun Run RUS
Kluger Gabriele 3942 5km Fun Run AUS
Kniuksta Romualdas 1098 Half-Marathon LTU
Koch James 1223 Half-Marathon CYP
Koecher Maria 2103 10km Road Race GBR
Kokkinou Christina 3620 5km Fun Run CYP
Kokkinou Fani 3636 5km Fun Run CYP
Kolovos Panayiotis 2530 10km Road Race CYP
Kombou Loukia 2458 10km Road Race CYP
Komesarios Alexandros 382 Marathon GRC
Konstantinou xaralambos 3181 5km Fun Run CYP
Konstantinou Anna 3563 5km Fun Run CYP
Konstantinou Konstantinos 3950 5km Fun Run CYP
Konstantinou Charalambos 68 Marathon CYP
Kontou Avraamia 3666 5km Fun Run CYP
Kontou Athena 3667 5km Fun Run CYP
KOPCIK Igor 2079 10km Road Race SVK
Korakides Epaminondas 3977 5km Fun Run CYP
Korakidou Maria 3980 5km Fun Run CYP
Korna Hossam 3852 5km Fun Run KSA
Kornarou IleKtra 3838 5km Fun Run GRC
Korsan Hakan 2087 10km Road Race CYP
Korsun Vladimir 1480 Half-Marathon RUS
Kortekaas Paul 343 Marathon NLD
Kortekaas Freek 344 Marathon NLD
Korytowski Andrzej 1100 Half-Marathon POL
Kosiefta Elena 3941 5km Fun Run CYP
Kosmas Apostolos 391 Marathon CYP
Kosti Debbie 3903 5km Fun Run CYP
Kostov Dobromir 400 Marathon BUL
Kostov Dobromir 1654 Half-Marathon BUL
KOSTUCH JAN 401 Marathon POL
Kottas Chris 1205 Half-Marathon CYP
Koukouma Nedi 3997 5km Fun Run CYP
Koukouma Nefeli 3998 5km Fun Run CYP
Koukoumas George 3727 5km Fun Run CYP
Koukoumas Andreas 3728 5km Fun Run CYP
Koumbari Andriana 3119 5km Fun Run CYP
Koumis Panicos 1711 Half-Marathon CYP
Kountoureshis Michael 3309 5km Fun Run CYP
Koupanou Nikoletta 3561 5km Fun Run CYP
Koupanou Katerina 3562 5km Fun Run CYP
Kouridakis Michael 3806 5km Fun Run GRC
Kouroushis Michalis 3359 5km Fun Run CYP
Kourtellas Michael 2465 10km Road Race CYP
Kouspi Constandina 3706 5km Fun Run CYP
Koutsakos Erineos 2466 10km Road Race CYP
Koutsakos Xenios 3603 5km Fun Run CYP
Koutsakos Nicholas 3604 5km Fun Run CYP
Koutsofta Soteroula 3593 5km Fun Run CYP
Kozioł Bogusław 1508 Half-Marathon POL
Kozlov Alexandr 363 Marathon RUS
Kozlowska Kasandra 1303 Half-Marathon POL
Kozma Ibolya 1358 Half-Marathon HUN
Kramer Lars 2198 10km Road Race CYP
Kramvis Michalis 3038 5km Fun Run CYP
Krause Sybille 250 Marathon DEU
Krause Gerald 1194 Half-Marathon GBR
Kridiotis Chrysostomos 3991 5km Fun Run CYP
Kridiotis Eleonora 3992 5km Fun Run CYP
Kridiotis Violanda 3993 5km Fun Run CYP
Kridiotis Maritonia 3994 5km Fun Run CYP
Kristensen Alice 269 Marathon DNK
Krizhanovskaya Natalia 288 Marathon RUS
Krumholtz Ronen 118 Marathon ISR
Krylosova Evgeniya 362 Marathon RUS
Kubliha Zoltan 3082 5km Fun Run SVK
Kublihova Kitti 3101 5km Fun Run SVK
Kucsák József 364 Marathon CYP
Kudymov Valentiv 91 Marathon RUS
KULBAKA ELENA 3125 5km Fun Run RUS
Kupibida Bogusława 301 Marathon POL
Kütt Annika 1405 Half-Marathon EST
Kuznetsov George 3218 5km Fun Run CYP
Kvale Janne 1315 Half-Marathon NOR
Kypri Olga 1137 Half-Marathon CYP
Kypri James 46 Marathon CYP
Kyprianou Panagiotis 3629 5km Fun Run CYP
Kyprianou Andreas 3631 5km Fun Run CYP
Kypriotis Constantinos 1736 Half-Marathon CYP
Kyriacou Nikolas 3528 5km Fun Run CYP
Kyriacou Niki 3948 5km Fun Run CYP
Kyriacou Sophie 2397 10km Road Race CYP
Kyriakides Gina 3588 5km Fun Run CYP
Kyriakou Marianna 3204 5km Fun Run CYP
Kyriakou Julia 3205 5km Fun Run CYP
Kyriakou Eraklis 3206 5km Fun Run CYP
Kyriakou Alexandros 3207 5km Fun Run CYP
Kyriakou Machi 3208 5km Fun Run CYP
Kyriakou Chara 3499 5km Fun Run CYP
Kyriakou Doros 2391 10km Road Race CYP
Kyriakou Andreas 3867 5km Fun Run CYP
Kyrisavva Petros 3264 5km Fun Run CYP
Kyrou Aris 2065 10km Road Race CYP
Lacatus Anca 3952 5km Fun Run ROM
Ladomirska-Karim Teresa 3090 5km Fun Run CYP
Lahav Lior 273 Marathon ISR
Laing Lori 3340 5km Fun Run CYP
Laing Katie 1388 Half-Marathon GBR
Lallament Lesley 3300 5km Fun Run CYP
Lambert Stephen 76 Marathon GBR
Lambrinos Nearchos 1688 Half-Marathon CYP
Lambrou Christopher 1662 Half-Marathon CYP
Lambrou Periklis 2560 10km Road Race CYP
LAMPS Hans-Peter 1176 Half-Marathon DEU
Lancaster Derrick 3490 5km Fun Run CYP
Landin Lisa 1431 Half-Marathon SWE
Lane Robert 1092 Half-Marathon GBR
Lange Bodo 2010 10km Road Race DEU
Lange Johannes 2023 10km Road Race DEU
Lanham Joanne 1338 Half-Marathon GBR
Lansdowne Simon 1312 Half-Marathon GBR
Lapert Ludovic 1143 Half-Marathon FRA
Larina Yuliya 2381 10km Road Race RUS
Laser Silvya 2316 10km Road Race DEU
Lastochkin Aleksei 28 Marathon RUS
Latham Elle 1493 Half-Marathon CYP
Lauder Andrew 3274 5km Fun Run CYP
Lauri Tenho 327 Marathon FIN
Lauryssen Aurélie 2293 10km Road Race BEL
Lawlor Anthony 18 Marathon GBR
Lawrence Gillian 2277 10km Road Race CYP
Laws Bob 214 Marathon USA
Lazarou Nikos 2532 10km Road Race CYP
Lazarou Rafaela 3542 5km Fun Run CYP
LAZAROU KAJA 2264 10km Road Race CYP
le Gougaud Stephane 78 Marathon FRA
Lebioda Adam 1041 Half-Marathon POL
Ledran Fabienne 2196 10km Road Race ISR
Leinweber Michael 1525 Half-Marathon DEU
Lemon Peter 92 Marathon GBR
Lemon Donna 3104 5km Fun Run GBR
Leonidou Kyriakos 2488 10km Road Race CYP
Leonidou Lambriani 3543 5km Fun Run CYP
Leptos Andreas 3241 5km Fun Run CYP
Leslie Sue 3322 5km Fun Run CYP
Leslie Trevor 3326 5km Fun Run CYP
Letympiotou Eleni 3911 5km Fun Run CYP
Leuther Johann 2177 10km Road Race CYP
Leventi Rania 3736 5km Fun Run CYP
Levine Collette 2233 10km Road Race CYP
Lewis David 3413 5km Fun Run CYP
Lewis Cathy 3414 5km Fun Run CYP
Leyland Rita 2628 10km Road Race CYP
Lin Annie 3466 5km Fun Run CYP
Lineker Sandra 3022 5km Fun Run GBR
Lines Sean 3434 5km Fun Run CYP
Lisnkova Eva 1529 Half-Marathon DEU
Lisowska Martyna 1260 Half-Marathon POL
Little Georgina 248 Marathon GBR
Lloyd Ian 176 Marathon GBR
Lloyd Wide David 3293 5km Fun Run CYP
Locke John 2095 10km Road Race CYP
Locke Mary 2256 10km Road Race CYP
Lois Nicholas 1187 Half-Marathon CYP
Loizas Danae 1663 Half-Marathon CYP
Loizides Maria 3915 5km Fun Run CYP
Loizou Pelekanou Irini 3996 5km Fun Run CYP
Lolou Vicky 3803 5km Fun Run GRC
Lopusanova Vlasta 1653 Half-Marathon CYP
Lopusanova Vlasta 1361 Half-Marathon SVK
Lorincz Attila 1126 Half-Marathon HUN
Lőrincz-Dálnoki Ildikó 2110 10km Road Race HUN
Louca Antri 3763 5km Fun Run CYP
Louhichi Jade 2222 10km Road Race GBR
Louizihno Stella 3224 5km Fun Run CYP
Louizihno Maryanne 3225 5km Fun Run CYP
Louizihno Chris 3226 5km Fun Run CYP
