Pafos 2017: European Capital of Culture

Renowned as the birthplace of Aphrodite, Pafos, the host city of the Logicom Cyprus Marathon,  stands proud as a UNESCO world heritage site. But now, the city has yet another accolade to be proud of, having won the international competition to become the European Capital of Culture for 2017. With preparations already underway in Pafos 2017, the city responds to the ambitious project and it aims to become the most hospitable capital of Europe.

But what, exactly, is going to change, and what can visitors look forward to? First and foremost, it aims to make the very best of all the town’s sites- from historical ruins to beachside splendours- by turning each and every one of them an ‘Open-Air Factory of Culture’. “It can best be described as an open factory for humanity, art and culture, where everyone (from all professions and all different ages) are invited to participate and share experiences,” says Artistic Director of Paphos 2017, Georgia Doetzer. Most importantly, visitors are invited to share experiences alongside locals as boundaries are blurred.

This coincides with the mission of the Logicom Cyprus Marathon which is to combine breath-taking and historic scenery with the traditional Mediterranean hospitality through to its multi-cultural participants (from more than 35 countries).

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‘Linking Continents and Bridging Cultures’, Pafos has always been at the crossroad of the Eastern Mediterranean, and through its modern multicultural reality, Pafos now aspires to become the first European Capital of Culture which will link the East and the West, bridging people and cultures, while also becoming a place of cultural collaboration and peaceful coexistence. It aims to be a place where everyone can put aside their differences and create a unified whole, where each individual contributes through their diversity, to create a collective identity. And we don’t just mean the identity of Pafos, but that of Europe as well.

What’s particularly exciting is that every corner of the town, including its parks, streets, neighbourhoods and beaches, will be converted into an outdoor cultural hall. From the castle square and the archaeological park, to the wild Akamas Peninsula and tiny villages in between, there will be much to capture the imagination as each and every community will be doing their bit to host various displays of European culture under the blue skies.

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As for the winter months, visitors can look forward to a variety of activities in some great indoor venues including the Paphos Archaeological Museum, the old Othello cinema, the Markidio Theatre, the Old Power House Cultural Centre and the Municipal Gallery, as well as participating in the Logicom Cyprus Marathon on 5th March 2017.

Above all, however, Paphos seeks to show how it can contribute to the European cultural scene with innovation, creativity and a desire to evolve from the past, while simultaneously advancing with respect towards a truly authentic future.


See you in Pafos on 5th March 2017!

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