Adam Holland is coming back for the treble!

Adam Holland returns for the third year in a row in Pafos and he is more than ready to win for the third time the Logicom Cyprus Marathon. Adam has already won the marathon in 2018 and 2019. Last year he came really close to breaking the Logicom Cyprus Marathon course record with the time of 2:35:03 (CR: 2:33:03).
We discussed with Adam to find out more!

Your first time in Cyprus was at the 20th Logicom Cyprus Marathon in 2018. What has changed for Adam since then?

Shortly after my return from the Logicom Cyprus Marathon in 2018, we welcomed our baby girl into the world! She is full of energy, so you better watch out for her in future marathons!
I have also had confirmation from Guinness World Records and I am now officially the fastest male to run 10 marathons in 10 days averaging 2:45 per marathon. My next challenge, after I visit Cyprus, is to take on 20 marathons in 20 consecutive days, for an attempt at a new World Record, I am aiming to complete all 20 in under 3 hours. The challenge starts on April the 4th and I am raising money for the charity I am Ambassador to, Kids Run Free.
I have run many miles since the last time I visited, including running from John O’ Groats to Land’s End in 17 days, which I did, completing all 876 miles.

Recently you started a new initiative with a “mentorship training group”. What is it and how did it come about?

Yes, I am currently training a group of runners to improve their running speeds this spring. My website is and it is for all runners who want to improve their times and learn from my style of training. The emphasis of the three-month programme is to focus on how to train in a style that suits their body – hence ‘run it your way’ – but using my ethos, to run smarter, stronger and faster. The current group are doing really well and we have already had some PBs! There are people running on 5k plans right up to marathon distances. If I can fit another group into my schedule, I will be organising another course over the summer months.

What are your current and future goals in running?

My current and future goals are to get faster, to keep inspiring others to achieve their running goals and to keep enjoying running. I have modified my training schedule to include more speed work using my Noble Pro treadmill which links up to the online running world Zwift, this allows me to run and train with people from across the globe in a virtual environment. It is a great way to train on the treadmill and chat to other runners and I am looking forward to using Zwift more in the coming months to get my speeds down. I am lucky that my treadmill allows me to run at 20kph. This allows me to really go for it!

More details for each race: MarathonHalf-Marathon10km Road Race5km Fun Run

Tell us a little bit about your experience in Pafos and winning the Logicom Cyprus Marathon for the past two years (2018 & 2019).

Winning this prestigious marathon for 2 consecutive years felt amazing and it was such an honour to be awarded the trophy. Pafos is a great location and last year I also got to check out the other organised race, the Wine Run and learn more about the culture and history of the area. Everyone is friendly and enthusiastic and the event attracts a global audience which gives the event a really exciting feel. I was very proud to be a part of it!

What are your objectives participating for the third time at the Logicom Cyprus Marathon in 2020?

I am really looking forward to running my third marathon here.  The atmosphere is brilliant and I’m looking forward to seeing the local people cheering us on and meeting up with the local running group and other runners from previous years. My aim this year is to try and win the marathon for the third time in a row, but as always, I am there to enjoy running and to experience it. I am one of three people to have done it twice and I’d like to be the person to win it three times in a row, I would also love to break the course record of 2:33:03. Last year I was only two minutes outside the record. However, I didn’t push myself for that as I was about to undertake an ultra-running event back in the UK, running the length of the country in 17 days (876 miles), so I wanted to save some energy for that!

For the record: The Marathon winners

2000 – Pandelis Kambaxis – GRE – 2:47:03 h
2001 – Yiannakis Demetriou – CYP – 2:55:26 h
2002 – Pol Dekeirel – BEL – 2:48:58 h
2003 – Allan Fotheringham – UK – 2:54:55 h
2004 – Ditier Pomey – FRA – 2:52:41 h
2005 – Salameh Al Aqra – JOR – 2:33:03 h – Course Record
2006 – Andrzej Magier – POL – 2:52:01 h
2007 – Salameh Al Aqra – JOR – 2:41:07 h
2008 – Al Sheith Khaled – JOR – 2:56:15 h
2009 – Mark Werner – USA – 2:56:26 h
2010 – Joe Cawley – IRE – 2:51:22 h
2011 – Gabor Szabo – HUN – 2:44:07 h
2012 – Slim Samer – LEB – 2:55:47 h
2013 – Raphael Igrişianu – ROM – 2:44:50 h
2014 – Raphael Igrişianu – ROM – 2:48:20 h
2015 – Magnus Gödiker – GER – 2:45:39 h
2016 – Jose Ramon Torres Peanilla– SPA – 2:47:16 h
2017 – Liviu Croitoru – MOL – 2:36:18 h
2018 – Adam Holland – UK – 2:46:14 h
2019 – Adam Holland – UK – 2:35:03 h
2021 – Peter Nimmo – UK – 2:34:20