Lourensz Susan 3039 5km Fun Run CYP
Lowe Wendy 1257 Half-Marathon GBR
Lowndes Brian 1086 Half-Marathon GBR
Lowndes Barbara 1087 Half-Marathon GBR
Lowther John 2151 10km Road Race GBR
Lubchenko Alexandr 169 Marathon CYP
Lucido Paula 2246 10km Road Race GBR
LUCKETT DAVID 1119 Half-Marathon GBR
Lukacovs Helmuts 1188 Half-Marathon LVA
Lukiyanov Vitaly 338 Marathon RUS
Lupatin Mendy 241 Marathon ISR
Lushnikova Dariia 2377 10km Road Race RUS
Lynch Peter 2223 10km Road Race GBR
Lynch Mandy 2224 10km Road Race GBR
Macdonald Joanne 1376 Half-Marathon GBR
Mace Kevin 1514 Half-Marathon CYP
MacIntyre Arran 3443 5km Fun Run CYP
MacIntyre Laura 3444 5km Fun Run CYP
Maclaughlan Mark 1023 Half-Marathon GBR
Macmillan-Davies Annie 3512 5km Fun Run CYP
Macmillan-Davies Clive 3513 5km Fun Run CYP
MacPhee Robert 353 Marathon CYP
Madill Matthew 1083 Half-Marathon GBR
Mäe Jaanus 1012 Half-Marathon EST
Magdić Tihana 1473 Half-Marathon HRV
Maggiora Alessandro 1369 Half-Marathon ITA
Magier Mateusz 71 Marathon GBR
Magness Stuart 1293 Half-Marathon CYP
Magou Agnita 3982 5km Fun Run CYP
Mäkinen Raija Marjatta 2294 10km Road Race FIN
Makke Ali 3826 5km Fun Run LEB
Makrides Yiannos 3699 5km Fun Run CYP
Makrides Vasilis 3701 5km Fun Run CYP
Makrides Ioanna 3702 5km Fun Run CYP
Mala Elena 3902 5km Fun Run CYP
Maling Abi 2369 10km Road Race CYP
Maling Rikki 2370 10km Road Race CYP
Mallouris Tasos 2537 10km Road Race CYP
Maly Robert 1241 Half-Marathon SVK
Malyuchenko Sergiy 3020 5km Fun Run CYP
Malyuchenko Nazar 3018 5km Fun Run CYP
Mamalı Barış 3012 5km Fun Run CYP
MAMINA OLGA 2393 10km Road Race RUS
Manolis Stephanos 1518 Half-Marathon CYP
Manyi Timea 3129 5km Fun Run HUN
Maratheftis Panayiotis 3623 5km Fun Run CYP
Maratheftis Demos 3624 5km Fun Run CYP
Marchant Malcolm 1482 Half-Marathon GBR
Marcinkowska Anna 2039 10km Road Race POL
Marcou Markella 3550 5km Fun Run CYP
Marek Genia 57 Marathon GBR
Marek Sally 2127 10km Road Race GBR
Marek Richard 3061 5km Fun Run GBR
Margaritis Konstantinos 2429 10km Road Race GRC
Margaritis Nikolaos 2430 10km Road Race GRC
Margrave Mark 308 Marathon CYP
Marinescu Alex 2555 10km Road Race ROM
Marinovska Eva 2114 10km Road Race BGR
Markantonis Charalambos 3531 5km Fun Run CYP
Markou Petros 1629 Half-Marathon GRC
Markou Trane 3270 5km Fun Run GRC
Markou Pavlos 3271 5km Fun Run GRC
Markou Antonios 3272 5km Fun Run GRC
Markou Alexandros 3354 5km Fun Run CYP
Markou Neofytos 3361 5km Fun Run CYP
Markou Demetrios 3662 5km Fun Run CYP
Markwick Anne 3483 5km Fun Run CYP
Marondel Katarzyna 300 Marathon POL
Marriott Tony 3077 5km Fun Run CYP
Marriott Debbie 3078 5km Fun Run CYP
Marsden Naomi 3388 5km Fun Run CYP
Marsden Chris 3389 5km Fun Run CYP
Marsden Liz 2221 10km Road Race GBR
Marshall Lesley 1258 Half-Marathon GBR
Marshall Robert 1172 Half-Marathon GBR
Martikainen Jyrki 1213 Half-Marathon FIN
Martin Carol 3319 5km Fun Run CYP
Martin Dennis 2011 10km Road Race GBR
Martin Erica 1409 Half-Marathon CYP
Martin-Dye Ben 1007 Half-Marathon GBR
Martin-Dye Heather 1081 Half-Marathon GBR
Mascarenhas Thamiris 3052 5km Fun Run BRA
Mashovets Sofia 2162 10km Road Race CYP
Maskell Mandy 3401 5km Fun Run CYP
Matheson Mary 2237 10km Road Race GBR
Matthee Miranda 3426 5km Fun Run CYP
Mattus Evely 2389 10km Road Race CYP
Matusevych Veniamin 1301 Half-Marathon UKR
Matuszczyk Marek 120 Marathon POL
MATVEEV IGOR 1031 Half-Marathon RUS
MAVROGIANNIS Pavlos 398 Marathon CYP
Mavromichalos Maria 3429 5km Fun Run CYP
Mavromichalos Spyro 3462 5km Fun Run CYP
Mavrommatis George 3592 5km Fun Run CYP
Mavroyiannis Andreas 3827 5km Fun Run CYP
Mavroyiannis Athena 3828 5km Fun Run CYP
Maxted Bev 3315 5km Fun Run CYP
Mayor Rodney 3521 5km Fun Run CYP
Mazurek Tomasz 1149 Half-Marathon CYP
Mcaleer Rich 1434 Half-Marathon GBR
McBain Cathy 2274 10km Road Race CYP
McBeth Caroline 2409 10km Road Race GBR
McConnachie Noreen 2282 10km Road Race GBR
Mccready Richard 181 Marathon CYP
McDonald Cameron 3378 5km Fun Run CYP
McDonald Kate 3379 5km Fun Run CYP
McDonald Nichola 370 Marathon ARE
Mcevoy Mo 3304 5km Fun Run CYP
McFaul Chris 1621 Half-Marathon GBR
MCGARVIE ALAN 1178 Half-Marathon GBR
McGill Angela 405 Marathon CYP
McGough Sue 3305 5km Fun Run CYP
McGreavy Sandra 1340 Half-Marathon GBR
Mclellan Julia 1411 Half-Marathon CYP
Mclellan Mark 1412 Half-Marathon CYP
McMenamin Fiona 286 Marathon GBR
McOwens Ivan 3294 5km Fun Run CYP
McOwens Wendy 3295 5km Fun Run CYP
McRae Jane 3019 5km Fun Run GBR
Meadows Kerry 3961 5km Fun Run CYP
Measham Andrew 2305 10km Road Race CYP
Medawar Marie 316 Marathon CYP
Meikle Dorothy 1327 Half-Marathon CYP
Meitza Martin 3791 5km Fun Run UAE
Meldrum Debbie 3166 5km Fun Run CYP
Melis Stefania 2449 10km Road Race CYP
Melvin Marina 1222 Half-Marathon RUS
Menyhei Andras 130 Marathon GBR
Meris Dimitrios 3238 5km Fun Run CYP
Mertas Giorgos 1735 Half-Marathon CYP
Metaxas Elias 3360 5km Fun Run CYP
Mettouris Neophytos 3971 5km Fun Run CYP
Meyers Zach 80 Marathon AUS
Mguni-Jones Nina 2154 10km Road Race GBR
MICHAEL MARINA 1671 Half-Marathon CYP
Michael Elena 2444 10km Road Race CYP
Michael Marta 2445 10km Road Race CYP
Michael Nicoletta 2453 10km Road Race CYP
Michael Tasoulla 3194 5km Fun Run CYP
Michael Michalis 3529 5km Fun Run CYP
Michael Marianna 3530 5km Fun Run CYP
Michael Michalis 3594 5km Fun Run CYP
Michael Michalis 3595 5km Fun Run CYP
Michael Anthie 3596 5km Fun Run CYP
Michael Korina 3597 5km Fun Run CYP
Michael Evangelos 3598 5km Fun Run CYP
Michael Georgia 3655 5km Fun Run CYP
Michael Andreas 3680 5km Fun Run CYP
Michael Kypros 3742 5km Fun Run CYP
Michael Rania 3868 5km Fun Run CYP
Michael Andreas 94 Marathon CYP
Michael Charis 2140 10km Road Race CYP
Michael Demosthenous 2611 10km Road Race CYP
Michael Eraklis 2390 10km Road Race CYP
Michael Marta 2138 10km Road Race CYP
Michael Stelios 3894 5km Fun Run CYP
Michaelas Nicos 3734 5km Fun Run CYP
Michaelides Natasha 1650 Half-Marathon CYP
Michaelides Constantinos 1655 Half-Marathon CYP
Michaelides Thanos 2450 10km Road Race CYP
Michaelides Theo 2464 10km Road Race CYP
MIchaelides Michalis 3891 5km Fun Run CYP
Michaelides Sylvia 3906 5km Fun Run CYP
Michaelidou Marina 2463 10km Road Race CYP
Michaelidou Anna 3577 5km Fun Run CYP
Michele Rolandis 2036 10km Road Race CYP
