2021 Virtual Logicom Cyprus Marathon

Following the forced postponement of the 23rd Logicom Cyprus Marathon due to the continued restrictions during COVID-19 pandemic, Sunday 5th December 2021 has been set as the new date of this international sporting event in Paphos. The organizing committee are proud to announce a new Virtual 2021 Logicom Cyprus Marathon. 
This virtual version of the event will take place in just a few weeks time on Saturday, March 20th. Runners can choose to run the distance of the their choice (Marathon, Half Marathon, 10km or 5km) in any location, at any pace and on any day between Saturday, March 20 until Sunday, April 4, 2021. 
The primary goal of the virtual event is to motivate runners around the world to train and participate in a race at a location of their choice – at home, in a gym, in a park or a sports stadium etc.
The Registration Fee for all these virtual distances is just €15.00, which includes a rich package of goodies for each runner such as a technical T-shirt (size of your choice), a commemorative medal, participation number and a virtual run certificate. DHL Cyprus will take care so that these packages are delivered to all overseas runners at their home address while runners residing in Cyprus will be invited to pick up their goody bags from their local DHL service point – island wide. The major sponsor of this virtual edition of the Logicom Cyprus Marathon will be Logicom Public Ltd. The event is also supported by 361° who specialize in sports and running products.
Registrations are now open and will remain open until the day before the event, i.e. until Friday, March 19. More information about the organisation of the Virtual Logicom Cyprus Marathon including terms and conditions can be found on the official website of the Virtual Marathon www.logicomcyprusmarathon.com/virtual


Postponement to 5th December 2021

It is with great sadness that we announce that the international sports event Logicom Cyprus Marathon, scheduled for Sunday, 21st March 2021, is being postponed amid the ongoing spread of the coronavirus (COVID – 19) and the strict restrictive measures imposed by the Cyprus Government and Governments worldwide.
Despite the fact that we made every effort with all the governing bodies of our country, as well as with organized groups and partners who support the event, in order to proceed with the organisation of the event for next March, unfortunately, we are forced to postpone the event because of the risk holding it was assessed as Very High.
The organizing committee of Logicom Cyprus Marathon decided to provide all the registered runners with the opportunity to transfer their registration for free to the next event which has been rescheduled for Sunday, 5th December 2021, while as a second option, runners can transfer their participation to the 24th Logicom Cyprus Marathon event that will take place on Sunday, 13th March 2022. Also, registered runners who will not be able to reschedule their participation on the above two dates will also be given the advantage to transfer their participation to the 25th-anniversary event which will take place on Sunday, 12th March 2023.
In other words, all registered runners for the Logicom Cyprus Marathon that was planned for 21st March 2021, will be able to transfer their entry to one of the following 3 events (December 2021, March 2022, March 2023).
At the same time, we are discussing the possibility of organizing a “Virtual Logicom Cyprus Marathon 2021” for coming March, with the terms and conditions of participation to be announced at a later stage.
We are and remain optimistic that with the overcoming of the pandemic we will be given the opportunity to run together again in the most historic Marathon of Cyprus, enjoying unique moments and the beauties of the historic city of Paphos.
Thank you for your understanding and keep running!