Interview: Six years of Successful Partnership with Logicom

The multinational company Logicom has been the premier partner of the historic Cyprus Marathon since 2015. We discussed with Aline Hobeika, the Marketing Manager of Logicom, about the partnership between Logicom and the Cyprus Marathon.
Aline has been working for Logicom for the past 20 years. She started as the Marketing Officer of their subsidiary in Beirut, Lebanon and moved to Cyprus back in 2008. She currently holds the position of Marketing & Communications Manager for the Group’s Distribution Division.
Here’s what Aline shared with us!
Tell us a little bit about Logicom
A.H.: Logicom is an international group of leading Information Technology companies with headquarters in Nicosia, Cyprus. The Group’s activities include:
  • The regional wholesale distribution of Technology Solutions & Services.
  • The provision of turnkey integrated solutions including Business Consulting Services, Business Software, and IT Infrastructure Solutions as well as Managed Services.
  • Investments in two desalination plants and in Demetra Holdings PLC.
Why did Logicom chose to partner with the Cyprus Marathon?
A.H.: Our collaboration with the Cyprus Marathon started in 2015 when the organizers approached us to sponsor the event. Their professionalism and enthusiasm in presenting their plans for the oldest Marathon event in Cyprus, as well as their vision for its future evolution, triggered this partnership. Their passion resonated with our company values and decided to join efforts and partner in this journey.
This feeling, coupled with what this sporting event promotes to our community, such as health, physical activity, competitiveness and team spirit, as well as showcasing what our beautiful Mediterranean island has to offer, helped us make the decision to start this relationship and become the event’s official main sponsor. It is important to note that all these attributes are aligned with our Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility approach, and its contribution to the local community.
What do you want to achieve through this partnership?
A.H.: This partnership enables the Logicom Group to pass the message of the benefits of exercise, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, respecting competitors, following rules, teamwork and bringing people together despite their various backgrounds and creating a social bridge between them. It is the ideal platform to encourage people to rethink their lifestyle and consider changing it to their benefit and bring quality and balance into their lives. Partnering with a sporting event, such as the Cyprus Marathon, reflects Logicom’s drive for excellence and fulfils its desire of achieving new heights.
                                                                                          Aline Hobeika at the finish of the Logicom Cyprus Marathon (2015)
Who is participating in your running team? What distances do they prefer?
A.H.: The Logicom Running Team includes colleagues and their families, customers from all the countries in which we operate, and business associates. The most popular race amongst our Team is the 5km Fun Run, as they can enjoy it with their families. We also, however, have great athletes within our Team who participate in all other races.
What is the feedback from the Logicom Running Team participants?
A.H.: Members of the Logicom Running Team have always been very enthusiastic about the event, and this is reflected through the increase in the number of participants year on year. The message we get after the end of each event is that “we are coming back next year…”.
Did your team evolve through the years and how? Ηow many people do you expect to participate this year?
A.H.: The first year we sponsored the Marathon in 2015, we started with our colleagues within the Cyprus Operation. In the past couple of years, the event crossed the boundaries of Cyprus and we now have more participants from all regions we operate including customers, vendors, and business associates. We started out with about 100 participants in the Logicom Running Team and reached over 550 in 2019. We expect this number to grow this year even more and keep the record of the largest running team year on year.  
How has the event and the partnership evolved through the years?
A.H.: The event and the partnership have been a great success and we have had an excellent cooperation with the organizers throughout the years. To give an indication of the success in numbers, we started with around 700 participants in 2015 and we expect around 4,000 in 2020. Our aim is to provide a unique experience to all participants year on year, which will encourage them to return for the next Marathon. The event now takes place over three days, offering various activities that make it even more attractive to all participants.
Before closing, tell us what are yours and your team’s insights and highlights for the 2020 event.
A.H.: We have great expectations for yet another memorable Logicom Cyprus Marathon. Speaking for myself and on behalf of everyone else in the Logicom Running Team, we are very enthusiastic to participate in this year’s event and look forward to this Sun, Run & Fun weekend in March, and to be back in the beautiful town of Pafos.
This year is going to be even more special because together, with the Organizers, we have decided to officially support a local Non-Profit Organization, the Karaiskakio Foundation. We hope that many will join us to #Runforkaraiskakio and support the cause.
It has been a great achievement and successful journey so far, and our ambition is for this to continue at the same pace. We hope and wish for yet another memorable event!
We look forward to seeing everyone in Pafos on March 15th!
    Members of the Logicom Running Team at the Finish line!