Middleton Simon 27 Marathon GBR
Midgley Aimee 322 Marathon GBR
Mierniczak Bartłomiej 1043 Half-Marathon POL
Mihaila Ioan 2556 10km Road Race ROM
Mikellides Iacovos 396 Marathon CYP
Miles Basil 2401 10km Road Race GBR
Miliano Aoife 3037 5km Fun Run IRL
Milic Bojana 3549 5km Fun Run CYP
Miller Bekki 1286 Half-Marathon CYP
Miller Robin 252 Marathon GBR
Miller Ned 1130 Half-Marathon CYP
Milne Karen Angela 3565 5km Fun Run CYP
Miltiadou Kristia 3432 5km Fun Run CYP
Miltiadous Maria 3912 5km Fun Run CYP
Miltiadous Marios 3916 5km Fun Run CYP
Miltiadous Miltiades 3972 5km Fun Run CYP
Milwidsky Hadar 1055 Half-Marathon ISR
Mina Christos 3642 5km Fun Run CYP
Mina Theodora 3644 5km Fun Run CYP
Mina Katerina 3990 5km Fun Run CYP
MINA SAVVAS 3157 5km Fun Run CYP
Minarchenko Nataliia 1506 Half-Marathon UKR
minikkidis charis 3182 5km Fun Run CYP
Mircea Octavian 1474 Half-Marathon ROU
Mirchev Velimir 2025 10km Road Race BGR
Mishan Avivit 406 Marathon ISR
MISHAN OPHER 2172 10km Road Race ISR
MISHAN EDEN 3066 5km Fun Run ISR
MISHAN MAAYAN 2173 10km Road Race ISR
MISHAN TAL 3067 5km Fun Run ISR
Mitakos Dimitris 2355 10km Road Race CYP
Mitas Kyriakos 413 Marathon CYP
Mitchell David 22 Marathon GBR
Mitroi Radu 3548 5km Fun Run CYP
Mizrahi Moti 1500 Half-Marathon ISR
Moayedi Parvaneh 341 Marathon USA
Moeller Jan 3480 5km Fun Run CYP
Moens Jan 223 Marathon BEL
Moldenhauer Sophia 1252 Half-Marathon DEU
Molnár István 2241 10km Road Race HUN
Molnár Pál 1491 Half-Marathon CYP
Montier Andrew 145 Marathon GBR
Montier Collette 424 Marathon CYP
Moore John 1313 Half-Marathon CYP
Moore Natalie 2044 10km Road Race GBR
Moore Lee 1475 Half-Marathon GBR
Moraru Marilena 2446 10km Road Race CYP
Morozova Veronika 2193 10km Road Race RUS
Morris John 2423 10km Road Race GBR
Morrison Ron 2335 10km Road Race CYP
Morton Peter 3383 5km Fun Run CYP
Morton Debbie 3384 5km Fun Run CYP
Morton Jay 3392 5km Fun Run CYP
Moss Jane 2330 10km Road Race GBR
Motawe Murad 3822 5km Fun Run JOR
Motoi Diana 3475 5km Fun Run CYP
Moubarak Maria 3846 5km Fun Run LEB
Mouchli Vasiliki 3653 5km Fun Run CYP
Moullotou Konstantina 3664 5km Fun Run CYP
Mountford Anne-Marie 159 Marathon GBR
Mouskow Andreas 1703 Half-Marathon CYP
Mouzer Robert 1104 Half-Marathon GBR
Mouzer Sandra 2248 10km Road Race GBR
Mukhamedshin Oleg 2360 10km Road Race RUS
Mukhamedshina Irina 2359 10km Road Race CYP
Mullen Katie 1430 Half-Marathon GBR
Mundin Jaimie 2228 10km Road Race GBR
Munn James 1450 Half-Marathon GBR
Munro Hamish 215 Marathon GBR
Munro Lorraine 1226 Half-Marathon GBR
Muratov Sergei 2361 10km Road Race RUS
Murphy Trudy 3251 5km Fun Run GBR
MURTAGH JOHN 2146 10km Road Race GBR
Mylonas Haris 3107 5km Fun Run CYP
Mylonas George 3108 5km Fun Run CYP
Myrmidonis Emily 1658 Half-Marathon CYP
Mytides Marinos 3923 5km Fun Run CYP
NADAV SIGALIT 2269 10km Road Race ISR
Nagibin Igor 1343 Half-Marathon RUS
Nagy György 2365 10km Road Race CYP
Nakoski Michael 260 Marathon USA
Nammour Nammour 2398 10km Road Race CYP
Nance David 1448 Half-Marathon GBR
Nance Sharron 2159 10km Road Race GBR
Naomi Madeline Sue 3314 5km Fun Run CYP
Natalia Enns 1291 Half-Marathon RUS
Nathanael Soteris 2518 10km Road Race CYP
Nation Chris 1617 Half-Marathon GBR
Natiotis Tefkros 2312 10km Road Race CYP
Natoudis Kostas 1142 Half-Marathon CYP
Naumiuk-Santarek Joanna 2243 10km Road Race POL
Naziri Stella 1709 Half-Marathon CYP
Nedic Vlada 1385 Half-Marathon SRB
Neocleous Markella 3918 5km Fun Run CYP
NEOFYTOU ANDROS 1710 Half-Marathon CYP
Neofytou Panareti 3235 5km Fun Run CYP
Neofytou Androula 3236 5km Fun Run CYP
Neofytou Kleanthia 3237 5km Fun Run CYP
Neofytou Leonidas 3900 5km Fun Run CYP
Neophytou Panicos 2516 10km Road Race CYP
Neophytou-Savva Vasoulla 3418 5km Fun Run CYP
Nesterova Anna 2354 10km Road Race CYP
Nettelnstroth Martin 1124 Half-Marathon DEU
Neumerzhitskiy Vasiliy 17 Marathon IRL
Newman Alison 3311 5km Fun Run CYP
Newman Jason 14 Marathon GBR
Newman Alan 2394 10km Road Race GBR
Ngyen Tommy 3250 5km Fun Run CYP
Nicholas Simon 2098 10km Road Race GBR
Nicholson Angus 2337 10km Road Race GBR
Nicoiu Ovidiu 1722 Half-Marathon ROM
Nicola Nicos 3266 5km Fun Run CYP
Nicolaou Charalambos 1659 Half-Marathon CYP
Nicolaou NICOS 2481 10km Road Race CYP
Nicolaou Savvas 2502 10km Road Race CYP
Nicolaou Iacovos 2503 10km Road Race CYP
Nicolaou Skevi 3280 5km Fun Run CYP
Nicolaou Costas 3538 5km Fun Run CYP
Nicolaou Marios 3648 5km Fun Run CYP
Nicolaou Melina 3649 5km Fun Run CYP
Nicolaou Annie 3650 5km Fun Run CYP
Nicolaou Alkis 3651 5km Fun Run CYP
Nicolaou Amelie 3652 5km Fun Run CYP
Nicolaou Andreas 2091 10km Road Race CYP
Nicolaou Kypros 2075 10km Road Race CYP
Nieurzyla-Douthwaite Anne-Marie 1464 Half-Marathon CYP
NIJS BERT 230 Marathon BEL
Nikodemou George 3893 5km Fun Run CYP
Nikolaides Theodoros 1706 Half-Marathon CYP
Nikolaides Nikolas 1708 Half-Marathon CYP
Nikolaou Nikos 2519 10km Road Race CYP
Nikolaou Despina 3571 5km Fun Run CYP
Nikolaou Nikolas 3572 5km Fun Run CYP
Nikolaou Kyriacos 3573 5km Fun Run CYP
NIKOLENKO OLENA 2544 10km Road Race CYP
Nikou Eleftherios 3440 5km Fun Run CYP
Nikou Yvona 3449 5km Fun Run CYP
Nikulin Vladimir 1280 Half-Marathon RUS
Nikvashvili Zurab 1141 Half-Marathon GEO
Nimmo Kerrie 3102 5km Fun Run GBR
Nimmo Rita 3103 5km Fun Run GBR
Nittis Pampos 3356 5km Fun Run CYP
Nittis Petros 3357 5km Fun Run CYP
Nitu Alexandru 2577 10km Road Race ROM
Noble Mara 1532 Half-Marathon GBR
Nokkur Lembit 315 Marathon EST
Noot Gareth 20 Marathon GBR
Novoseltsev Boris 1398 Half-Marathon CYP
Novoseltseva Maria 285 Marathon CYP
O’Byrne David 2400 10km Road Race GBR
O’Donoghue Andrew 146 Marathon GBR
O’Dowd Karen 3255 5km Fun Run GBR
O’Grady Paul 2160 10km Road Race GBR
O’neal Gordon 3318 5km Fun Run CYP
O’Reilly Liam 3445 5km Fun Run CYP
Oaten Rebecca 1601 Half-Marathon GBR
Odgers Ian 255 Marathon GBR
Offer Victoria 3335 5km Fun Run CYP
Oganesyan Karolina 1294 Half-Marathon RUS
Ogilvie Fionna 1275 Half-Marathon GBR
Oidekivi Jane 1517 Half-Marathon EST
Oliver Tom 251 Marathon GBR
Ołtarzewska Karolina 1487 Half-Marathon POL
Omirou Suzzane 2443 10km Road Race CYP
Onisiforou Onisiforos 1701 Half-Marathon CYP
Onuoha Elizabeth 134 Marathon GBR
Orphanidou Emilia 2230 10km Road Race CYP
Orphanou Marios 2554 10km Road Race CYP