Cancellation of the 2020 Logicom Cyprus Marathon

Following our cancellation notice concerning the 2020 Logicom Cyprus Marathon, we wish to assure all friends and participants of the event that both organisers and stakeholders alike share the same disappointment for the cancellation of our favourite event.
We wish to reiterate that this is the first ever cancellation of the event since its inception back in 1999. This in itself shows the urgency, severity and importance, both locally and internationally, of the situation concerning the coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
The cancellation of the event was publicly communicated on the same day the proactive emergency measures were declared in the Republic of Cyprus by the responsible authorities, including the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cyprus. Notwithstanding the irrecoverable effort, both in terms of time and expenditure, that was committed and put into this annual event, we were obliged, both legally and ethically, to endorse and unconditionally comply with these official public measures imposed across the Republic of Cyprus for the preservation of health, safety and public order.
We note that participants who registered for the 2020 Logicom Cyprus Marathon will be automatically eligible for a discounted registration fee for the same event in 2021. A dedicated promo code will be provided for such purpose in due course.
In addition, should registered event participants find themselves in Pafos for other endeavours this Friday 13th March & Saturday 14th March between the hours of 10:00 to 17:00, we would be content to meet up with you at the Aliathon Resort to hand you your 2020 Logicom Cyprus Marathon goody bags. Due to the declared proactive emergency measures, please accustom yourself in advance of your arrival as regards the sanctions* and maximum persons occupancy** restrictions.
*Please bear in mind that foreigners from the following countries might have sanctions from entering the country:
Category 1: China, Italy, Iran, and Republic of Korea.
Category 2: Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, France, Spain, Greece (Achaea, Hleia and Zakynthos areas)
More info: https://www.pio.gov.cy/en/press-releases-article.html?id=12567
**Restrictions on the maximum capacity of persons inside the area will be imposed to conform to the Government Security Measures. The same times & dates would apply (13th March – Friday & 14th March Saturday from 10:00 to 17:00).

Important Announcement

We regret to inform you that the 22nd Logicom Cyprus Marathon* is cancelled, in conformity with, and compliance to, the proactive measures announced earlier today (10/03/2020) by the responsible authorities, including the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cyprus, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

We do understand the inconvenience that this decision might cause but we are forced to adhere to the urgent security measures of the Cypriot Government. 

We will be in touch with all the affected parties.

*All events under the umbrella of the Logicom Cyprus Marathon are also cancelled: “Marathon Expo”, “Cyprus Marathon Symposium”, “Cyprus Wine Run”.  

Είμαστε στη δυσάρεστη θέση να σας ενημερώσουμε ότι ο 22ος Logicom Cyprus Marathon* ακυρώνεται,  σε συμμόρφωση με τα μέτρα που εξήγγειλαν σήμερα (10/03/2020) οι αρμόδιες αρχές, συμπεριλαμβανομένου και του Υπουργικού Συμβουλίου της Κυπριακής Δημοκρατίας  για την αντιμετώπιση της επιδημίας του κορωνοϊού (COVID-19).

Αντιλαμβανόμαστε τα προβλήματα που μπορεί να προκαλέσει αυτή η απόφαση, αλλά υποχρεούμαστε να συμμορφωθούμε με τα έκτακτα μέτρα ασφαλείας της Κυπριακής Κυβέρνησης.

Θα είμαστε σε επαφή με όλα τα ενδιαφερόμενα μέρη.

* Ακυρώνονται επίσης όλες οι εκδηλώσεις υπό την αιγίδα του Logicom Cyprus Marathon: “Marathon Expo”, “Cyprus Marathon Symposium”, “Cyprus Wine Run”.  