Susan Preston keeps returning to Pafos since 1999

Ms. Susan Preston lives in England but that was not an issue for her joining the very first Cyprus Marathon in 1999. From then on, she returned back to Cyprus for a total of 18 times, and has ran, again and again, the Logicom Cyprus Marathon in Pafos.
We discussed with Ms. Susan and found out more about her and her participation in the Logicom Cyprus Marathon!
Susan has changed her job several times but for the last few years, she has been working as a Doctor’s receptionist. She has been married for 47 years and has four children and seven grandchildren.
When did you start running?
Susan: I began road running at the age of 34 after previously competing in Track and Field; I live in Gravesend which is in Kent ‘The Garden of England’ therefore I have access to some beautiful running trails such as The North Downs Way.
How did you decide to participate at the very 1st Cyprus Marathon in 1999?
Susan: After numerous holidays on the Greek Islands and speaking to other travellers who recommended Cyprus I was delighted when I discovered the first Pafos Marathon, which enabled me to run and enjoy a new holiday destination. That first year someone told me that I would never come to Cyprus once and how right they were as not only have I visited to take part in the March races my husband and I have holidayed in September and October. We have made good friends in Pafos which as I have attended the Pafos events on my own on numerous occasions has given my husband peace of mind. I always recommend this event to my friends as the organisation has always been good and the scenery wonderful and probably one of the best finishes in the world.
How many times have you participated in the Logicom Cyprus Marathon since then? Which race distances have you done?
Susan: I have competed in the Marathon and the 10k and even gave out the medals one year when I could not run due to injury; I believe I have attended 18 events.
What makes you come back?
Susan: I return year after year because it gives me an excuse to come back to Cyprus and makes me keep running.
From your experience, what do you think of the Logicom Cyprus Marathon’s evolvement through the years?
Susan: I am proud to have seen the evolvement of the event I loved the Boy Scouts with the flags that first year and the new marathon route is amazing. The event is so successful now especially with the addition of the 5k which could be run as an out and back course along the coastal path. I also like the new numbers with the timing chip.
Will we see you at the 22nd Logicom Cyprus Marathon on 15th March 2020?
Susan: My husband and I have been discussing just this week about whether we could afford to come again next March; he said I could go on my own but I really want us to go together. Therefore a decision has not yet been made; I have booked as late as January before so I am not losing hope!!

British Woman, Abi Gooch, wins the Logicom Cyprus Marathon!

British woman, Abi Gooch, has finished as the Top Woman at the 21st Logicom Cyprus Marathon with a time of 3 hours 23 minutes and 6 seconds. Abi has been an avid runner for over 20 years. She is a member of the fantastic Redway Runners running club from Milton Keynes that participated at the 21st Logicom Cyprus Marathon with a delegation of more than 80 members! Redway Runners is also one of the largest UK clubs and also probably the most inclusive and friendly clubs, catering for all abilities.

Abi’s parents live in Cyprus and she visits quite frequently, which is also why she is a member of the Paphos Running Club which is based at the host city of the Logicom Cyprus Marathon! The Paphos Running Club members have been really welcoming and supportive towards Abi and assist her for getting the miles in when she is in Pafos for holidays. We discussed with Abi to find out more!

Did you enjoy your win at the Logicom Cyprus Marathon? Did you expect it?