Ortlepp Arnold 1477 Half-Marathon CYP
Orton Ryan 1034 Half-Marathon GBR
Orzoł Michał 1127 Half-Marathon POL
Os Keshav 182 Marathon GBR
Osterhuber Alfred 1168 Half-Marathon DEU
Ostrovskiy Evgeny 2185 10km Road Race RUS
Otten Jacqueline 3025 5km Fun Run DEU
OTTO ZDZISLAWA 2432 10km Road Race POL
Otto Stefan 1265 Half-Marathon DEU
Otto Sonja-Gabriela 1403 Half-Marathon DEU
Owen David 3095 5km Fun Run GBR
Ozgou Ibrahim 2621 10km Road Race CYP
Ozyigit Ozgu 2018 10km Road Race CYP
P O N O M A R E V A T A T I A N A 1311 Half-Marathon RUS
Pace Jodi 2239 10km Road Race CYP
Pafiti Despina 3910 5km Fun Run CYP
Pafitis Effy 3738 5km Fun Run CYP
Page Samantha 2215 10km Road Race CYP
Pajdakovic Mladen 1318 Half-Marathon SRB
Pakvis Bert 332 Marathon NLD
Palantzis Polys 2497 10km Road Race CYP
PALATOU MARIA 3614 5km Fun Run CYP
Palmer Cara 149 Marathon GBR
Palmer Stephen 365 Half-Marathon GBR
Palmer Michael 1469 Half-Marathon GBR
Pampling Daniel 1057 Half-Marathon CYP
Panagides Panagiotis 2500 10km Road Race CYP
Panagiotou Efthymia 3793 5km Fun Run CYP
Panagiotou Annaline 2318 10km Road Race CYP
Panayides Stathis 2460 10km Road Race CYP
Panayides Yiannis 2480 10km Road Race CYP
Panayides Paris 3600 5km Fun Run CYP
Panchenko Serhii 31 Marathon UKR
Panchenko Oleksandr 1526 Half-Marathon UKR
Panteli Pantelis 1643 Half-Marathon CYP
Panton Anthony 1077 Half-Marathon GBR
PAPACHRISTODOULOU Stelios 3183 5km Fun Run CYP
Papachristoforou Loukas 3590 5km Fun Run CYP
Papachristoforou Anthoulis 3831 5km Fun Run CYP
Papadavid Dimos 2523 10km Road Race CYP
Papadavid George 2525 10km Road Race CYP
Papadopoullos Tony 2441 10km Road Race CYP
Papadopoulos Kypros 3842 5km Fun Run CYP
Papadopoulou Eftychia 3658 5km Fun Run CYP
Papadopoulou Irene 3659 5km Fun Run CYP
Papadopoulou Sofi 3843 5km Fun Run CYP
Papaeftihiou Christodoulos 1681 Half-Marathon CYP
Papaeftychiou Ioannis 3965 5km Fun Run CYP
papaeracleous charis 3703 5km Fun Run CYP
Papaeracleous Michael 3795 5km Fun Run CYP
Papageorgiou Tasos 3737 5km Fun Run CYP
Papaiacovou Iacovos 3815 5km Fun Run CYP
Papaiacovou Stefanos 3817 5km Fun Run CYP
Papaiacovou Constantinos 3818 5km Fun Run CYP
PAPAKOSTAS NIKOS 2513 10km Road Race CYP
Papakyriakou Thalis 2492 10km Road Race CYP
Papalazarou Sotiroula 3986 5km Fun Run CYP
Papantoniou Michalis 3767 5km Fun Run CYP
Papantoniou Natalia 3768 5km Fun Run CYP
Papantoniou Anna 3988 5km Fun Run CYP
Papantoniou Zorpa Sophia 2529 10km Road Race CYP
Papapetrou Petros 1642 Half-Marathon CYP
Papasavvas Dimitris 1700 Half-Marathon CYP
Paphiti Despina 2535 10km Road Race CYP
Papoutsa Nikoletta 3983 5km Fun Run CYP
Paraskeva Andrew 2067 10km Road Race GBR
Paraskevas Vassos 1234 Half-Marathon CYP
Parisis Alexandros 381 Marathon GRC
Parker Carly 3501 5km Fun Run CYP
Parker Jody 3502 5km Fun Run CYP
Parker Danny 3503 5km Fun Run CYP
Parker Ellie 3504 5km Fun Run CYP
Parker Lynsey 1353 Half-Marathon GBR
Parker Paul 173 Marathon CYP
Parker Steve 69 Marathon GBR
Parkes Simon 1442 Half-Marathon CYP
Parkes David 1354 Half-Marathon GBR
Parpas Andreas 1668 Half-Marathon CYP
Parpas Panayiotis 3647 5km Fun Run CYP
Parsley Korrie 3245 5km Fun Run CYP
Partridge Diana 242 Marathon USA
Pasek PAULA 283 Marathon POL
Pasek Jan 1393 Half-Marathon POL
Pastelli Eleni 3646 5km Fun Run CYP
Pastrikos George 3892 5km Fun Run CYP
Pasture Kay 1612 Half-Marathon GBR
Patera Natalie 3671 5km Fun Run CYP
Pateras Nicholas 3670 5km Fun Run CYP
Patmanidi Jenny 2486 10km Road Race GRC
Patrick Chris 2052 10km Road Race CYP
Patterson Susie 1209 Half-Marathon CYP
Pattihis Savvas 1683 Half-Marathon CYP
Patyk Joanna 323 Marathon POL
Pavković Dejan 220 Marathon HRV
PAVLIDES ADONIS 2343 10km Road Race CYP
Pavlou Georgia 3682 5km Fun Run CYP
Pavlou Christos 3690 5km Fun Run CYP
PAVLOU PAVLOS 2076 10km Road Race CYP
PAWLICKI LUKASZ 1633 Half-Marathon POL
PEAD MARK 1207 Half-Marathon CYP
Pearce Paula 1624 Half-Marathon GBR
Pearl Hila 2351 10km Road Race ISR
Pearl Dror 3126 5km Fun Run ISR
Pearl Shira 3127 5km Fun Run ISR
Pearl Amit 3128 5km Fun Run ISR
Pears Bryan 67 Marathon GBR
Pearson Julie 2273 10km Road Race GBR
Peatling Frank 3164 5km Fun Run CYP
Peet Chris 3489 5km Fun Run CYP
Pelekanos Chrysilios 3995 5km Fun Run CYP
Pelides Margarita 2490 10km Road Race CYP
Peng Christine 1458 Half-Marathon GBR
Penn Claire 291 Marathon CYP
Penton-Voak Tim 313 Marathon GBR
Perdikou Vania 3721 5km Fun Run CYP
Pericleous George 2476 10km Road Race CYP
Pericleous Theofano 3185 5km Fun Run CYP
Pericleous Stala 3757 5km Fun Run CYP
Perikleous Salomi 3213 5km Fun Run CYP
Perikleous Michael 3247 5km Fun Run CYP
Perivolari Despoina 2456 10km Road Race CYP
Perkins Tim 1610 Half-Marathon GBR
Perret du Cray Renaud 257 Marathon FRA
Perry Jessica 2152 10km Road Race GBR
Persson Mikael 1417 Half-Marathon SWE
Petousis Nikolas 1670 Half-Marathon CYP
Petri Panagiotis 3263 5km Fun Run CYP
Petric Traian 1723 Half-Marathon ROM
Petrou Petros 2489 10km Road Race CYP
petrou KYriakos 3186 5km Fun Run CYP
Petrou Stefanos 3746 5km Fun Run CYP
Petrou Andreas 3899 5km Fun Run CYP
Petrova Elena 3358 5km Fun Run CYP
Petrova Yelena 1534 Half-Marathon CYP
Petsas Stavros 1640 Half-Marathon CYP
Petsas Christos 1641 Half-Marathon CYP
Pettigrew Robert 2070 10km Road Race GBR
Pettit Darren 1614 Half-Marathon GBR
Pettit Leanne 2415 10km Road Race GBR
Pettit Kayleigh 1287 Half-Marathon CYP
Pfundheller Mathias 2060 10km Road Race DEU
Pham Hong 2226 10km Road Race GBR
Philippou Panayiotis 2474 10km Road Race CYP
Philippou Panayiotis 3713 5km Fun Run CYP
Philippou Cathy 3958 5km Fun Run CYP
Philippou Andy 196 Marathon GBR
Philippou Linda 197 Marathon GBR
PHILLIPS Andrew 1282 Half-Marathon GBR
Pidia Isavella 3056 5km Fun Run CYP
Pidia Andria 3134 5km Fun Run CYP
Pidias Marios 3135 5km Fun Run CYP
Pieri Christodoulos 3268 5km Fun Run CYP
Pietruszczak Agnieszka 62 Marathon POL
Pigg Andy 1108 Half-Marathon GBR
Pigg Lisa 2207 10km Road Race GBR
Pilipenko Dmytro 1169 Half-Marathon UKR
Pinder Kim 2210 10km Road Race CYP
Pinder Kevin 2211 10km Road Race CYP
Pink Nicholas 54 Marathon GBR
PINOS ANDREAS 3782 5km Fun Run CYP
Pistentis George 3897 5km Fun Run CYP
Pitirimov Nikolai 1135 Half-Marathon RUS
Pitzioli Fotini 3732 5km Fun Run CYP