Logicom & the Cyprus Marathon Support the Karaiskakio Foundation

Logicom is proudly joining forces with the Logicom Cyprus Marathon to support the Karaiskakio Foundation, a non-profit organisation established with the sole purpose of organizing a volunteer Bone Marrow Registry. Over the years, the Karaiskakio Foundation expanded its work and organized, apart from a Bone Marrow Donor Registry, a Cord Blood Registry, an Integrated Haemato-oncology Diagnostic Centre and a Research Centre for Haematological and other malignancies. All functioning on a non-profit basis, to fulfil the clinical and diagnostic needs of the patients with leukemia and other types of cancer, especially in areas of childhood and young adults’ cancer.
The Logicom Cyprus Marathon will shine a light on the importance of the work that the Karaiskakio Foundation does for all communities in Cyprus, with a view to raising awareness and updating the Bone Marrow Donor’s Registry, assisting in the search for compatible donors for patients in need.
Mr Stavros Kakourides, Race Director of the Logicom Cyprus Marathon, notes that, “The centuries-old sport of Marathon has always been associated with charities, and the impact it can have on both awareness, as well as, raising money for specific purposes. It is with great pleasure that in 2020 we will join efforts with Logicom, promoting the Karaiskakio Foundation vision “for a world full of children’s smiles”. Various initiatives have already been put in place to showcase Karaiskakio Foundation’s work, in addition to raising funds to support financially its research areas. Challenge yourself by running in the Logicom Cyprus Marathon and raising money for the Karaiskakio Foundation.”
Logicom’s Group CFO & Deputy Managing Director, Anthoulis Papachristoforou, expressed his anticipation of the event, stating, “Sports and philanthropy go hand in hand. The Karaiskakio Foundation is doing α remarkable work, recognised both locally and internationally, and we are very honoured to offer the Marathon 2020 platform to support the Foundation in its journey for a world without leukaemia. The Logicom Running Team will be #RunningForKaraiskakio, raising money for the Foundation’s activities, and urging every other runner to join this fulfilling cause and make the experience more meaningful.”
Today a new strategic goal of the Karaiskakio Foundation is the establishment of a state of the art “Childhood Cancer Diagnostic Centre” that will enable doctors and scientists to implement advanced targeted treatments against childhood cancer, thereby improving survival rates and minimizing treatment-related collateral damage.
The President of the Board of Directors of the Karaiskakio Foundation, Dr Popi Kanari, expressed that, “The fact that the Karaiskakio Foundation can presently accomplish many of its goals, is also due to the undivided contribution and support of those who recognize the importance and high standard of the work it has produced over the years. Together with the invaluable help from the government, its sponsors, donors and supporters such as the organizers of the Logicom Cyprus Marathon, will aim to continue helping patients in the fight against cancer.”
For more information about Karaiskakio visit: www.karaiskakio.org.cy
To register for the Logicom Cyprus Marathon visit: www.LogicomCyprusMarathon.com
For more information about the Logicom Group visit: www.logicom.net

Impressive attendance of British Runners

The Logicom Cyprus Marathon is the most historical marathon in Cyprus and has been held every year in the city of Pafos, since 1999. From its beginning, the Logicom Cyprus Marathon has always attracted many runners from abroad, who constantly choose to travel to Cyprus in March in order to compete in the beautiful coastal city of Pafos.
Each year, the attendance of overseas runners has grown. Some five years ago only around 700 athletes competed. In 2020 over 4,000 competitors will participate in the four races (Marathon, Half-Marathon, 10km Race & 5km Fun Run). All this makes the Logicom Cyprus Marathon the event which attracts the greatest number of sports tourists in Pafos and from some 60 different countries.
Especially, British runners favour the mild spring Cyprus climate for both training programmes and to kick start their race season. More British runners compete from overseas that any other country – both as individuals and as groups from their running clubs. On Sunday 15th March 2020 at the 22nd Logicom Cyprus Marathon, more than 1,000 British runners are expected to line up at the start of the races.
The other countries with high attendances are Israel, Russia, Hungary, Poland and Germany. A half, or around 2,000 overseas runners are expected to attend this year event. Notably, in recent years, overseas runners have dominated the longer distance races. Last year 32-year-old British runner Adam Holland won the marathon for the second consecutive year in a time of 2:35:03 and British woman Abi Gooch won the top spot on the ladies podium in the 2019 marathon race in a time of 3:23:06.
                                                           Gosport runners having fun in the sun!
This increased attendance, especially from overseas, demonstrates that Cyprus continues to attract visitors due to the great Mediterranean climate and traditional Cypriot hospitality but most importantly the high-quality event organisation.
Moreover, the Logicom Cyprus Marathon is complemented by parallel races, a Half-Marathon, a 10km Road Race, a 5km Community Family Fun Run and a ‘Wine Run’ which gives the opportunity to all kinds of runners and sports enthusiasts to run their favourite distance. The main sponsor of the event is Logicom a multi-national information technology company based in Cyprus. The event is supported by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, the Municipality of Paphos and Cyprus Police as well as sponsors, clubs and over 200 volunteers. Also, the Logicom Cyprus Marathon is included in the running calendar of the Cyprus Amateur Athletic Federation, and is certified by AIMS ‘Association of International Marathons and Distance Races’ and the IAAF ‘International Association of Athletics Federations’.
                    Swindon Striders Running Club



Record amount raised for Charity at the 21st Logicom Cyprus Marathon

New record amount of charitable donations for the St. Michael’s Hospice Charity (SHMC) team that participated in the 21st Logicom Cyprus Marathon! 