I absolutely loved winning the Marathon. I wasn’t going all out for a PB as I didn’t want to put pressure on myself but just enjoy it. I started at a reasonable pace and felt good throughout. I started running and chatting with a guy named Ian early on in the race and that helped the miles tick by. I was feeling good with a few miles to go and kept pushing on to the finish, finishing in just over 3hrs 23mins. It was made even more special that my Mum and Dad were there at the finish to see win, as they are my biggest fans, along with my husband and children!
First Marathon Man (Adam Holland) and First Marathon Woman (Abi Gooch)

How does it feel to win the golden olive wreath, which is dedicated to Stelios Kyriakides who was born in Paphos and won the 50th Boston Marathon (1946)?

It was a great honour to receive the Golden Olive Wreath. I got a PB in the 2015 Boston Marathon and know what a great race it is.
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What are some of your best running achievements?
I used to do triathlons and completed an Ironman triathlon in 2007 but stick to running now due to time constraints with family and work but also as I am addicted to it! 
Up to now, I have completed 65 marathons and I am hoping to get to 100 Marathons! Also, I completed the 2014 Marathon De Sables (a 7-day desert race) finishing 12th lady and ran 7 marathons in 7 days with an average time of 3:45 in 2015.
Since The Logicom Cyprus marathon, I also managed a new PB of 3:12.44 at the Boston (UK) marathon which I am very pleased with.
Abi Gooch arriving to the finish line!

What are some of your habits before an important race?

I don’t have any particular habits but don’t like taking a rest day the day before, have a good dinner the night before so that I don’t have too much breakfast in the morning.

What would you advice a person who has just started running?

Just get out the door! I can’t remember a time I ever regretted going for a run. The first mile is always horrible but it gets better. I love the feeling I get when I’m done which is why I usually run early in the morning.

How do you evaluate this year Logicom Cyprus Marathon organization? Would you recommend this race?

I loved the race. It was the first time I’ve done it, despite visiting Paphos so often. I’ve done a lot of races and this is one of the best. The organisation was seamless, a great goody bag and T-shirt. The atmosphere was brilliant at the end, a real fun affair with a great prize giving set up and lots of prizes. The addition of the Wine run was good too!

Are you coming back for the back to back win?

Of course, I’ve not won many races and would love to achieve this again.

The 100th Marathon at the Logicom Cyprus Marathon

Completing 100 Marathons in one’s lifetime is not an easy task.
Growing up as a young boy in Mombasa, Kenya in the 1960’s, Piyush Gudka had never heard of the marathon. Had someone told him that it would involve running non-stop for 26.2 miles (42.2 km), he would have said ‘no way’. Although Kenya is known for its world class athletes Piyush, coming from a coastal city, was a very good swimmer.
But somehow, destiny was to prove otherwise. Migrating to London in 1972, a whole new world opened up to him, and after running his first marathon in 1994, Piyush got hooked to the concept of keeping fit and healthy and at the same time raising funds for good causes. What he was most impressed by was the whole sense of equality of the race, and how there were no class, race, prejudice, age or sex barriers – everyone, including the elite, ran as equal in one race.
Mr. Piyush with Eliud Kipchoge, the Greatest Marathon Runner of all-time.
And there was a deep instinct for collective endeavour, so in order to share his passion for running, he started to involve more people and train and run with them. With a 3:49 first marathon Piyush could have gone onto do sub 3:15 marathons, but his devotion to involving and guiding as many people as possible in this beautiful recreational activity was far greater. As at December 2018, he had inspired and trained over 225 people, 36% of whom are women. Many had never imagined they could achieve such a feat, but all have gone onto completing at least one marathon. Piyush’s record has truly impressed the London Marathon organisers both in encouraging and training runners to participate in the race as well as fundraising for very worthy causes. On average, he gives 300 – 400 hours of his time every year to advise, support and run with different people to help them realise their dreams and raise money at the same time. That is a huge sacrifice, given how busy and demanding modern life is. In total, his group has raised over GBP 800,000 (around US$ 1 million) and run over 50,000 miles so far – that is equivalent to going more than 2 times around the whole planet.
From the serene island of Mombasa, Piyush is on target to run his 100th Marathon on 17 March 2019 – The Logicom Cyprus Marathon. He has run marathons on 6 continents and 30 countries, including the world marathon majors (Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York) and is a truly global citizen.
Mr. Piyush with Mary Keitany (Women’s World Record Holder) and Rose Chelimo
There were never any plans for 25, 50 or 100 marathons. The true desire, humility and sincerity of inspiring, motivating and training so many runners has led Piyush to reach his century of marathons and we are honoured to have him complete this magnanimous achievement at the Logicom Cyprus Marathon.

