Fam Trip by Pafos Regional Board of Tourism

For a second year in a row, Logicom Cyprus Marathon participated in the FAM Trip organised by the Pafos Regional Board of Tourism, by inviting a number of sports travel agents from abroad to visit and get to know Pafos. This initiative aims to promote Pafos as a top sporting destination and took place from 15 October until 18 October 2019. Of course, Logicom Cyprus Marathon, as the sporting event which attracts the most overseas athletes in Pafos, was once again the main attraction.  

The group at one of the Morning Runs

The organisers of Logicom Cyprus Marathon with the support and help of the Pafos Regional Board of Tourism, organised several activities with the aim to get people from abroad to know the diverse character of Pafos, showcase its sports facilities and experience the authentic Mediterranean hospitality. The visitors had the chance to learn about the rich history of Pafos by visiting “Pafos Archaeological Park” and the area where “Pafos Medieval Fort” is located. Furthermore, the guests ran across the picturesque scenery of Pafos and visited the marathon’s starting point Aphrodite’s Rock (Aphrodite’s Birthplace). They also tasted the Cypriot cuisine at traditional taverns and Cypriot sweets such as the Loukoumi of Geroskipou, during their visit at “Aphrodite Delights” factory. The program also included a visit to the two stadiums of Pafos which comprise of fully accredited running tracks and tour to the facilities of some of the most exceptional hotels in Pafos.

The group at Aphrodite’s Birthplace

The visitors enjoyed the autumn sun of Cyprus, experienced the open-hearted lifestyle of Cypriot residents and the warm hospitality that each guest receives when visiting Pafos! We would love to see more and more people arriving in Pafos and truly experience what this majestic city has to offer.

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