The St. Michael’s Hospice Charity (SHMC) participated with a team of runners for the second consecutive year in the Marathon that was organised on Sunday 17th March 2019 in Pafos. The 300 enthusiastic runners/walkers of the St. Michael’s Hospice Charity team managed to raise the impressive amount of €22,000. The team was coordinated from Mr. Andrew Lauder the Chairman of the charity (till April 2019 – new Chairman Mr. Keith Wallace) and all participants enjoyed the race, the festive atmosphere and helped to raise money for the needs of the St. Michael’s Hospice Charity.

St. Michael’s Hospice Premises
St. Michael’s Hospice Charity is an independent organisation that was formed originally to assist with the provision of funds for the completion of the Archangel Michael Hospice which opened in June 2015. Now their focus is on the daily operational costs of the Archangel Michael Hospice.
The organisers of the Logicom Cyprus Marathon through their Race Director Mr. Stavros Kakourides gave to Mr. Lauder a commemorative plaque in recognition of his team great charity work. In return Mr. Andrew Lauder gave a Certificate of Appreciation to the organisers of the Logicom Cyprus Marathon and renewed his team (SHMC) participation in the MEGA sport event of Pafos, the 22nd edition of the Logicom Cyprus Marathon which will be held on Sunday 15th March 2020.       

Certificate of Appreciation from St. Michael’s Hospice to the Marathon Organisers

Record number of participants in the 21st Logicom Cyprus Marathon

The streets of Pafos were flooded once again by around 3,500 runners who participated in the 21st Logicom Cyprus Marathon, held on Sunday, 17th March 2019. Once again, the most historic Marathon of the island of Cyprus has surpassed all expectations both in numbers and in quality of service.