Coming to Cyprus for a Marathon Win on his Birthday – Adam Holland – Interview

Adam Holland has won more marathons than anyone else in the UK, with exactly 194 Marathon wins, hoping to make them 195 on 4th March 2018 at the 20th Logicom Cyprus Marathon. This also puts him in the top five in the world for marathon wins. Adam “Tango” Holland has completed more than 300 Marathons but there is just one Marathon in his sights and that’s the 20th Logicom Cyprus Marathon, organised in Paphos on 4th March 2018. 

Adam Holland, a 30 year old from South-West England will arrive in Cyprus with the objective of running the Marathon in 2 hours and 30 minutes and potentially beating the Course Record! When he was just 23 years old, Adam completed 100 Marathons, making him the youngest person in Europe to run 100 Marathons.

We discussed with Adam to find out more.

When did you start running?

Adam: I have been running since college, mainly because my friends ran, then worked my way up. When I was just 19, I decided I wanted to become the youngest person to undertake 100 marathons in Europe. I completed this goal at the Eden Project Marathon in Cornwall, UK, on the 10/10/2010.

Do you belong to a team or a running club?

Adam: I am a member of Notfast Running Club in Nottinghamshire, UK and Tavistock Athletics Club, Devon, UK. I am also a member of the 100 Marathon Club.

What’s the best way to motivate yourself to run regularly?

Adam: I set myself mini goals and I look forward to future events. I also undertake challenges for various charities to raise funds. I have recently started vlogging about my runs regularly on my YouTube Channel to inspire and encourage other people.

More info: MarathonHalf Marathon10km Road Race5km Fun Run

What are some of your habits before an important race?

Adam: I don’t have any, I just can’t wait to get going!

What are some of your best running achievements?

Adam: I have many and several Guinness World Records. The most notable would be my 100th marathon and recently completing my 300th. I am also the fastest person to run 10 marathons in 10 days, with an average time of 2hours 45 minutes.

Adam also ran in the 2017 Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris in 2 hours and 27 minutes as well as the 2017 UK Boston Marathon in 2 hours and 29 minutes.

What are your objectives participating in the Logicom Cyprus Marathon in March?

Adam: To be able to complete a marathon, I’ve never had the opportunity to participate in before with the objective of running 2 hours 30 mins and potentially beating the course record.

What would you advice someone who has just started running?

Enjoy your first steps, take it easy and remember that every step you take will be a learning curve, just don’t give up. It’s not always easy.

More about Adam here: 