pnini Cohen Smadar 3059 5km Fun Run ISR
Poerschke Christine 2099 10km Road Race DEU
Poet Walter 3316 5km Fun Run CYP
Poliakova Alexandra 3010 5km Fun Run CYP
Poliudova Yelizaveta 1511 Half-Marathon UKR
Pollard Bill 3518 5km Fun Run CYP
Polyviou Panayiotis 3545 5km Fun Run CYP
Polyviou Cleo 2090 10km Road Race CYP
Pompouris Panikos 3373 5km Fun Run CYP
Poole Ruth 1465 Half-Marathon CYP
Popatlal Laxmidas Anand 1242 Half-Marathon CYP
Porter Julie 1202 Half-Marathon GBR
Posthumus Anthony 1283 Half-Marathon ZAF
Posthumus Adrienne 1284 Half-Marathon ZAF
Potamitou Alexia 3151 5km Fun Run CYP
Power Diana 2266 10km Road Race GBR
Poyiadji Cleopatra 3097 5km Fun Run CYP
Poyiatzi Christos 2041 10km Road Race CYP
Prause Christel 279 Marathon DEU
Preston Susan 2622 10km Road Race GBR
Price Chris 88 Marathon GBR
Price Richard 1052 Half-Marathon GBR
Price Brian 2191 10km Road Race GBR
Price Jane 2626 10km Road Race GBR
Prodromou Anastasios 3265 5km Fun Run CYP
Prokashev Yury 1239 Half-Marathon RUS
Prokopiou Elena 3180 5km Fun Run CYP
Prokopiou Polis 3934 5km Fun Run CYP
Prokopou Aris 3933 5km Fun Run CYP
Protopapa Aris 2567 10km Road Race CYP
Protopapa Maria 3969 5km Fun Run CYP
Pruhs Andrew 135 Marathon GBR
PRYCZAK TOMASZ 1639 Half-Marathon POL
Putalov Gleb 1220 Half-Marathon RUS
Radcliffe Nigel 1645 Half-Marathon CYP
Rafferty David 48 Marathon GBR
Rafferty Karen 3085 5km Fun Run GBR
Range Samantha 3397 5km Fun Run CYP
Rasmussen Jette 326 Marathon DNK
Ratkiewicz Miroslaw 2170 10km Road Race POL
Rees Sarah 1246 Half-Marathon GBR
Reeves Alan 1455 Half-Marathon CYP
Reeves Christine 3120 5km Fun Run CYP
Reid Patrick 2059 10km Road Race GBR
Reid Doug 1515 Half-Marathon CYP
Reilly Claire 115 Marathon GBR
Rendall Ian 2125 10km Road Race GBR
RENDLE Antoinette 1423 Half-Marathon GBR
Rhind Ali 3364 5km Fun Run CYP
Richards Piers 3423 5km Fun Run CYP
Richards Claire 3427 5km Fun Run CYP
Richards Grace 3477 5km Fun Run CYP
Richards David 2392 10km Road Race CYP
Richards Jasmine 3154 5km Fun Run CYP
Richardson Celia 1337 Half-Marathon CYP
Richter Bernhard 3050 5km Fun Run DEU
Rickaby John 3520 5km Fun Run CYP
Rickus Michael 1027 Half-Marathon GBR
Rickus Anne 2126 10km Road Race GBR
Riley Kassondra 2306 10km Road Race QAT
Rimikis George 3770 5km Fun Run GRC
Rimikis Michail 3771 5km Fun Run GRC
Rimmer Andy 1099 Half-Marathon GBR
Rinkes Claire 329 Marathon CYP
Rinkes John 2096 10km Road Race CYP
Roach Rebecca 2178 10km Road Race GBR
Roberts Paula 3337 5km Fun Run CYP
Roberts Chris 3338 5km Fun Run CYP
Roberts Lucy Lou 3450 5km Fun Run CYP
Roberts Richard 112 Marathon CYP
Roberts Duane 63 Marathon GBR
Roberts Joe 1375 Half-Marathon GBR
Robinson Robbie 2051 10km Road Race CYP
Robinson Craig 3148 5km Fun Run GBR
Robinson Janet 2295 10km Road Race CYP
Robinson Emma 3073 5km Fun Run CYP
Rock Alison 302 Marathon GRC
Rodriguez-Giraldez Maria 1447 Half-Marathon GBR
Roebroeck Nico 123 Marathon CYP
Rogers David 1216 Half-Marathon GBR
Rogers David 1214 Half-Marathon GBR
Rogers Simon 39 Marathon CYP
Roggeman Sylvie 226 Marathon BEL
Roggeman Katrin 227 Marathon BEL
Roiz de Sa Julia 375 Marathon GBR
Rokomas Efstratios 307 Marathon GBR
Rolfe Vanessa 1628 Half-Marathon GBR
Rompoti Elpida 1631 Half-Marathon GRC
Rosa Brian 1054 Half-Marathon USA
Rose Sheila 3516 5km Fun Run CYP
Rose Ron 3517 5km Fun Run CYP
Rose Nicola 2232 10km Road Race GBR
Ross Phil 59 Marathon GBR
Ross Jennifer 1163 Half-Marathon GBR
Rouse Jude 3252 5km Fun Run GBR
Rouse Ayshen 2218 10km Road Race CYP
Rouse Ayshen 1419 Half-Marathon GBR
Rousi Antonia 3557 5km Fun Run CYP
Rousi Despina 3560 5km Fun Run CYP
Rousis Pavlos 3558 5km Fun Run CYP
Rousis Chrysostomos 3559 5km Fun Run CYP
Rousos Iacovos 2531 10km Road Race CYP
Rousos Costas 2559 10km Road Race CYP
Rowe Denise 1608 Half-Marathon GBR
Roylance Samantha 2412 10km Road Race GBR
Royle Christopher 1097 Half-Marathon CYP
Rudkin Gavin 1268 Half-Marathon CYP
Rumyantceva Polina 2346 10km Road Race RUS
Coleman Stephen 1024 Half-Marathon GBR
Rushworth Jackie 2344 10km Road Race CYP
Rust Jim 2040 10km Road Race GBR
Ryan Damian 184 Marathon CYP
Säälik Tiina 274 Marathon EST
Sadowska Ewa 2200 10km Road Race POL
Sadowski Grzegorz 2030 10km Road Race POL
Sajkas Andrija 1317 Half-Marathon SRB
Salamon Mark 2635 10km Road Race CYP
SALIDOU MARIA 3115 5km Fun Run CYP
Salmon Lisa 2176 10km Road Race CYP
Salsi Bradley 1523 Half-Marathon GBR
Samuelsson Stig 276 Marathon SWE
Sanders David 3492 5km Fun Run CYP
Sanderson James 1512 Half-Marathon CYP
Sandev Georgi 2349 10km Road Race CYP
Sándor Róbert 3144 5km Fun Run CYP
Sands Elliot 2097 10km Road Race GBR
Santarek Wojciech 147 Marathon POL
Sarukhanova Elena 2640 10km Road Race CYP
Satiraglou Egemen 3926 5km Fun Run TUR
Savage Judith 3281 5km Fun Run CYP
Savage Harry 3282 5km Fun Run CYP
Savin Tom 1103 Half-Marathon CYP
Savory Stephen 53 Marathon GBR
Savory Daniel 1336 Half-Marathon GBR
Savva Iacovos 1664 Half-Marathon CYP
Savva Antonia 3257 5km Fun Run CYP
Savva Paris 3814 5km Fun Run CYP
Savvides Marinos 3720 5km Fun Run CYP
Savvides George 3722 5km Fun Run CYP
Savvides Savvas 3896 5km Fun Run CYP
Savvidou Nagia 3917 5km Fun Run CYP
Savvidou Katerina 3106 5km Fun Run CYP
Sawyer Kerryanne 373 Marathon GBR
SCHOT CAROLINE 2190 10km Road Race BEL
Schothorst Amber 2179 10km Road Race GBR
Schubert Mareilla 1297 Half-Marathon DEU
Schuett Silke 133 Marathon DEU
Scott Jonathan 1378 Half-Marathon GBR
Scott Glenn 352 Marathon CYP
Sears David 2149 10km Road Race GBR
Sears Janet 2255 10km Road Race GBR
Sekewael Saar 2093 10km Road Race NLD
Sellwood Elizabeth 1468 Half-Marathon CYP
Semelidou Maria 3811 5km Fun Run CYP
Senik Daniil 2137 10km Road Race RUS
Sergiou Elias 1685 Half-Marathon CYP
Sergiou Marios 3242 5km Fun Run CYP
Seror Elliot 75 Marathon FRA
Shahal Yael 1366 Half-Marathon ISR
Sharman Rose 3297 5km Fun Run CYP
Shattaoula Panos 2118 10km Road Race CYP
Shavit Leora 2136 10km Road Race ISR
Shavit Ofer 3096 5km Fun Run ISR
Shaw Helen 3026 5km Fun Run GBR
Shell Lynn 3341 5km Fun Run CYP
SHEPHERD-EVANS Louise 1309 Half-Marathon QAT
Sheppard Liz 2419 10km Road Race GBR
Sheppard Judy 2421 10km Road Race GBR
Sheridan Louise 153 Marathon IRL
Sheridan Darren 30 Marathon IRL
Shershun Olga 3219 5km Fun Run CYP