The Running festival incorporated 4 distances on Sunday with a Marathon, Half-Marathon, 10km Race and a 5km Fun Run. On Friday 15th March, a 5km “Cyprus Wine Run” was organized at the Vasilikon Winery in the picturesque village of Kathikas. Added to the running events, the “Cyprus Marathon Symposium” was organized for the first time, which included lectures from all parts of the running world such as technology, history, performance, impact on society and sports tourism.
The story of the day was the back to back win of the British runner Adam Holland who won in 2 hours 35 minutes and 3 seconds, just 2 minutes away from a Course Record. Adam reclaimed his crown as the Logicom Cyprus Marathon Champion with more than 7 minutes difference from the second Ian Livesey (finish time of 2:42:31), also from Great Britain. The podium was completed by the Romanian Szocs Elod who finished in 2 hours 53 minutes and 27 seconds. The 4th place was claimed by the Cypriot Pavlos Mavrogiannis, part of the Logicom Running Team. In the women, the trophy was claimed again by a British and this time it was Abi Gooch representing Redway Runners from Milton Keynes with a time of 3 hours 23 minutes 15 seconds. Just a minute behind was the German Judith Havers with a time of 3:24:52 who was also challenged by the 3rd woman, the British Kirsty Barkle with a time of 3:27:27. The best time for the Team Competition was achieved by British Team Portsmouth Joggers with a time score of 14 hours 26 minutes and 29 seconds. Second were the Redway Runners in 15:18:55 and 3rd the Polish KKB Mosir Krosno with a time of 15:23:53. The trophies were handed by Logicom‘s CFO, Mr. Anthoulis Papachristoforou.
The Top 3 Men in the Marathon!
In the Half-Marathon it was mostly a case for the Central Europe with the winner László Tarnai coming from Hungary to win the trophy with a time of 1 hour 11 minutes and 49 seconds. He was fiercely challenged by 2nd place British runner Michael Deason who finished just 2 seconds behind and the podium was completed just after 10 seconds from the Ukrainian Oleksandr Shelest with a time of 1:12:02. In the women, Lithuanian Eurelija Venskaityte beat the Hungarian Dr. Bakonyi Fruzsina Szekeresné by just 10 seconds with a time of 1:22:14 and 1:22:24 respectively. Great Britain had to be represented on the podium and Katie Tucker representing Redway Runners managed to finish in 3rd place with a time of 1 hour 31 minutes and 49 seconds. The best time for the Team Competition was achieved by Polish Team STOKOWCZYKI with a time score of 5 hours 34 minutes and 56 seconds. The Half-Marathon had the most participation from all races with around 800 finishers.
10km Runners having fun in the sun while they run!
It was a Lithuanian runner who took the first place in the 10km Race, Dalius Pavliukovicius representing NEKO Runners won it in 33 minutes and 32 seconds. Just 20 seconds behind, Russian Andrei Alypov came rushing at the finish line chased by team mate and compatriot Dmitriy Esaulov with a time of 34 minutes and 15 seconds. The German Carolin Mattern won the women’s category with a time of 37 minutes and 20 seconds and last year’s winner, Olga Andrejeva from Estonia, came in second with a time of 38 minutes and 44 seconds. Russian Olga Dedova rounded up the podium with a time of 39 minutes and 26 minutes. The best time for the Team Competition was achieved by the APOEL Runners with a time score of 2 hours 53 minutes and 36 seconds. 
Around 1,500 runners/walkers took part in the 5 km fun run which shows that year by year it attracts not only citizens from the city of Paphos but also from other cities in Cyprus as well as people from all around the world. For the record, the Lithuanian runner Dainius Stanionis finished first with a time of 16 minutes and 54 seconds. The Cypriot Avraamis Avraam finished second with 17 minutes and 2 seconds. Another Lithuanian, Romas Bazelis, completed the podium with 17 minutes and 8 seconds. In the women’s category, the runner of Dro.Me.A. Racing, Elpida Christodoulidou took the first place with a time of 20 minutes and 15 seconds. Just a few seconds behind her, another Cypriot, Louiza Tsianakka claimed the second spot with a time of 20 minutes and 40 seconds and Latvian Iveta Pupola completed the podium with 20 minutes 51 seconds. The prize for the biggest team in participation numbers was won by Logicom Running Team for another year! Runners ran around the archaeological site of Paphos on a highly attractive and scenic route! The race was organized with an objective of promoting running as a part of a healthy lifestyle and attracted the participation of several Cypriot and foreign runners.
Getting ready before the Start!
It is also worth mentioning that without the valuable help of over 200 volunteers the organization could not have become a reality. Also, the support of companies and organizations such as Logicom, the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, DHL Cyprus, Scaffolding Solutions, High5 Sports Nutrition, Pafos Regional Board of Tourism, Aristo Developers, Shadeports, Bikehub stores, Famous Sports, Asics, Biofreeze, Almyra Hotel, Paphos Municipality, Private Evangelismos Hospital, Aliathon Hotel, Louis Ledra Beach Hotel, Atlantic Insurance and Fotokinisi, contributed to the immense success of the most historic Marathon of Cyprus.

The next event, the 22nd Logicom Cyprus Marathon is scheduled for Sunday, March 15, 2019.

The symbol of Greek and Cypriot sport, Stelios Kyriakides, who was born in Pafos in 1910 and won the Boston Marathon in 1946!

This year’s Cyprus Marathon was dedicated to the great symbol of Greek and Cypriot sport, Stelios Kyriakides, winner of the Boston Marathon in 1946.