For the record: The Marathon winners

2000 – Pandelis Kambaxis – GRE – 2:47:03 h

2002 – Pol Dekeirel – BEL – 2:48:58 h

2003 – Allan Fotheringham – UK – 2:54:55 h

2004 – Ditier Pomey – FRA – 2:52:41 h

2005 – Salameh Al Aqra – JOR – 2:33:03 h – Course Record

2006 – Andrzej Magier – POL – 2:52:01 h

2007 – Salameh Al Aqra – JOR – 2:41:07 h

2008 – Al Sheith Khaled – JOR – 2:56:15 h

2009 – Mark Werner – USA – 2:56:26 h

2010 – Joe Cawley – IRE – 2:51:22 h

2011 – Gabor Szabo – HUN – 2:44:07 h

2012 – Slim Samer – LEB – 2:55:47 h

2013 – Raphael Igrişianu – ROM – 2:44:50 h

2014 – Raphael Igrişianu – ROM – 2:48:20 h

2015 – Magnus Gödiker – GER – 2:45:39 h

2016 – Jose Ramon Torres Peanilla – ESP – 2:47:16 h

2017 – Liviu Croitoru – MOL – 2:36:18 h


Η Ντενίζ Δημάκη αποδέχτηκε πρόσκληση της οργανωτικής επιτροπής του 20ου Logicom Cyprus Marathon και έρχεται στην Κύπρο για να συμμετάσχει στους διεθνείς αγώνες δρόμου την Κυριακή 4 Μαρτίου 2018 στην Πάφο. Η Ντενίζ Δημάκη, έχει να επιδείξει εντυπωσιακά αποτελέσματα και ρεκόρ.
Ένα από αυτά είναι στο τρίαθλο, όπου για εννέα συνεχόμενα χρόνια (2002-10) ήταν πρωταθλήτρια Ελλάδας!  Κορωνίδα των επιτυχιών της, ήταν η συμμετοχή της στους Ολυμπιακούς Αγώνες του Πεκίνου το 2008. Ο αθλητισμός είναι τρόπος ζωής για την Ντενίζ και κάθε αγωνιστικός στόχος, της δίνει κίνητρο να γίνεται καλύτερη. Προσπάθειά της είναι να μεταλαμπαδεύσει την αγάπη της για τον αθλητισμό στα παιδιά της.
Η συμμετοχή της πρωταθλήτριας Ελλάδας έγινε πραγματικότητα με τη βοήθεια της χορηγού εταιρείας DHL Express που είναι και βασικός χορηγός / υποστηρικτής της αθλητικής προσπάθειας της Ντενίζ. Να σημειωθεί ότι η DHL Express θα έχει και την ευθύνη των logistics του φετινού Μαραθώνιου Logicom αναβαθμίζοντας το επαγγελματικό επίπεδο των υπηρεσιών που θα δοθεί στους συμμετέχοντες δρομείς. Αξιοσημείωτο είναι επίσης το γεγονός ότι ένας σημαντικός αριθμός Ελλαδιτών δρομέων έρχεται στην Κύπρο για να συμμετάσχει στον Μαραθώνιο της Πάφου.
Περισσότερες πληροφορίες και ηλεκτρονικές εγγραφές στον 20ο επετειακό Logicom Cyprus Marathon στην ιστοσελίδα
ΜαραθώνιοςΗμι-ΜαραθώνιοςΑγώνας 10χλμ. – Αγώνας 5 χλμ.

Greek elite triathlete Deniz Dimaki will participate in the 20th edition of the Logicom Cyprus Marathon
Greek runner and triathlete Deniz Dimaki accepted the invitation from the organizing committee of the 20th Logicom Cyprus Marathon and will arrive in Cyprus to participate in the international running event on Sunday 4th March 2018, in Paphos. Dimaki started her competitive career in 1990 as a medium and long distance runner. She has won the Greek Triathlon Championship a record nine consecutive times (2002–2010) while at the same time she posted top finishes in other sports such as running and cycling. A cornerstone of her successes was her participation in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Sport is a way of life for Deniz and every competition gives her an incentive to become better.
DHL Express, the world leader in international express delivery supports the efforts of the Greek champion Deniz Dimaki. DHL Express has been appointed official logistics partner for the 20th edition of the Logicom Cyprus Marathon. DHL will offer its services for the transportation needs of all the Marathon material and equipment, in order to successfully conduct the races before and during the day of the Marathon. It is also noteworthy that a significant number of Greek runners will be taking part in this year Logicom Cyprus Marathon.
More information and registration for the 20th Logicom Cyprus Marathon at