Shiati Evelina 3707 5km Fun Run CYP
Shiatis Andreas 3705 5km Fun Run CYP
Shockey Laramie 2115 10km Road Race CAN
Shuttlewood Jennifer 2229 10km Road Race GBR
Sienkiewicz Czeslaw 26 Marathon POL
SIERADZKA Monika 334 Marathon CYP
Sikorskyi Oleksii 2013 10km Road Race UKR
Silanteva Inessa 2257 10km Road Race RUS
Simeonova Daniela 3011 5km Fun Run BGR
Simillides Marinos 2619 10km Road Race CYP
Simister Lucy 3041 5km Fun Run CYP
Simonis Sophia 3685 5km Fun Run CYP
Simonos Simon 402 Marathon CYP
Simpson Arron 188 Marathon GBR
Sims Richard 1038 Half-Marathon GBR
Sinclair John 1189 Half-Marathon GBR
SINKAI Roland 1341 Half-Marathon HUN
Sipple Daile 2062 10km Road Race CYP
Sirants Mareks 1044 Half-Marathon LVA
Sisk Lee 1459 Half-Marathon GBR
Sisk Phillippa 2288 10km Road Race GBR
Sisoviti Xristina 2533 10km Road Race CYP
Skarpathiotakis Stelios 3729 5km Fun Run CYP
Skarpathiotakis Manolis 3730 5km Fun Run CYP
Skidmore Thomas 3476 5km Fun Run CYP
Skordis Andreas 2509 10km Road Race CYP
Skoullos Antonis 3930 5km Fun Run CYP
Skoullou Mary 3931 5km Fun Run CYP
Slaven Billy 1443 Half-Marathon GBR
Slaymaker Mari 1463 Half-Marathon GBR
Smith Dale 3385 5km Fun Run CYP
Smith Josie 3386 5km Fun Run CYP
Smith Izabella 3387 5km Fun Run CYP
Smith Dikla 3406 5km Fun Run CYP
Smith Tom 3407 5km Fun Run CYP
Smith Liam 3408 5km Fun Run CYP
Smith Ryan 3409 5km Fun Run CYP
Smith Ary 3410 5km Fun Run CYP
Smith Norman 2081 10km Road Race GBR
Smith Robert 1478 Half-Marathon USA
Smith Ian 2020 10km Road Race GBR
Smith Deborah Jane 2353 10km Road Race CYP
Smith Julia 3047 5km Fun Run GBR
Smithers David 8 Marathon GBR
Snell Claerwen 2077 10km Road Race GBR
Socratous Marios 3780 5km Fun Run CYP
Sofokleous Theodoros 1728 Half-Marathon CYP
Sokratous Sokratis 2436 10km Road Race CYP
Solomou Mahi 1692 Half-Marathon CYP
Solomou Lefteris 3777 5km Fun Run CYP
Sorokin Sergey 1498 Half-Marathon RUS
Sorondo Salazar Dennis 1502 Half-Marathon ESP
Soteraki Frixos 2167 10km Road Race CYP
Soteriou Neofytos 390 Marathon CYP
Soteriou Martha 1649 Half-Marathon CYP
Soteriou Maria 1729 Half-Marathon CYP
Souglidou Sofia 3645 5km Fun Run CYP
Soukeras Soteris 3968 5km Fun Run CYP
Souleiman Tillawi Ahmad 199 Marathon LBN
Sozou Ronica 3669 5km Fun Run CYP
Spackova Alica 2183 10km Road Race SVK
Spanoudis George 1734 Half-Marathon CYP
Sparrow Rob 1613 Half-Marathon GBR
Spencer Julie 1391 Half-Marathon GBR
Spencer David 1392 Half-Marathon GBR
Spiers Michael 3391 5km Fun Run CYP
Spirina Maria 3233 5km Fun Run CYP
Spyrides Neophytos 1704 Half-Marathon CYP
Spyrou Spyros 2428 10km Road Race CYP
Spyrou George 3349 5km Fun Run CYP
Spyrou Pigasios 3568 5km Fun Run CYP
Spyrou Maria 3940 5km Fun Run CYP
Spyrou Pericles 2106 10km Road Race CYP
Spyrou Pericles 2111 10km Road Race CYP
Spyrou Marios 3156 5km Fun Run CYP
Squirrell Chris 3296 5km Fun Run CYP
Stamatakis Antonis 2066 10km Road Race CYP
Standall Paul 1035 Half-Marathon GBR
State Alexandra 171 Marathon ROU
State Alexandra 1495 Half-Marathon ROU
State DRAGOS 1494 Half-Marathon ROU
State Dragos 172 Marathon ROU
Stathis Dimitris 384 Marathon GRC
Staudenmeir Robert 1270 Half-Marathon DEU
Staune Sergey 90 Marathon RUS
Staune Kirils 2340 10km Road Race GBR
Stavrides Dinos 1302 Half-Marathon CYP
Stavrinou Loucas 2573 10km Road Race CYP
Stavrinou Marilena 3663 5km Fun Run CYP
Stavrou Giorgos 1689 Half-Marathon CYP
stavrou Christos 3195 5km Fun Run CYP
Stavrou Angela 3369 5km Fun Run CYP
Stavrou Andreas 244 Marathon CYP
Steadman Suzanne 1452 Half-Marathon CYP
Steck Guido 51 Marathon DEU
Steel David 3092 5km Fun Run GBR
Steele-Smith Joshua 1066 Half-Marathon BMU
Stent Patty 3303 5km Fun Run CYP
Stenton Donna 1446 Half-Marathon CYP
Steptoe Adele 1609 Half-Marathon GBR
STEVEN GORDON 1253 Half-Marathon GBR
Stewart Alex 345 Marathon GBR
Stibor Miroslav 319 Marathon CZE
Stiborova Edita 278 Marathon GBR
Stokes Linda 2038 10km Road Race CYP
Stolberg Ruslan 1069 Half-Marathon UKR
Stone Karen 2416 10km Road Race GBR
Stone David 1236 Half-Marathon GBR
Storey Gemma 2236 10km Road Race CYP
Strachan Colin 1151 Half-Marathon CYP
Street Dani 1271 Half-Marathon NZL
Strong Trevor 2057 10km Road Race GBR
Strydom Thecla 2303 10km Road Race CYP
Strzelecki Leslaw 272 Marathon POL
Studley James 1121 Half-Marathon CYP
Stuetzenberger Eva 371 Marathon GBR
Stuhlpfarrer Wernfried 3313 5km Fun Run CYP
Styles John 1626 Half-Marathon GBR
Stylianides Savvas 1669 Half-Marathon CYP
Stylianides Constantinos 3627 5km Fun Run CYP
Stylianou Marios 394 Marathon CYP
Stylianou Stelios 2504 10km Road Race CYP
Stylianou Sotia 3177 5km Fun Run CYP
Stylianou Petros 3370 5km Fun Run CYP
Stylianou Stella 3526 5km Fun Run CYP
Stylianou Irene 3967 5km Fun Run CYP
Stylianou Lazaros 2603 10km Road Race CYP
Stylianou Stelios 2606 10km Road Race CYP
Suchenia Daniel 1206 Half-Marathon POL
Sugawara Masako 336 Marathon JPN
Sukkrakarn Aurachat 1329 Half-Marathon THA
Sullivan Dieter 376 Marathon GBR
Sullivan Melanie 425 Marathon CYP
Summerville Karen 369 Marathon GBR
Surve Prasad 2251 10km Road Race CYP
Sutherland Janet 1190 Half-Marathon CYP
SVERDLOV DMITRY 2259 10km Road Race RUS
Svetnoy Vitaliy 2045 10km Road Race RUS
Sviridova Tatiana 70 Marathon RUS
Sviryakina Tatiana 1694 Half-Marathon CYP
Svoboda Pavel 1229 Half-Marathon CZE
Svobodová Žaneta 1356 Half-Marathon CZE
Swankie-Smith Jeanette 3287 5km Fun Run CYP
Swankie-Smith Andy 3288 5km Fun Run CYP
Swift Simone 3346 5km Fun Run CYP
Swift Kathryn 3350 5km Fun Run CYP
Sykes-Crookell Angela 3132 5km Fun Run GBR
SYROU S P 3074 5km Fun Run CYP
Syrykh Vladyslav 82 Marathon UKR
SZABO Jozsef 1047 Half-Marathon HUN
Szerencsés Szabolcs 2188 10km Road Race HUN
Szijj Tunde 1372 Half-Marathon HUN
Szymaniak Michał 1029 Half-Marathon POL
T I K H O V N I K O L A Y 1032 Half-Marathon RUS
Tadir Ali 3859 5km Fun Run TUR
Tahan Dalia 3174 5km Fun Run CYP
Tallack Claire 1623 Half-Marathon GBR
Tamrakar Kishan 233 Marathon GBR
Tanczos Emilia 1359 Half-Marathon HUN
Tappenden Charlie 3473 5km Fun Run CYP
Taradin Vasilii 1410 Half-Marathon RUS
Taramides Agis 2452 10km Road Race CYP
Tarkouch Simge 1367 Half-Marathon CYP
Tarkouch Simge 1349 Half-Marathon CYP
Tarmurean Florin 3883 5km Fun Run ROM
Tavros Andreas 3203 5km Fun Run CYP
Tavros Elena 3234 5km Fun Run CYP