The 100th Marathon at the Logicom Cyprus Marathon

Completing 100 Marathons in one’s lifetime is not an easy task.
Growing up as a young boy in Mombasa, Kenya in the 1960’s, Piyush Gudka had never heard of the marathon. Had someone told him that it would involve running non-stop for 26.2 miles (42.2 km), he would have said ‘no way’. Although Kenya is known for its world class athletes Piyush, coming from a coastal city, was a very good swimmer.
But somehow, destiny was to prove otherwise. Migrating to London in 1972, a whole new world opened up to him, and after running his first marathon in 1994, Piyush got hooked to the concept of keeping fit and healthy and at the same time raising funds for good causes. What he was most impressed by was the whole sense of equality of the race, and how there were no class, race, prejudice, age or sex barriers – everyone, including the elite, ran as equal in one race.
Mr. Piyush with Eliud Kipchoge, the Greatest Marathon Runner of all-time.
And there was a deep instinct for collective endeavour, so in order to share his passion for running, he started to involve more people and train and run with them. With a 3:49 first marathon Piyush could have gone onto do sub 3:15 marathons, but his devotion to involving and guiding as many people as possible in this beautiful recreational activity was far greater. As at December 2018, he had inspired and trained over 225 people, 36% of whom are women. Many had never imagined they could achieve such a feat, but all have gone onto completing at least one marathon. Piyush’s record has truly impressed the London Marathon organisers both in encouraging and training runners to participate in the race as well as fundraising for very worthy causes. On average, he gives 300 – 400 hours of his time every year to advise, support and run with different people to help them realise their dreams and raise money at the same time. That is a huge sacrifice, given how busy and demanding modern life is. In total, his group has raised over GBP 800,000 (around US$ 1 million) and run over 50,000 miles so far – that is equivalent to going more than 2 times around the whole planet.
From the serene island of Mombasa, Piyush is on target to run his 100th Marathon on 17 March 2019 – The Logicom Cyprus Marathon. He has run marathons on 6 continents and 30 countries, including the world marathon majors (Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York) and is a truly global citizen.
Mr. Piyush with Mary Keitany (Women’s World Record Holder) and Rose Chelimo
There were never any plans for 25, 50 or 100 marathons. The true desire, humility and sincerity of inspiring, motivating and training so many runners has led Piyush to reach his century of marathons and we are honoured to have him complete this magnanimous achievement at the Logicom Cyprus Marathon.

Logicom Cyprus Marathon is expanding!

The Logicom Cyprus Marathon has always been a multi-cultural event with around 50% of its participants coming from overseas countries. This is due to the cosmopolitan vibe of the city as well as the warm hospitality on offer by the organization! Added to the fact that Paphos has around 200 Hotels, the 2017 European Capital of Culture has also a lot of sightseeing to offer to all travellers.
As part of our efforts to spread the news for the Marathon and with the support of the Pafos Regional Board of Tourism, we invited a number of sports travel agents, from different countries, to come and experience the traditional Mediterranean hospitality. Paphos is actively looking to become a top sporting destination and the Logicom Cyprus Marathon is at the forefront of this effort. In 2018, the Marathon hosted around 2,000 foreigners, either for participating or spectating the race.
The program of the visit was enriched with a multitude of activities. Our guests got to experience the traditional Cypriot cuisine in a couple of cozy restaurants with unlimited local wine on offer! Paphos has all the necessary sporting facilities to become a top-sporting destination. The program included a visit to the two stadiums of Paphos which comprise of fully accredited running tracks and to the Olympic dimension swimming pool which can be used at any time of the year. The Marathon picturesque course was also part of the tour, with the guests visiting the Aphrodite’s Rock (Aphrodite’s Birthplace), which is the start point of the Marathon. The 2019 Logicom Cyprus Marathon is now offering hospitality packages in co-operation with 5 hotels, which have been showcased to all guests. The Archaeological Park, which is protected by UNESCO, was also visited and the guests got to experience the awe of Dionysus Mosaics in conjunction with the history of the Cypriot culture. It was expected that every morning, the day started with light running next to the Mediterranean Sea!

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All guests have had a fantastic time and really got a taste of what is on offer every March at the Logicom Cyprus Marathon. It was important for them to actually experience the warm hospitality, the excellent scenery and the rich history of Paphos so as to be able to offer the best service to who is the most important in all of these, the runner.