Moldavian Champion, Liviu Croitoru, wins the Logicom Cyprus Marathon – Interview

Liviu Croitoru is the winner of the 19th Logicom Cyprus Marathon which was organised on 5th March 2017 in Paphos. The 29 year old Moldavian finished the Marathon in 2 hours 36 minutes and 18 seconds, just shy of the Course Record which stands at 2:33:03 from 2005.
We discussed with Liviu who is also a running coach and asked him to share with us his experience at the Logicom Cyprus Marathon and about running in general.
Did you enjoy the Logicom Cyprus Marathon?
Yes, I had a lot of pleasure participating in the 19th Logicom Cyprus Marathon. At the end, I’m glad that I came first at the distance of the Marathon and was awarded as a Champion with the gold olive wreath.
How does it feel to win the golden olive wreath, which is dedicated to Stelios Kyriakides who was born in Paphos and won the 50th Boston Marathon (1946)?
I am very proud to be able to have the golden wreath on my head. Knowing the history and how and where this wreath was created, I understood that it was something bigger than just a victory in the Marathon – It was also my own victory over myself.
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There was a lot of competition this year for the 1st place at the Marathon. What was your strategy and how did you manage to win?
At the beginning, I wanted to set a new course record for the Logicom Cyprus Marathon. The main contender from England announced that he was ready to run a Marathon in 2 hours and 30 minutes, that’s why I’ve set a goal to keep him close and overtake him. I knew that I was able to run faster than the time that was announced. At the first half of the Marathon I was up to 1 hour and 13 minutes. Richard faced some problems and as a result I appeared far enough from the other competitors. This is why I decided to keep a steady tempo to keep my strength and maintain my lead.
What are some of your best running achievements?
Other than race wins, I am most proud of being the champion of Moldova in running and the winner of stage “Wings For Life World Run” in Georgia where I have ran 56 km.
What are some of your habits before an important race?
I always take with me a meal from home and I have never had a “public” meal before any competition. Usually I have a baked potato with a cheesecake. I have never worn new clothes and footwear and I try not to talk very much and not to go on foot so I can save energy for the race.
When/how did you start running? What kind of weekly training do you do? Do you focus only on running or do you also do other sports?
I have studied in the military college since the age of 16, where we have been running 3-4 kilometres daily. It was very easy for me, that’s why I have decided to run more. I made the jump to a higher level and at the age of 18 I managed to become the national champion of Moldova in Juniors.
Currently, I am training 8-10 times per a week. In the weekends, the trainings are usually in the larger distance, from 20 to 30 kilometre. I combine running with the gym, where I go twice per week.
I am not only engaged in running but I also participate in triathlons and in Half Ironman. I also used to be involved in track and field athletics, biathlon, luge and shooting with rifle.
What would you advice a person who has just started running?
At first, let us not to talk about marathon and half marathon and let’s begin with the 10 kilometres. Does it feel like an unreal or unachievable distance? It is only the fear of the distance that slows you down. “No, I am sure, I won’t be able to do it”, – the most frequent excuse that I have heard. And after some time, those who told me this, have ran the 10 km distance and even reached the Marathon! The important thing is to overtake the first barrier and to come to the first training; then to the second one. After the third one you’ll only be looking forward.
Normally, with some training, the 10 km distance is possible to do it in just a month. That equals to about 10 trainings. And that is if you’ll begin to run from the very beginning – from couch to a 10km! For sure, there are personal factors, but my experience proves that absolutely everyone is able in just one month of regular training to run 10 km. Best of luck for all your running goals!

“I’m coming to beat the Course Record” – Richard Waldron – Interview

Richard Waldron, the 29 year old Englishman will be arriving in Paphos, Cyprus on the date of his birthday (4th March), hoping to break the Course Record and get the 1st place at the Logicom Cyprus Marathon (5th March)! The talented and hopeful runner from Southampton, England, has already a lot of achievements under his belt. He is currently training hard and is focused to beat his Personal Best at the Logicom Cyprus Marathon and make history as the first English runner to win the Logicom Cyprus Marathon, which is organised since 1999!

Richard is married to Michaela Waldron who also likes to run races. We decided to discuss with Richard Waldron to listen to his views and tips about running as well as his running achievements.

When did you start running?

Richard: I started running when I was very young, racing my brothers and sisters and I also participated in local fun runs. When I was about 18 I stopped running for several years and started again about 4 years ago (at 25).

Do you belong to a team or a running club?

Richard: I currently run for Southampton Athletic Club. We have a great group of athletes and the local running community is also really good.

What’s the best way to motivate yourself to run regularly?

Richard: My motivation comes from knowing if I train hard, I will achieve more of my goals and be happier when celebrating.

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What are some of your habits before an important race?

Richard: The day before the race I normally eat lots of carbohydrates pizza, pasta, potatoes etc. I get all my stuff ready for the race and get an early night of sleep! On the morning of the race day I like to have a small bowl of cereal, a coffee, a light warmup and a few strides.

What are some of your best running achievements?