Tavros Marilia 3249 5km Fun Run CYP
Tavrou Dora 3244 5km Fun Run CYP
Taylor Julia 1627 Half-Marathon GBR
Taylor Peter 2182 10km Road Race CYP
Taylor Sandra 3168 5km Fun Run CYP
Taylor Hargett Taylor 3470 5km Fun Run CYP
Telschow Stefan 1251 Half-Marathon DEU
Terescsikova Lenka 2102 10km Road Race SVK
TEZAS NIKOLAOS 1300 Half-Marathon CYP
Thakur Omkar 3873 5km Fun Run UAE
Thapa Chandani 2302 10km Road Race GBR
Themistocleous Demetris 2471 10km Road Race CYP
Themistocleous Chrystalla 3537 5km Fun Run CYP
Themistokleous Andreas 2498 10km Road Race CYP
Theocharidou Despina 3804 5km Fun Run CYP
Theocharous Markos 3352 5km Fun Run CYP
Theodorou Sotiris 1702 Half-Marathon CYP
Theodorou Margarita 1705 Half-Marathon CYP
Theodorou Andrea 1727 Half-Marathon CYP
Theodorou Melina 3785 5km Fun Run CYP
Theodosiou Michalis 3709 5km Fun Run CYP
Theodosiou Andreas 2373 10km Road Race CYP
Theodotou Andreas 2613 10km Road Race CYP
Theopemptou Andreas 3840 5km Fun Run CYP
Theophanous Marios 1211 Half-Marathon CYP
Thiele Joachim 165 Marathon DEU
THOMA COSTAS 3755 5km Fun Run CYP
Thomas John 2049 10km Road Race GBR
Thomassen Johnny 1396 Half-Marathon NOR
Thompson Carl 282 Marathon CYP
Thompson Claire 2208 10km Road Race GBR
Thompson John 1245 Half-Marathon GBR
Thompson Mick 2213 10km Road Race CYP
Thornby David 1048 Half-Marathon GBR
Thornton Angela 2122 10km Road Race GBR
Thrasyvoulou Agathoklis 2574 10km Road Race CYP
Tikhonova Anastasyia 3232 5km Fun Run CYP
Tikhonova Kristina 1238 Half-Marathon RUS
Tilbrook Pam 3302 5km Fun Run CYP
Tilemachou Iasonas 3975 5km Fun Run CYP
Timms Paul 3395 5km Fun Run CYP
Tinchurin Sergey 2037 10km Road Race RUS
Tochnitis Michalis 2252 10km Road Race CYP
Tolnai Esther 2447 10km Road Race CYP
Tomis Demetriou 3196 5km Fun Run CYP
TOMLINSON LINDA 2238 10km Road Race CYP
Toms Simon 1045 Half-Marathon GBR
Toneva Doroteya 2566 10km Road Race CYP
Toneva Didi 3555 5km Fun Run CYP
Tong Zhang James 3199 5km Fun Run CYP
Tonks John 2089 10km Road Race GBR
Tonks Catherine 1387 Half-Marathon GBR
Toombs Marcus 2088 10km Road Race GBR
Torok Arpad 1133 Half-Marathon HUN
Torun Turkan 2620 10km Road Race CYP
Towner Marc 361 Marathon CYP
Townsend Robert 1616 Half-Marathon GBR
Townsend Robert A/ 2408 10km Road Race GBR
Traub Uwe 83 Marathon DEU
Trawińska-Jakubiak Katarzyna 265 Marathon POL
Treu Manuela 2068 10km Road Race DEU
Trifillis Thomas 3546 5km Fun Run CYP
Tronjeck Matthias 2035 10km Road Race DEU
Trotta Julieta 1344 Half-Marathon GBR
Trotter Marybeth 3308 5km Fun Run CYP
Trunova Olga 221 Marathon RUS
Tryfonos Evangelos 3583 5km Fun Run CYP
Tsampoutsi Panagiota 3984 5km Fun Run CYP
Tsangari Athina 3533 5km Fun Run CYP
Tsaousis Giannakis 2517 10km Road Race CYP
Tsappi Marianna 3179 5km Fun Run CYP
Tsatsou Anastasia 3665 5km Fun Run CYP
Tselepos Leandros 3187 5km Fun Run CYP
Tselepos Leondios 3890 5km Fun Run CYP
Tselepou Niki 3924 5km Fun Run CYP
Tsiakkas Orestis 3686 5km Fun Run CYP
Tsianti Athina 3943 5km Fun Run CYP
Tsiartas Harrys 2461 10km Road Race CYP
Tsiartas Stelios 3865 5km Fun Run CYP
Tsiefte Kazakeou anna 2506 10km Road Race CYP
Tsitsekkos Yiannakis 3040 5km Fun Run CYP
Tsitsekkos Yiannakis 3153 5km Fun Run CYP
Tsouloupas Costas 2181 10km Road Race CYP
Tu Michelle 2147 10km Road Race AUS
Tucker Katie 1068 Half-Marathon GBR
Tudge Dave 3404 5km Fun Run CYP
Tudge Jackie 3405 5km Fun Run CYP
Tull Mary 3343 5km Fun Run CYP
Tullett Russell 103 Marathon GBR
Tullett Kirstie 2289 10km Road Race GBR
Tullett Daniel 2153 10km Road Race GBR
Turner Alex 1496 Half-Marathon CYP
Turner Angela 3137 5km Fun Run CYP
Turtle Steve 2414 10km Road Race GBR
Twigger Brian 3306 5km Fun Run CYP
Twomey Joseph 1020 Half-Marathon GBR
Tzeneralis Petros 1520 Half-Marathon GRC
Tziapoura Popi 2455 10km Road Race CYP
Tziongouros Sofoklis 2470 10km Road Race CYP
Uhlir Dalibor 213 Marathon CZE
Ulatowski Tim 1076 Half-Marathon GBR
Upfield Susan 1006 Half-Marathon GBR
Valanidou Lilian 3584 5km Fun Run CYP
Valentine-Gibson Claire 1262 Half-Marathon GBR
Valk Kairit 177 Marathon EST
Van Ackeren Molly 3437 5km Fun Run CYP
VAN AELST OLIVIER 1136 Half-Marathon BEL
Van Robays Diederik 122 Marathon BEL
van Taak Marian 3130 5km Fun Run CYP
Van-ackeren Katie 2371 10km Road Race CYP
Vandeville Patrick 96 Marathon FRA
Vanhoorne Rita 1164 Half-Marathon NLD
VANIYA DIPIN 3875 5km Fun Run UAE
Vanschoenbeek Bart 124 Marathon BEL
Varda Christiana 3710 5km Fun Run CYP
VARER VARGIN 1183 Half-Marathon CYP
Varlagkas Nikolas 1304 Half-Marathon CYP
Varnava Lexie 3505 5km Fun Run CYP
Varnava Lennien 3506 5km Fun Run CYP
Varnava Chrystalla 3786 5km Fun Run CYP
Varnavide Margarita 2473 10km Road Race CYP
Vasileas Yiannos 3260 5km Fun Run CYP
Vasiliou Marios 3569 5km Fun Run CYP
Vasluian Victor 79 Marathon ROU
Vassiliou Vassilis 3632 5km Fun Run CYP
Vassiliou Christiana 3633 5km Fun Run CYP
Vassiliou Constantinos 3634 5km Fun Run CYP
Vassiliou Sofia 3635 5km Fun Run CYP
Vedovato Giovanni 3937 5km Fun Run Italy
Velican Razvan 3888 5km Fun Run ROM
Vellacott Barbara 3482 5km Fun Run CYP
Veloudi Yiota 2132 10km Road Race CYP
Veloudis Panagiotis 2131 10km Road Race CYP
Venizelos Demetris 3032 5km Fun Run CYP
Venkata Hima 317 Marathon CYP
Verba János 2366 10km Road Race CYP
Verbitski Yuri 1524 Half-Marathon BLR
Verbout Stephanie 2189 10km Road Race CYP
Verbout Jeremy 2085 10km Road Race CYP
Vereha Simona 3661 5km Fun Run CYP
Veris Silvia 262 Marathon BEL
Veynov Dmitriy 140 Marathon RUS
Viarbitskaya Alesia 2632 10km Road Race BLR
Victor Karasev 1113 Half-Marathon RUS
Victoria Victoria 3284 5km Fun Run CYP
Vilanidou Xenia 2459 10km Road Race CYP
Vinall Angela 1215 Half-Marathon GBR
Vine Raymond 2216 10km Road Race GBR
Vine Peter 1324 Half-Marathon GBR
Violari Christina 3608 5km Fun Run CYP
Vishnevskiy Alexander 1123 Half-Marathon RUS
VLACHOS MARIOS 1713 Half-Marathon CYP
Vlad Valentin 3876 5km Fun Run ROM
Vladimir SADIKOV 1266 Half-Marathon CYP
Vlahopoulos Ioannis 1277 Half-Marathon GRC
Vlasenko Vitalik 3403 5km Fun Run CYP
Voinea Cristian 3889 5km Fun Run ROM
Volf Karel 192 Marathon CZE
Volz-Steck Gudi 2119 10km Road Race DEU
Voriopoulos Giannis 3758 5km Fun Run CYP
Voutinopoulou Georgia 2469 10km Road Race CYP
Vrahimi Melissa 3003 5km Fun Run CYP
