Interview: Six years of Successful Partnership with Logicom

The multinational company Logicom has been the premier partner of the historic Cyprus Marathon since 2015. We discussed with Aline Hobeika, the Marketing Manager of Logicom, about the partnership between Logicom and the Cyprus Marathon.
Aline has been working for Logicom for the past 20 years. She started as the Marketing Officer of their subsidiary in Beirut, Lebanon and moved to Cyprus back in 2008. She currently holds the position of Marketing & Communications Manager for the Group’s Distribution Division.
Here’s what Aline shared with us!
Tell us a little bit about Logicom
A.H.: Logicom is an international group of leading Information Technology companies with headquarters in Nicosia, Cyprus. The Group’s activities include:
  • The regional wholesale distribution of Technology Solutions & Services.
  • The provision of turnkey integrated solutions including Business Consulting Services, Business Software, and IT Infrastructure Solutions as well as Managed Services.
  • Investments in two desalination plants and in Demetra Holdings PLC.
Why did Logicom chose to partner with the Cyprus Marathon?
A.H.: Our collaboration with the Cyprus Marathon started in 2015 when the organizers approached us to sponsor the event. Their professionalism and enthusiasm in presenting their plans for the oldest Marathon event in Cyprus, as well as their vision for its future evolution, triggered this partnership. Their passion resonated with our company values and decided to join efforts and partner in this journey.
This feeling, coupled with what this sporting event promotes to our community, such as health, physical activity, competitiveness and team spirit, as well as showcasing what our beautiful Mediterranean island has to offer, helped us make the decision to start this relationship and become the event’s official main sponsor. It is important to note that all these attributes are aligned with our Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility approach, and its contribution to the local community.
What do you want to achieve through this partnership?
A.H.: This partnership enables the Logicom Group to pass the message of the benefits of exercise, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, respecting competitors, following rules, teamwork and bringing people together despite their various backgrounds and creating a social bridge between them. It is the ideal platform to encourage people to rethink their lifestyle and consider changing it to their benefit and bring quality and balance into their lives. Partnering with a sporting event, such as the Cyprus Marathon, reflects Logicom’s drive for excellence and fulfils its desire of achieving new heights.
                                                                                          Aline Hobeika at the finish of the Logicom Cyprus Marathon (2015)
Who is participating in your running team? What distances do they prefer?
A.H.: The Logicom Running Team includes colleagues and their families, customers from all the countries in which we operate, and business associates. The most popular race amongst our Team is the 5km Fun Run, as they can enjoy it with their families. We also, however, have great athletes within our Team who participate in all other races.
What is the feedback from the Logicom Running Team participants?
A.H.: Members of the Logicom Running Team have always been very enthusiastic about the event, and this is reflected through the increase in the number of participants year on year. The message we get after the end of each event is that “we are coming back next year…”.
Did your team evolve through the years and how? Ηow many people do you expect to participate this year?
A.H.: The first year we sponsored the Marathon in 2015, we started with our colleagues within the Cyprus Operation. In the past couple of years, the event crossed the boundaries of Cyprus and we now have more participants from all regions we operate including customers, vendors, and business associates. We started out with about 100 participants in the Logicom Running Team and reached over 550 in 2019. We expect this number to grow this year even more and keep the record of the largest running team year on year.  
How has the event and the partnership evolved through the years?
A.H.: The event and the partnership have been a great success and we have had an excellent cooperation with the organizers throughout the years. To give an indication of the success in numbers, we started with around 700 participants in 2015 and we expect around 4,000 in 2020. Our aim is to provide a unique experience to all participants year on year, which will encourage them to return for the next Marathon. The event now takes place over three days, offering various activities that make it even more attractive to all participants.
Before closing, tell us what are yours and your team’s insights and highlights for the 2020 event.
A.H.: We have great expectations for yet another memorable Logicom Cyprus Marathon. Speaking for myself and on behalf of everyone else in the Logicom Running Team, we are very enthusiastic to participate in this year’s event and look forward to this Sun, Run & Fun weekend in March, and to be back in the beautiful town of Pafos.
This year is going to be even more special because together, with the Organizers, we have decided to officially support a local Non-Profit Organization, the Karaiskakio Foundation. We hope that many will join us to #Runforkaraiskakio and support the cause.
It has been a great achievement and successful journey so far, and our ambition is for this to continue at the same pace. We hope and wish for yet another memorable event!
We look forward to seeing everyone in Pafos on March 15th!
    Members of the Logicom Running Team at the Finish line!

Logicom & the Cyprus Marathon Support the Karaiskakio Foundation

Logicom is proudly joining forces with the Logicom Cyprus Marathon to support the Karaiskakio Foundation, a non-profit organisation established with the sole purpose of organizing a volunteer Bone Marrow Registry. Over the years, the Karaiskakio Foundation expanded its work and organized, apart from a Bone Marrow Donor Registry, a Cord Blood Registry, an Integrated Haemato-oncology Diagnostic Centre and a Research Centre for Haematological and other malignancies. All functioning on a non-profit basis, to fulfil the clinical and diagnostic needs of the patients with leukemia and other types of cancer, especially in areas of childhood and young adults’ cancer.
The Logicom Cyprus Marathon will shine a light on the importance of the work that the Karaiskakio Foundation does for all communities in Cyprus, with a view to raising awareness and updating the Bone Marrow Donor’s Registry, assisting in the search for compatible donors for patients in need.
Mr Stavros Kakourides, Race Director of the Logicom Cyprus Marathon, notes that, “The centuries-old sport of Marathon has always been associated with charities, and the impact it can have on both awareness, as well as, raising money for specific purposes. It is with great pleasure that in 2020 we will join efforts with Logicom, promoting the Karaiskakio Foundation vision “for a world full of children’s smiles”. Various initiatives have already been put in place to showcase Karaiskakio Foundation’s work, in addition to raising funds to support financially its research areas. Challenge yourself by running in the Logicom Cyprus Marathon and raising money for the Karaiskakio Foundation.”
Logicom’s Group CFO & Deputy Managing Director, Anthoulis Papachristoforou, expressed his anticipation of the event, stating, “Sports and philanthropy go hand in hand. The Karaiskakio Foundation is doing α remarkable work, recognised both locally and internationally, and we are very honoured to offer the Marathon 2020 platform to support the Foundation in its journey for a world without leukaemia. The Logicom Running Team will be #RunningForKaraiskakio, raising money for the Foundation’s activities, and urging every other runner to join this fulfilling cause and make the experience more meaningful.”
Today a new strategic goal of the Karaiskakio Foundation is the establishment of a state of the art “Childhood Cancer Diagnostic Centre” that will enable doctors and scientists to implement advanced targeted treatments against childhood cancer, thereby improving survival rates and minimizing treatment-related collateral damage.
The President of the Board of Directors of the Karaiskakio Foundation, Dr Popi Kanari, expressed that, “The fact that the Karaiskakio Foundation can presently accomplish many of its goals, is also due to the undivided contribution and support of those who recognize the importance and high standard of the work it has produced over the years. Together with the invaluable help from the government, its sponsors, donors and supporters such as the organizers of the Logicom Cyprus Marathon, will aim to continue helping patients in the fight against cancer.”
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