Richard: Last year I ran 11 half marathons 4 of these under 70 minutes. These Half-Marathons include Vitality Oxford Half Marathon, Brighton Half Marathon, Bath Half Marathon, Cardiff Half Marathon and others! After finishing the Virgin London Marathon in 2015 in 2 hours 34 minutes and 9 seconds I took a step towards a foreign currently and signed up for the the Palma de Mallorca Marathon; which I won in 2 hours 38 minutes and 31 seconds.

What are your objectives participating in the Logicom Cyprus Marathon in March, at the European Capital of Culture 2017?

At the Logicom Cyprus Marathon, in Paphos, I want to run a fast time. My target will be 2 hours 25 minutes and I am confident of running a time under 2 hours 30 minutes on race day. I want to take in the scenery on the course and enjoy the atmosphere of the race, which I heard is magnificent!


What would you advice someone who has just started running?

I would advise new runners to make running fun. When running in training listen to music or find a training partner or group to chat with. Be consistent with your training. Listen to your body if it hurts have a rest day or an easy day or do some cross training swimming, cycling etc… and just to enjoy it!


Who is Who: Swindon Striders Running Club

Swindon Striders is a running club based in Swindon, United Kingdom. They have been participating in the Logicom Cyprus Marathon for the past 4 years, with more than 20 runners each year. In 2017, they will be participating in the Logicom Cyprus Marathon for the 5th consecutive time! We caught up with Ms. Beverley Jones to learn more about their running club.

Swindon Striders posing in front of the Paphos Castle - 2014

Q: What is the reason for the creation of the Swindon Striders Running Club?

A: We are a friendly road and trail running club based in Swindon. Created in 1995 by a small group of recreational runners we have always aimed to welcome all levels and type of runners. For people who want to get fit in the fresh air and meet like minded people or for those who want to train hard for that next race, we have runners of all types at the club. We are focussing on friendly support and encouragement to enable our members to strive for their personal goals.

Q: Few words about Swindon?

A: Swindon is a large town in Wiltshire, South West England of approximately 40 square kilometres, London is 78 miles to the east. The landscape is dominated by the chalk hills of the Wiltshire Downs to the south and east. Probably best known for Isambard Kingdom Brunel‘s Swindon Works, built between 1841 and 1842 for the repair and maintenance of locomotives on the Great Western Railway (GWR). The Steam Railway Museum and English Heritage, now occupy part of the old works.

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Q: What are some activities and events organised by the club?

A: As a club we have regular training sessions which in the summer include speed sessions and interval training and in the winter we include Fartlek and hill training.  We have also had ‘Beep test’ sessions which encourages friendly competition.

Swindon Striders also supports many local races, from 5ks to Ultras and one favourite in the summer is the 86 mile Ridgeway Relay where we enter as a team of at least 10 runners, plus each August we man a 12hr overnight Checkpoint for the Annual 24hr, 86 mile Ridgeway Challenge event.  We have some members who travel around the country running races and some who also regularly travel abroad to race too.

A run across the typical Wiltshire countryside
A run across the typical Wiltshire countryside

Q: What are the benefits of joining the Swindon Striders?

A: As with joining any running club, having others to run alongside and encourage you, helps you to develop and progress your performance and it is also a healthy and fun way to meet new people and increase your social circle.  We like to finish our week with a club run and then a social gathering with a drink and snacks. 

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Q: What do you like about the Logicom Cyprus Marathon and why have you been participating for 4 consecutive years?

A: Swindon Striders have thoroughly enjoyed participating in Logicom Cyprus Marathon for the past 4 years.  A trip to Cyprus in March is very welcome after a cold and wet winter and each year the race has been well organised and very friendly, with the opportunity of many trophies for our runners.  Over 20 Striders have travelled out each year and it is one of our favourite overseas trips.

Swindon Striders posing with their trophies after the Cyprus Marathon 2014
Swindon Striders posing with their trophies after the Cyprus Marathon 2014

Q:  Will you be back in 2017?

Swindon Striders will definitely be back for 2017 for our 5th consecutive year!

See you in Paphos!

Interested in taking part? You can register here:

Swindon Striders posing in front of the Paphos Castle - 2015
Swindon Striders posing in front of the Paphos Castle – 2015