Vrountos Christoforos 2515 10km Road Race CYP
Vu Quang Hung 3472 5km Fun Run CYP
Vyskocilova Lenka 2156 10km Road Race CZE
Wachters Lieselot 2063 10km Road Race GBR
Wade Danny 1503 Half-Marathon GBR
Wadsworth Trevor 2186 10km Road Race CYP
Wainwright Jamie 3033 5km Fun Run CYP
Wainwright Jill 3054 5km Fun Run CYP
Wainwright Lily 3034 5km Fun Run CYP
Wainwright Molly 3055 5km Fun Run CYP
Wakefield Michael John 1604 Half-Marathon GBR
Wakefield Mary 2402 10km Road Race GBR
Walczewski Michal 129 Marathon POL
Walerych John 2121 10km Road Race GBR
Wales Stella 3328 5km Fun Run CYP
Wales Bob 3329 5km Fun Run CYP
Walker Steve 1030 Half-Marathon GBR
Walker Andrew 2144 10km Road Race GBR
Wallace Keith 3488 5km Fun Run CYP
Walter Ulrich 303 Marathon DEU
Walter Ulrike 3084 5km Fun Run DEU
Walton Ruth 3507 5km Fun Run CYP
Walton Gillian 2347 10km Road Race CYP
Waniewski Mike 89 Marathon POL
Ward Denise 2319 10km Road Race CYP
Ward Imogen 3167 5km Fun Run CYP
Ward Phil 2320 10km Road Race CYP
Wardzinska Urszula 2283 10km Road Race POL
Wareing Michael 3374 5km Fun Run CYP
Wareing Marlene 3375 5km Fun Run CYP
Waring Gemma 2339 10km Road Race CYP
Warren Eileen 3323 5km Fun Run CYP
Warren Ross 11 Marathon GBR
Warton-Woods Ian 1033 Half-Marathon GBR
Wasiak Miłosława 1070 Half-Marathon POL
Watkins Lisa 164 Marathon QAT
Watson Charlie 1003 Half-Marathon GBR
Watson Liz 3381 5km Fun Run CYP
Watson Ken 3382 5km Fun Run CYP
Watson Joanne 2133 10km Road Race GBR
WATSON LISA 1084 Half-Marathon GBR
Weedon Fiona 2203 10km Road Race CYP
Wegrzyk Aleksandra 3057 5km Fun Run POL
Węgrzyk Grzegorz 21 Marathon POL
Weisener Elke 331 Marathon DEU
Weisener Elke 297 Marathon DEU
Weissmueller Peter 2109 10km Road Race AUT
Wellden Melanie 3425 5km Fun Run CYP
Wellings Julia 246 Marathon GBR
Wells Laura 3421 5km Fun Run CYP
Wells Ian 3422 5km Fun Run CYP
Wells Lydia 3468 5km Fun Run CYP
Wells Ava 3479 5km Fun Run CYP
Welsh Laura 2426 10km Road Race GBR
Wenham Kevin 1339 Half-Marathon GBR
West Richard 1013 Half-Marathon GBR
West Dave 289 Marathon GBR
Wheeler Brian 3415 5km Fun Run CYP
Wheeler Theresa 3416 5km Fun Run CYP
Wheeler Simon 2331 10km Road Race GBR
Whiteford Daniel 99 Marathon GBR
Whitehead Joshua 2424 10km Road Race GBR
Whitehead Gary 1198 Half-Marathon GBR
Whiting Thomas 2604 10km Road Race GBR
Whitley Mark 55 Marathon GBR
Whittaker Jill 3027 5km Fun Run GBR
Whittaker Kimberley 3028 5km Fun Run GBR
Wiesehahn Andreas 1166 Half-Marathon DEU
Wiesehahn Margaret 1314 Half-Marathon IRL
Wiggins Ross 1050 Half-Marathon GBR
Wild Thomas 116 Marathon CYP
Wilkinson Andy 3411 5km Fun Run CYP
Wilkinson Leagh 3412 5km Fun Run CYP
Wilkinson Elizabeth 3454 5km Fun Run CYP
Wilkinson Oliver 3455 5km Fun Run CYP
Willetts Valeriy 1470 Half-Marathon CYP
Williams Pam 3331 5km Fun Run CYP
Williams Ian 284 Marathon GBR
Williams John 2202 10km Road Race CYP
Williams Charlotte 280 Marathon GBR
Williams-Hammond Angela 3417 5km Fun Run CYP
WILMOT GARETH 1199 Half-Marathon GBR
Wilmott Colin 1028 Half-Marathon GBR
Wilmott Peter 1014 Half-Marathon GBR
Wilmott Jodie 1049 Half-Marathon GBR
Wilson Lee 3390 5km Fun Run CYP
Wilson Paul 3959 5km Fun Run CYP
Wilson Phil 189 Marathon GBR
Winchester Simon 50 Marathon QAT
Windbühler Alexander 1201 Half-Marathon DEU
Winkvist Marie 1196 Half-Marathon SWE
Wisniewski Dariusz 1019 Half-Marathon CYP
Witzel Dirk 137 Marathon DEU
Witzel Angela 1386 Half-Marathon DEU
Wójcik Mirosław 43 Marathon POL
Wójcik Bartłomiej 2050 10km Road Race POL
Wokke Oscar Paulus 2311 10km Road Race NLD
Wolkenstein Juergen 1167 Half-Marathon DEU
Wood David 2082 10km Road Race GBR
Wood Alun 1011 Half-Marathon GBR
Wood Shaz 1072 Half-Marathon GBR
Wood Liam 2032 10km Road Race GBR
Woodbridge Mark 2017 10km Road Race GBR
Woodcock Paul 1232 Half-Marathon GBR
WOODS DAWN 2262 10km Road Race CYP
Wooster Rachel 1224 Half-Marathon GBR
Worth Sue 3396 5km Fun Run CYP
Worth Emily 105 Marathon IOT
Wright Colin 3285 5km Fun Run CYP
Wright Margaret 3286 5km Fun Run CYP
Wright Patricia 2124 10km Road Race GBR
Wright Marcin 47 Marathon DEU
Wudarski Arkadiusz 201 Marathon DEU
Wyatt Anna 3964 5km Fun Run CYP
Xatzineofytou Sofia 3981 5km Fun Run CYP
Xenophontos Antri 3739 5km Fun Run CYP
Xenophontos Xenios 3740 5km Fun Run CYP
Xenophontos Christodoulos 3741 5km Fun Run CYP
Xenopoulou Chloe 1695 Half-Marathon CYP
Xiao Han-Frank Zhang Lu 3474 5km Fun Run CYP
Xinari Rena 3944 5km Fun Run CYP
Xinari Effie 3945 5km Fun Run CYP
Xydas Andreas 2605 10km Road Race CYP
Yabolov Anton 3970 5km Fun Run CYP
Yachin Sergey 1725 Half-Marathon CYP
YakimoVich Irina 3278 5km Fun Run CYP
YakimoVich Maria 3279 5km Fun Run CYP
Yanay Dana 1449 Half-Marathon ISR
Yarkoni Avi 1161 Half-Marathon ISR
Yaroshevich Vasil 1085 Half-Marathon RUS
Yates Kirsty 2380 10km Road Race CYP
Yiakoumou Andri 3570 5km Fun Run CYP
Yiallourou Ioanna 1726 Half-Marathon CYP
YIANGOU ELENI 3674 5km Fun Run CYP
Yiannikouris Olga 3599 5km Fun Run CYP
Young Tracey 3484 5km Fun Run CYP
Young JAMIE 3053 5km Fun Run GBR
Yousef Ala’a 3853 5km Fun Run KSA
Zacharia Achilleas 3787 5km Fun Run CYP
Zachariou Zacharias 1530 Half-Marathon CYP
Zakou Andreas 3267 5km Fun Run CYP
Zammit Art 324 Marathon GBR
Zangoulos Demetris 2575 10km Road Race CYP
Zawadzka Jagoda 2169 10km Road Race POL
Zawadzki Krzysztof 2058 10km Road Race POL
Zdrojewska Magdalena 1146 Half-Marathon POL
Zgiet Radoslaw 98 Marathon POL
ZHADAN IHOR 1065 Half-Marathon UKR
Zhavoronkova Tatyana 2199 10km Road Race RUS
Zhuravlev Anton 1490 Half-Marathon RUS
Zilling Mathias 1264 Half-Marathon HUN
Zinonos Antonis 404 Marathon CYP
Zirna Cosmin 2557 10km Road Race ROM
Zivanaris Michalis 2056 10km Road Race CYP
Zivanovic Slobodan 3139 5km Fun Run SRB
Zivla Maria 3914 5km Fun Run CYP
Zlotnitskaia Alexandra 2064 10km Road Race RUS
Zohar Eyal 1254 Half-Marathon ISR
Zolotareva Nelli 1346 Half-Marathon CYP
Zolotas Lampros 2491 10km Road Race GRC
Zorpas Christos 2528 10km Road Race CYP
Zsiga Bernadett 1332 Half-Marathon HUN
Zuloaga Pamela 264 Marathon ESP
ΑΞΑΡΛΗ ΕΙΡΗΝΗ 3089 5km Fun Run GRC
Γιαντσελιδης Γιαννης 2338 10km Road Race GRC
Καλογεροπουλου ΚΩΝΣΤΑΝΤΙΝΑ 2617 10km Road Race GRC
ΚΑΣΑΠΗΣ ΧΑΡΗΣ 2027 10km Road Race CYP
Κυριτση Ευαγγελία ( Εύη 2627 10km Road Race GRC
Иванова Екатерина 2235 10km Road Race RUS