5 Ways A Morning Run Will Change Your Life

There are a million ties between running and success in life. Running presents this unique opportunity to see the world differently; to truly gain an advantage and that’s what success is ultimately about. Capitalizing on opportunities that are available to you. When you wake up for a morning run your head is clear, you’re not amidst today’s complexities, there’s no phones or electronics, it’s you and the ground under your feet. Life in its simplest form.


#1: Momentum


If you were to roll a ball down the hill it’s going to pick up speed as it makes its way towards the bottom. That’s the very nature of momentum and running in the morning is a great way to figuratively get your ball rolling. As humans, we feed off of accomplishment, so completing a run especially while the rest of the neighborhood is still waking up it mentally puts you one step ahead of the pack. It pushes you from one small accomplishment to another, to another and ultimately springboards you to a more productive and worthwhile day.


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#2: Reflection


All things, whether good, bad, ugly, beautiful, are all a matter of perspective. While you may be upset that your iPhone’s broken or you have to deal with some undesirable stuff at work, the reality is that someone, somewhere, would give anything for a glass of clean drinking water; someone is sleeping under a park bench. The point is that it’s very easy to forget how much we have and how lucky we are and it’s impossible to ever be successful if you’re not aware and grateful for what you have. So, while you’re running, take a minute and just think about everything that’s good in your life. This mentality is going to help you better cope with the bad things that come up and relishing the good.


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#3: Foresight


Imagine a professional sports team or athlete walking on the field or court without any game plan. It almost seems unfathomable. Why should that be any different for you going about your day? Taking success doesn’t become tangible until you to find your objectives. There’s a say saying that “You cannot hit a target that isn’t there”. Well a morning run is a great time to create that target. Take a minute to think about three goals for your day. You’re relaxed, you’re calm, it’s the perfect environment to think about the things that would make your day a success. You do this and your day will be much more productive and efficient.



#4: Competition


When you look at the most influential people who are living or have lived; whether they’re politicians entertainers or whatever. They all seem to have something in common. They’re constantly pushing themselves to be better! While a morning run cannot be considered a race, there are elements associated with it that reminds us of what success requires. When someone runs by you on the street, it should be perceived as a wake-up call. It’s not because you’re trying to break some records in your city at 6am but because it’s a reminder that no matter how hard you work, someone is always working harder! There’s always a higher level of reach and conquer. To take this concept with you as you go about your day, it can be the difference in mediocrity and excellence. You can always run a little bit harder just remember that!


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#5: Self-Image


It’s common knowledge that exercising transforms your physical appearance. What’s even more important is how you feel about yourself when you’re disciplined and engaged in a consistent healthy lifestyle. You begin to see yourself as a go-getter. Human beings will always follow through on who they believe they are. The best example is to take someone who quit smoking. If they inherently believe they are a smoker, they’re probably not going to be able to break the habit. If you believe you’re someone who gets up early, stays fit, works hard, pushes yourself; that mentality will expand far beyond your morning run. It filters into all aspects of your life because you’re working hard to stay consistent with the person you think you are; you retain a winning mentality.


There’s so much more right in front of you within your reach. You just need to recognise it and teach yourself how to take it.


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